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Wholesale Halloween CostumesRyan has a brand new carnival of Crewe, they are preparing for the first parade.

High school students are playing a prominent role in making this parade that makes Creavee stand out.

“You know it’s a new beginning, because we’re trying to make it bigger, new generation, new style, new look,” explained Rayne High School student Darien Harmon.

And that’s why the new Krewe is called “The Beginning of Nu”.

This krewe wants something that Ray has never seen before.

“We are a very small town and we do not have much to do here and we think the celebration of this carnival will bring more people and they all see the hard work of these people wearing these Wholesale Halloween Costumes. He explained that Krewe de Nu started “a board member, Keel Charles

Darien and Nakil Harmon are part of the secondary Krewe known as the “Black Indian State.”

They say they’ve spent eight months working in these elaborate Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

“This is a Native American thing, you know, there’s an article about the situation,” explains Nakil Harmon, a Rayne high school student.

Dariarn Harmon explains: “It is the reason why I see it originated in indigenous Indians and helped to liberate slaves. They are voicing, sending signals to slaves and releasing slaves.

And for adults who marched, they are proud to see that young people in the city helped him to live up to its name.

“Make our young people better, give our children, make things more interesting, not letting violence come, and those things you can do to keep them busy and let them know that we bring everyone Rennes is really happy, explains Ludy Bellard, a board member at Krewe de Nu Beginning.


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