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The first Gunni-Gras parade, pub crawl and party took place in downtown Gunnison. The two-day party, run by Gunnison Chamber of Commerce and Timbers Sports Bar, will begin on Saturday 10 February and will take place on Tuesday 13 February.

Each participant highly encourages wearing a Halloween Costumes Outlet celebration.

The idea behind leading Mardis Gras-style events was Tammi Gardner, a Gunnison resident. Gardner grew up in Glenwood Springs but lived in Natchez, Mississippi, 24 years later, and moved to Gunnison with her husband, David Gardner, director of public works at Gunnison.

Natchez is only three hours drive from New Orleans, so carnival activities are very important.

The annual carnival is Gardiner’s beloved tradition, especially in winter, when it comes to inspiring and economically active.

Gardner said: “I’m Natchez’s director of urban development, so I’m very familiar with event planning.” I realized how much Nathan’s carnival had a big impact on the community and thought, “Let’s do something similar but Fun and playful, Gunnison style.

Gardner formed a “Cracker” called “Ice Pirates” to formally plan for this and future events. The name is nodding to Gunnison’s cold climate.

krewe is a group of people who all plan carnival activities, parade and floating creations, and participate in year-round social gatherings.

For example, there are 50 carats in southwestern Louisiana, growing each season. These groups usually have a color theme, which they show in their clothing and floats. Gardner hopes every year more and more Gunnison Cruz.

Every one of them can distribute the royal family to anyone they wish to represent on their behalf through any method they agree with.

Ice pirates have crowned their “kings and queens”, Wayne and Vicki Castka on the street at the Woods Gift Shop, and have been voted their contribution to the community.

On Saturday, February 10, the bar will be open at eight restaurants in the city and the hotel offers a shuttle service that will bring customers to all locations. Each ticket includes a meal voucher, limited to dining at Burnell’s Food Truck at Timber’s restaurant on the afternoon of May 9, two vouchers for use at the venue, and a ticket voucher.

Each venue will feature an appetizer and cocktail featuring the Cajun-Creole theme. For example, Twisted Fork offers bourbon and bourbon blackberry spirits, while Garlic Mac is showing Cajun deviled eggs and queen Mardi Gras cocktails.

On Tuesday, February 13, the parade will begin to celebrate parades and Halloween Costumes Outlet. Plankton is free but must be registered through the club through the entry form on its website.

The main street will be closed from 4.30pm. At half past five at the intersection of Ohio and the River Main, the procession will head south to the Gunnison Center for the Arts (GAC), which will host a post-parade party.

The Western State University of Colorado Jazz Band will perform in the GAC for an hour or so while Garlic Mac and Bourner will have food available for purchase.

Part of the reason for separating the bar from the parade is to expand the party’s participation in all age groups.

Gardner said: “My family loves community and I love Gunnison’s family-style features.” “We have an 11-year-old so we want to make sure everyone is somehow partying.” Tickets to the bar can be purchased through the Gunnison Chamber of Commerce website by February.


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