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Gonzaga fans dressed in Mormon missionary Halloween Costumes Outlet, with Brigham Young University in the game. Students are not encouraged to do so this year. (Libby Kamrowski)
When the Puma headed to Spokane this weekend, it noticed a slight change in the crowd, and the Gonzaga administration discouraged fans from wearing Mormon missionary Halloween Costumes Outlet.

Since BYU joined the West Coast Conference in 2011, fans of Gonzaga’s student department have been taunting the Mormons’ major basketball culture in white shirts and ties.

This year, LDS missionary Jesse Wade decided to change his culture and end potential offensive jokes as he joined the Bulldogs.

Kendra Andrews, sports editor of the Gonzaga Gazette, was the first to break the story. The following quote from her article:

Colleen Vandenboom, Assistant Dean for Student Involvement and Leadership, told the magazine: “(These garments do not really represent us as a university, and they hurt us and do not show a community that supports everyone. “Colleen Vandenboom said.” So every year there is such a message, we talk a lot with the Kennel Club, and they agree – it’s not cool.

Claire Murphy, head of Gonzaga’s student department, Kennel Club, wrote a letter to the students after discussing it with the board during the summer.

In his letter, Murphy said: “Whenever we face the Jaguar, missionary Halloween Costumes Outlet and posters that lower Mormons’ beliefs distort my stomach.” We are a Jesuit institution that “fosters mature Human dignity, social justice, diversity, “” developing students’ abilities and personalities as well as their moral judgment, creativity and ability to innovate. ” If we tear apart the spiritual identity of others, we accomplish this mission? ”

Murphy points out that Gonzaga, a Catholic university, ironically laughed at the tradition and culture of another Christian denomination, the LDS Church.

Although the school can not force students or fans to dress up in any way, any fan seen on missionary Halloween Costumes Outlet will be discussed and invited to become a Gonzaga T-shirt by the Kennel Club on Saturday.

Coach Dave Rose intervened on the topic: “I had a mission a few years ago and I never used a bicycle helmet, so maybe put a bike helmet at home.”

Kennel Club leaders and school administrators recognize that these garments are used to create a hostile and uncomfortable environment for BYU, which they believe can be achieved in a less offensive way.

Brigham Young University Visits Kennels on Saturday, February 3, at 8pm. MST. This game will be played on ESPN2.


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