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leather lingerie

One of the most watched moments of last week’s Riverdale incident was Lili Reinhart’s tempting dance for the start of her southern snake dance. In the background, this was a confusing scenario: Betty was not completely naked, but she sang “Mad World” from Donnie Darko and danced on the stage of a black lingerie … and her mother, Her boyfriend, as well as dozens of adult men (including Jughead’s father) watched.

It is clear why this has given many Riverdale fans a stop. After all, she was only 16, not exactly her choice: she just jumped up with the Snake in the south, Jughead’s gang because she thought joining them would bring her closer to Jug – even if he expressed a few times She should stay away from the group.

Understandably, Twitter was quickly rekindled and many viewers declared the scene forced and completely uncomfortable:

But Reinhart says that’s exactly what it is. Reinhart tells Charm: “I do not think it will get such a strong rally.” People were surprised Betty was 16 and she was dancing around all these people, but that’s the key, and that scene should make you feel no Comfortable as you are watching this girl doing something completely out of her comfort zone. She loved the man, you look at her made a personal sacrifice, this is the most important gain. ”

leather lingerie

Reinhart continued: “This should make you feel uncomfortable, ugly, because you do not want to see the dark side of Betty, but she really likes Jupiter and just made them even more ugly, because you know She put everything in his place, and he tried to protect her from the darkness, but she wanted to be part of it.

So, yes, it seems that Betty was pushed and took the pressure to do the dance. However, Reinhardt said she completely mastered the autonomy from an actor’s point of view. She works with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to make sure Betty’s scene feels good and comfortable for her. (This is reassuring, because recently a group of actresses came forward and talked about pressure to take off their clothes or look more sexy on the screen.

Reinhart said: “We talked about leather lingerie completely in advance.” This is a sustained situation, the first draft I got was not for me, so I called Roberto, he said: “I think this It does happen, and it should be, and we did it, well thought out, not spontaneous, planned, premeditated, so I was not a part of it from the very beginning.

Reinhart even personally arranged Betty’s action. “It’s scary,” she said. “They offered me a pole dance class, just like a girl’s practice class, but I think, ‘No, I do not think it’s necessary because Betty does not Know how to dance pole dance, I just want to go in, I feel it. At lunch time, before we shot the scene, I was alone to play a bit, come up with some very simple choreography.”


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