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Broadway’s only Christmas concert celebration, Broadway welcomes you to this holiday season, when the greatest voices of their generation, “American Idol,” “Voice,” and “American Got Talent” winners united the latest holiday Broadway Concert tradition.

Jake Kauffman, Candice Glover, Season 12, American Idol; Winner, Season 6 of the Sound; and Bianca Ryan, USA: American ‘Got Talent’ will perform more than 25 Christmas classics in the first quarter.

Festival House is also the star of “Blonde” Eleventh Season star Kaitlyn Bristowe; Oscar nominated stage and screen star Danny Alie (Danny Aiello); and YouTube’s feel Peter Hollens & Evynne Hollens, made of a live 9 yellow Copper and rhythm belt support.

Let’s see what critics have to say!

Michael Dale of Broadway World: On the program’s website, “Some of the greatest voices of our generation are the Audrey McDonald of our generation? How is Marilyn Maye?”, Candice Glover (“American Idol” Season 12), Josh Kaufman’s “Season 6” sound and Bianca Ryan (Season 1’s “American Gotta” season 1) are all very talented. Moreover, the New York theater critic once again critically criticizes their voice ability because of their style that he seldom focuses on. But their performances are on Broadway, so the critics of the Broadway Theater have a responsibility to see and comment.

Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times: Bring Donny & Marie back! Although their 2010 “Broadway Christmas” may be neat and tidy, it also shows a greedy need, let alone an unexpected sense of humor and kitsch. Sadly, pop songs lacking these qualities, carols and Christmas themes in Holiday House eclipsed the wonders of the brothers and sisters of the Ausmonds like MötleyCrüe concerts.

Frank Sheikh, Hollywood Reporter: Trapped in the city during the festival? Tired of seeing old perennials like the Radio City Christmas show or nutcracker? If your answer is yes and you want to get further into a seasonal depression, a new Broadway show is a ticket. Professionally remembered your entertainment in a cruise or low-renting Las Vegas casino, the Holiday House is a Christmas show and only Ebenezer Scrooge will love it.

Adam Feldman of the New York Times: “Please note that the House of Habitat contains haze effects,” a sign at the August Wilson Theater warned boys forever. The first is the hazy concept of Broadway, Broadway concert, is a Halloween Costumes Outlet store Christmas, there are three funny vocal competitions: Candice Glover, Josh Kaufman and Bianca Ryan. “Single Girl” one of the two young ladies of the eleventh season Caitlin Bristol (Kaitlyn Bristowe) Peter and Evynne Hollens, Married Cappella; somehow veteran actress Danny Aiello. Then there’s the hazy voice: the breathtaking baroque decoration is like the singers Like ice skating on thin ice, they are afraid to stay on a note for more than a quarter of a second.

Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News: If your happy place is a bizarre exit, then Holiday Home will be in your hallway, uh, alley. This is not an endorsement. This is just Broadway this seasonal pop-up concert is a messy mix. Three TV reality show vocal winners were ranked first: Candice Glover of “American Idol”; Josh Kaufman of “The Voice”; and Bianca Ryan of “America’s Got Talent”.


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