Fashion Ladies Clothing Reviews on Feelingirldress

The feelingirldress reviews are always at the top! So here is a list with the clothing you absolutely must try with some tips on trends too!

White shirt

It is the basic garment par excellence. Perfect with elegant black trousers and heels in an office outfit, but also with jeans and sneakers for a walk in the park. You can never go wrong with a white shirt, whether it is an important occasion or a more informal one. The touch of style? Combine it with a men’s suit for a perfect androgynous look, on top of current trends.

Polka dots, fringes, and bows

Sometimes they come back, and polka dots are a big trend of Spring 2021. How to combine them? They are perfect… with other polka dots! The fringes enrich tops and dresses giving an extra twist. Forget the bon ton bows, this season they become a fun trend to add to every look, on the shirt the bow becomes the real protagonist. Take advantage of the wholesale maxi dresses to take home a dress with these prints!

Palazzo jeans

Who doesn’t have a pair in their closet? Having become the emblem of casual style during the seventies, blue jeans are now an indispensable garment suitable for all types of bodies. The important thing is to know how to choose the right model: for example, in the palazzo variant it goes straight and wide to the bottom of the leg, lengthening the figure. The dark wash then makes it perfect for any occasion, from the morning in the office to an aperitif.


The blazer is the mid-season garment par excellence. Even if you won’t be able to fully exploit it this year, having one in your closet is always a good idea. With its neutral shade it is perfect to wear both on a light dress and on more or less elegant trousers. Perfect with sneakers, with a pair of heels or moccasins. The belt then, if positioned at the right height, helps to accentuate the waist and thus slender the figure.

The cardigan

There is a desire for warmth, comfort and convenience: this is why thick wool cardigans are suddenly very trendy. The colors are warm, again beige and cream, or brown, gray, sometimes white. The shapes are soft and welcoming, in both long and short models.

Wear the cardigan with a shirt, or with the eternal white t-shirt. Worn with heels, it becomes a sophisticated garment, also perfect for the office.

Pink, pastel colors and a dip in the ocean

A pink garment is a must in your wardrobe, all shades are fine: from peach to powder, passing from antique pink, to salmon pink and more shocking shades! Choose something for your sport directly from the wholesale sweatsuit set!

Pastel colors are evergreen: baby blue and soft shades of green. When the temperatures rise, the right colors are those of ice cream: cream, hazelnut, cream and coconut, delicious and perfect to combine even with brighter colors to create a nice contrast. The color of the year, the Pantone Classic Blue cannot be missing, and with it all the colors of the ocean and the crystalline sea.

The rediscovery of the waistcoat

Created to embellish the look, when the temperatures get warmer, the vest replaces tank tops and t-shirts becoming the true protagonist of the look. Under a men’s suit, it immediately creates a dandy look.

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The Top 6 Women Shoe Trends That Will Dominate The Spring Season

Shoe trends lately have been changing so much! If you want to know which shoe trends will dominate the Spring season – keep reading because we are bringing you 6 of them!

Women love shoes, that’s not a secret but there are always some secrets about being trendy when it comes to shoes. It feels like you can’t keep up with the trends when they are changing so much. But, there are a few different models of shoes that are always trendy and this season – you are going to love them! We are discovering you the secrets of being trendy with the shoes!

Spring is the time where we can finally hop out of the boots and closed shoes. It’s time to show some feet! Now, what’s a better way to do that than choosing some pretty sandals?

When thinking about sandals, we often think of heeled sandals. But, it’s time for a change in this trend. The sandals that will be popular aren’t really regular sandals. These sandals look like flip-flops but better! They look like fancy flip-flop sandals and you are going to love them! The pros of these sandals are that they are looking fancy but they feel so comfortable and nice on the feet. You won’t even feel like you are trying too hard to look good but you are looking good. We love good statement pieces, don’t we?

If you thought there’s nothing crazier or more innovative than these sandals we showed first, meet fuzzy sandals! Fuzzy sandals are a huge Spring trend of 2021 and they are something we have never seen before. It seems a bit absurd to wear these materials in the Spring because it warms your feet and in the Spring, the weather is warm so we don’t need any more warming.  But, fashionistas are always in the mood for some unique trends so the absurdness will not affect that!

However, the good thing about these sandals is the comfortableness they offer and they can be paired with any outfit due to their simplicity.

Chains on bags, chain prints on clothes and – chains on shoes will be really popular this Spring! These shoes are really special and they look like something people will notice first in an outfit. Therefore, they are statement pieces which are worth investing in. Although they don’t look comfortable, if you are someone who is used to wearing heels, these won’t be a problem for you! They are so interesting and they look like something you will either love so much or completely hate! There is no in between.

For sporty girls, chunky sneakers would be a great choice. They have stayed popular since they first became a trend in 2019. A lot of people love them because they look so stylish, yet they can be worn for everyday occasions. That trend is wearing wide-leg jeans. Women look visually taller with this duo and they love it! This trend is also something you are either going to love or hate but there are always some, let’s say, modifications in chunky sneakers. There are always “less chunky” sneakers which follow the trend but look a bit more like something we are used to for sneakers to look.

Platforms, platforms and a bit more platforms – they are so popular right now! These shoes look so strange, yet so appealing. Maybe the fact that they look strange is what makes them attractive to women. Therefore, the demand for all sorts of different shoes with huge platforms is really high. Short girls and women are going to love them because they will make them look so much taller and so fashionable at the same time.

Chains were mentioned before in this article like a big trend for shoes, so this trend can also be paired with chains for even trendier look.

Pastel colors are, also, really popular this season so most of these mentioned shoes will be available in different pastel shades to choose from.

And last, but definitely not least are shoes which are going to start a lot of discussions. Maybe you could already guess it. For some reason, there is a huge group of women who love these shoes and wear them with fancy outfits. On the other hand, some women think they are more suitable for visiting a local grocery store than for wearing them with fancy outfits. It’s up to you to decide if you like them or not. But, it’s definitely a fact they are a really big trend for Spring 2021.

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How To Choose An Evening Dress

Whether it is an engagement dress, a prom dress or a formal dress, a dress should be perfect regardless of the occasion.  Picking the right evening dress is not as simple as just going to a store and purchasing the first dress that catches your eye and fits you.  No matter if the occasion is a black-tie event or an intimate dinner, what matters most is that you need a dress that best reflects you. This means finding a dress that flatters and show off your figure in the best way.  It has to be made for your body and suit your personal preference.  To help you choose the perfect dress, read ahead for some tips.

Type of Event

There is nothing worse than looking out of place at an important occasion. Therefore, before a dress, we should consider if the dress is appropriate for the specific occasion no matter if it is a fancy, semi-formal, formal or casual. To be on a safe side, a simple classic style dress is a good choice for any event.  Avoid wearing a glamorous outfit at a casual night out or a plain-looking dress at a formal event.  Do not go overboard with your dress as this will make you stand out and not in a good way.


It is a good idea to pick the color of your dress before you begin shopping.  This will save you a lot of time and help you to narrow down your choices.  Planning ahead will keep you from wasting time on other things that you do not need.  It is crucial to pick a dress with a color that best complements your skin tone.  A dress, no matter how beautiful it is, might not look impressive if it is too dull or too bright when compared to your natural skin tone.  

Body Type

Finding a dress that adds balance to your body’s natural shape is the key to finding a perfect dress.  Women come in different shapes from hourglass to pear shape and apple shape.  Figuring out which body shapes you are will help you in your quest to find the right dress.  Once you have a good understanding of your body shape, you can choose the dress accordingly.

Some of the most common body types are apple shape, hourglass shape, pear body shape, petite and slender body shape.  If you are not sure of your body type, measure yourself across the shoulders, bust, hips and waist.  You will be able to see where your body is widest and etc.  This will help you to determine which shape you are.

Dress Style

When it comes to women’s dress style, sometimes less is better than more. Whether it is a casual do or a formal occasion, we should pick a dress that enhances the body’s favorite parts without compromising on the individual style.  The perfect evening dress will put the focus on you as a whole and not just on a specific part of the clothing. Simplicity is always a good idea. Pick a dress that puts focus on your best features and a color that looks the best on you.

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When Buy Shapewear, What Should We Know

Maintaining a good figure is always desirable. You do not have to feel shy about buying shapewear. A perfect physique will boost your confidence. You will get to wear what you love to wear. But you need to understand which shapewear to buy. Shapellx has launched the best waist trainer online. Shapellx shapewear review will help you get an insight into the correct shapewear for your body.

1. AirSlim™ Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper

plus size shapewear for women
 AirSlim™ Tummy Slimmer and Butt Lifter Compression Shaper

This plus size shapewear from Shapellx is lightweight and meant for daily wear. The braless design lets you wear your bra. The zipper crotch design does not interfere with your loo breaks. The mid-thigh length enables you to wear short dresses also. Get a perfect butt for the skirts you are dreaming to wear. Shapellx shapewear reviews of the customers has revealed that this shapewear is ideal for reducing tummy fat. You will be glad to have this comfortable shapewear from Shapellx.

2. NeoSweat™ Waist Trainer Vest with 2 Belts

plus size waist trainer with double belts
 NeoSweat™ Double Compression Waist Trainer

Shapellx shapewear review has recommended it as the best waist trainer. The firm compression design will let you sweat and lose toxins. See visible results post your workout sessions. The adjustable belts and the nine steel bones in this shaper will shape your figure. Include this easy-to-wear best trainer for your daily use.

3. AirSlim™ Seamless Butt Lifter Bodysuit

plus size body shaper for women
AirSlim™ Seamless Butt Lifter Bodysuit

This plus size shapewear is available in two colours. The shapewear gives a perfect shape to your bulky figure. Shapellx shapewear reviews by the users has rated this shapewear 4.9 out of 5. Users are more than happy to use this tummy controller. You will feel the comfort and see changes in your physique. This bodysuit will also shape your thighs and torso. You will love the design of this bodysuit that you can wear under all your dresses. The seamless fabric keeps you comfortable the entire day.

4. NeoSweat™ Ultra Sweat Fitness Belt

This plus size shapewear will enhance your workout sessions. Are you exercising regularly, but the results are not so positive? Then you are on the right platform. It is the right time to bring some changes to your workout regimen. Include this shapewear from Shapellx officials to attain the best figure. No need to believe blindfolded. Read the Shapellx shapewear reviews online. You will get to know this shapewear is super comfortable. You will be able to do your workouts efficiently. Get toned abs and a slim waist just as you deserve.

5. NeoSweat™ Workout Waist Trainer Vest

plus size waist trainer
NeoSweat™ Firm Control Double Belts Waist Trainer

This shapewear is one of the best waist trainer from Shapellx. Read the Shapellx Shapewear Reviews and believe that you can achieve it. According to the reviews, it is super comfortable. This shapewear tones your waist. You will feel lightweight and lose toxins from your body.

Read the reviews and get the correct shapewear for yourself. Rest assured, you will see desired results within a few days of workout. We also offer free shipping on orders above $80 and attractive discounts on every piece of shapewear.

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Some Hairstyle Secrets for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is definitely one of the celebrities who keep surprising us with her amazing hairstyles.  Over the years, Taylor Swift has been seen in a number of different hairstyles.  Taylor Swift started her music career when she was a teenager.  Therefore her looks have gone through an entire transformation over the years.  The most noticeable change from back then till now is her hair.  Throughout her career in the music industry, Taylor has changed her hairstyles a number of times and each time, she rocks the styles like a pro. She went from a pretty country singer to a mature female artiste and has proven that she is here to stay. Taylor has given us a plethora of fun looks over the years.  Here is a look back on all the different hairdo she has styled.

During the early years of Taylor’s career, she was well known for her signature angelic ringlet curls. Eventhough most girls her age were obsessed with flat-ironing their hair, Taylor kept her curls intact.  Throughout the early years, there were subtle changes to the look and she was often spotted with bangs while other times her bangs were grown out to add more curls to her head.  Curly hair was definitely a staple of Taylor’s look in the early days.

As she began to grow up, Taylor experimented with different styles with her curly hair and tried on more sophisticated styles like elegant updos. She even wore them with her street style and her hair was parted to the side and pulled back.

A few years later when she made a shift from country singer to pop, Taylor finally got rid of her curls and gave super-long straight hair a chance with had blunt bangs across her forehead.  Most of her appearances featured bangs straight across her forehead with her hair pin-straight or in loose waves. Sometimes, the bangs were much wispier and her hair was tousled into a messy look on purpose.

Taylor had chopped her hair into a shorter style later while also adding volume. Her hair barely fell below her ears, and she began adding little curls to it once again. 

The shag haircut is definitely not something that every woman can pull off but Taylor definitely does.  She even got back into this hairstyle a few times as well.

Tay Tay even showed off her more refined side with a curled bob and a classic orange/red lipstick.  She certainly knows to switch up her look while staying true to herself.  A short bob definitely shows that she is not someone you can mess around with.  Such a classic and sophisticated style with a hint of edgy tough girl look.

Another look that Taylor Swift can definitely pull off very well is the Old Hollywood retro glam.. Needless to say, she always pairs the glamorous hair with her signature red lips!

There is actually no secret as to how Taylor Swift’s hair can change so dramatically.  She does not use any straightener or go for any straightening treatment.  It is just that she is born with hair that can completely change texture. So there you go.

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Lady Gaga’s Fashion Secrets

No one has undergone more style transformation in the music industry or movie industry than the one and only diva Lady Gaga.  The pop songstress, actress, musician and philanthropist has undergone more outfit changes and styles than one could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime.  Remember the shocking raw meat outfit? 

Lady Gaga’s wild ensembles from ethereal to over the top costume is akin to shedding skin for another whenever her creative spirit sees fit.

Lady Gaga has continually pushed the boundaries of fashion, art and music throughout her career and she has received six Grammy Awards, record sales and worldwide recognition. 

She has even graced the runways for her designer friends such as Marc Jacobs and Thierry Mugler as well as the spokesperson for several campaigns for Tom Ford and Versace.

This talented, chart-topping singer sure has some serious fashion style no matter if she was channeling the country pop rock album Joanne in her baby pink cowboy hat or the glitter club kid appeal in the electropop album The Fame. 

Mother Monster does it like she does everything else – with utmost conviction and who can forget those killer heels?  While we cannot get enough of her hit songs, it is her wild costumes that get everyone talking.  Her affinity for avant-garde artistic fashion has made her a style icon.  Lady Gaga’s unique creations definitely deserve some recognition.  Let’s check out some of her most looks from the stage, the red carpet, and her iconic music videos. and relieve her whackiest wardrobe of all time.

Just Dance Music Video 2008

In her first smash single, Lady Gaga’s disco look is a nod to one of her inspirations, David Bowie with some lightning bolt makeup.  n the music video for her first smash single, the singer’s DIY-disco look evolved with a reappearance of the mirror bra and a nod to one of her inspirations, David Bowie, whom she acknowledged with some lightning-bolt makeup.

In an interview with a German talk show, Lady Gaga wore an outfit decorated with Kermit the Frog.  She explained that the Muppet-based fashion was a statement against wearing fur.

At her first VMA red carpet

Lady Gaga wore a corseted black lace dress by Jean Paul Gaultier and accessorized with a gold mask and neck brace and tied together her interests in vintage bodily constriction and modern metallics.

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video was a high point for the singer which made its debut at Paris Fashion week on Alexander McQueen’s show.

Mother Monster appeared in a shoulder-padded black and white striped dress in the Telephone video which also featured Beyonce. 

This is her controversial and outrageous outfit made of raw beef where she was making a statement that she is Not a Piece of Meat when she accepted the Video of the Year award for Bad Romance.

In 2015, Lady Gaga showed up at the Oscars looking like a lady in a textured Alaia gown and red gloves. 

Gaga made her first grand entrance as a leading lady in the movie A star is born at the Venice film festival in 2018. She hit the carpet wearing a voluminous pale pink Valentino princess dress. 

During the inauguration of President Joe Biden in 2021, Lady Gaga took the stage and dazzled the nation with her moving performance of the national anthem. 

Putting her hair in an elegant updo, the pop superstar wore a custom Schiaparelli Couture ball gown , accented by a large gold dove pin (an emblem of peace). 

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Full Body Shaper for Plus Size Women Online

Shaper shorts for them booties

Being plus size has no problem. But there is issues if the fats are more than the muscle mass. You can get so many health issues if the fat concentration is more than the muscle. So wearing shaper shorts is beneficial for you. That voluptuous dream ass is just right on the corner.

Wear shaper shorts while performing Deadlifts for glutes

The bum would be shapely as the workouts are being performed during the exercises for the gluteus muscles. There is a lot of mass already on the Glutes when you are plus size which is a good advantage. The work will only come from exercising and glute workouts. Of course during strength training you lift the heaviest machine to lift. So while doing it shaper shorts shapes the glutes. You will feel the burn. Wearing body shapers feels so comfortable and lightweight. When you sweat the fabric has a nice feels on your skin.

lace shapewear bodysuit

Plus sized muscle gains from shapewear

You can see various plus size shapewear in the online boutique. If you’re looking for some muscle gains you can wear the shapewear so that the natural silhouette comes into place. Yes it is as if this is the brace for your shape, like a cast. When you wear it for a certain amount of time. Your mind will adjust to this natural silhouette that will be your new sass. Yeah wearing this your fat will be burned and turned into muscle gain the correct diet and nutrition.

Use body shapers for your lifestyle

FeelinGirl shapewear brand provides body shaper for plus sized girls. Sometimes going outside is hard because there is not much sizes that are available on most girls especially if the size is very big. Fear not because Feelingirl has come to the rescue. Doing the right lifestyle and diet is beneficial. Along with wearing the best body shapers in town. The style of the brand’s body shapers are sleek and modern. Wearing this in the gym would be fashionable and aesthetically pleasing.

Lean and sexy with Keto and body shapers

Just wearing this would be so sexy and it will make you sexier with exercises and with the correct nutrition. Every day must be a cinch. With body shapers, you can get leaner as the day passes by. Providing that you did the right steps like eating a vegan, or ketogenic diet for example. A ketogenic diet targets the fat reserves of the body thereby cutting off the fats that are stored. Losing weight would be easier.

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Trends for Evening Dress in 2021

Evening dresses trends have been changing over the years while keeping the basics the same! Let’s see which trends for evening dresses will be popular in 2021!

When it comes to 2021, fashion, in general, won’t be much different from 2020. When we talk about trends for evening dresses, those basics that will stay popular through this year are bodycon and maxi dresses. Maxi dresses have been winning the hearts of women all over the world in the past few years. Maxi dresses or floor-length dresses will stay considered as the main choices for evening dresses. It’s possible to style maxi dresses for every occasion so it’s clear why women love them. The specific type of maxi dresses that will be on the top on the list of trends for 2021 are dresses with fluffy and multi layered skirt. That reminds us of Disney princesses and of 80s. The reason why this type of dresses are becoming the top trend for evening dresses is the fact that glamorous looks are the goal of most of the women who follow the fashion trends. Dresses with fluffy and multi layered skirts are, basically, the synonym for glamour. Women who prefer comfortableness will not enjoy in these dresses because they limit the movements and it’s extremely hard to dance in them! But, pretty hurts, right?

However, it doesn’t have to be like that because there are other types of evening dresses that will stay or become popular in 2021. Other types of maxi dresses can be comfortable and women enjoy wearing them a lot! The most popular trend in 2021, when it comes to maxi dresses, besides maxi dresses with multi layered skirts, will be openwork dresses with lace details. Yes, that’s right – lace is THE trend again! Some of the most popular designers all over the world and their brands are going to release a lot of different lace maxi dresses for 2021. Lace often reminds us of black or red colors. This time, although those colors are classics, new colors are the main trends. Colors that are called pastel and nude will be the biggest trends for evening dresses in 2021.

Pastel colors such as pink pastel, blue pastel or purple pastel, and nude shades have stepped on the fashion stage on the end of 2020 and they won’t be stepping down soon. Women are loving those shades, especially nude ones. The minimalistic way of dressing up has become something women aim for. After all of these years of glamour, although we still have some trends that are the glamorous, the minimalism is, slowly but surely, coming to life.

And the last trend for evening dresses in 2021, but definitely not least, that will be discussed in this article is Greek style dresses! If you are wondering what is a Greek style of dresses, be sure to check out the photo below because it will instantly be clear why they are called that way. Greek mythology and their history is fascinating and it is not a secret that mythologies and cultures of different nations inspire fashion designers. After inspiring the fashion designers, they often become huge trends in fashion world! Greek dresses look so comfortable, yet so stunning and gorgeous! Chiffon, organza and silk are just some of the materials which are able to create unique Greek style dress that will be loved, not this season, but for years! These dresses are so simple that they can be paired with different accessories, shoes or other fashion pieces in order to create multiple different looks for special occasions. Although they are statement pieces, while being combined in different ways, nobody could discover you are wearing the same dress.

That’s why women love Greek style dresses – they can use it and wear it multiple times, and still look uniquely beautiful and stunning every time!

Multiple trends for evening dresses in 2021 can be combined together. So, it’s possible to find Greek style dresses in pastel and nude colors. These colors really go together with the style of these dresses! They are soft, gorgeous and feminine – just as the Greek style of dresses. Lace on Greek style dresses is really rare but wanted! One of those examples is listed down below where you can see a really special type of a dress. This dress can be used for weddings as a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. It’s so beautiful and yet, so simple. It can be said that this dress represents most of the trends for evening dresses in 2021 connected together. It has lace, nude colors and Greek style.

If you aren’t sure which trend of evening dresses to follow – choose by your character and the main pros and cons of each of these dresses. You can’t go wrong while following your own character because your character produces your style.

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Polka Dot Dresses Brighten up Your Romantic Summer

Polka dot print has always been popular and chic. But, this Summer it’s going to be a huge trend! Keep reading to find out more!

What does polka dot print remind you of? Polka dot print is a synonym for cuteness and femininity. Polka dot print has many different versions and all of them are adjustable for everyday combinations and night outs. There are prints that are popular over certain seasons, while there are prints that are popular in every month of the year and can be found in different versions on different fashion pieces. Polka dots print is one of those evergreen prints that can be pulled out as vintage, but also be combined in a modern way. This print is relevant through the whole year.

But, women have always been wearing polka dot dresses more in Summer. Why? Because Summer is associated with long, warm and romantic nights. Being a romantic print itself, polka dot print is most worn through that period of time. Going on a fancy date or having a girls night – you can’t really go wrong with polka dot dress!

This pattern is also getting along well in combination with other details such as ruffles or popular puff styles. So, it’s not a secret that fashion brands and designers always have new ideas with polka dots. They are inspired by the fact that polka dots are something you have endless options with. They can be in different sizes, in different color combinations and combined with different types of dresses.

Imagine going on a special date on a Summer night. Wouldn’t you like to be wearing a long poetic and romantic polka dots dress? Who wouldn’t like that?! It sounds like a real paradise and really romantic! Polka dots dresses make every women look feminine and cute. The beauty of women is in many factors and one of them is definitely the way she dresses. Wearing dress with cute prints like polka dots sends the message that the woman is paying attention to what is she wearing. It means the woman is taking care of herself and her looks. That is always attractive!

If you prefer styles from 90s or 80s, polka dots are definitely for you! As stated before, this print can look vintage and can be modernized to look like you are following current fashion trends. One piece of polka dot dress in your closet can be combinated in many different ways. Popular combinations of colors, when it comes to polka dots dresses, are the classic black and white, and navy blue and white. You can stick with these combinations and minimalistic style, or you can choose something more ‘colorful’. Combining two more vivid colors in polka dots print sounds like a lot of fun! Be minimalistic or play with colors – it’s all up to you! Polka dots print offers you so much!

Dresses with this print are there to spice up your wardrobe and add some life to it. If you feel like your closet is missing something – it’s probably missing some fun prints! Don’t be scared to dive into this fashion trend because you may discover that you are someone who enjoys in polka dots or in prints, in general. Fashion has no limits and you shouldn’t have them either. Experiment with colors, prints and designs to find yourself. Polka dots dresses are there to brighten up your everyday style and to make your date fall in love with you on a warm Summer night. Romantic print like this one never stays imperceptible. You deserve to make everyone stay amazed by your looks every single day! Having statement pieces in your wardrobe, such as polka dot dresses, is a must-do if you want to stand out from the crowd.

In Summer, it’s important to wear dresses that make you comfortable. Also, materials of dresses are really important. If the material is good or high-quality one, you will feel good in that clothing piece, as well. The materials in Summer need to be light and fluttering. The most popular polka dots dresses are made in a way where their shape will make your body look stunning and highlight the right places but not make you feel uncomfortable or too hot on warm days.

These dresses look like they are made for princesses from fairy tales! You are already a princess and that is why you deserve to make everyone realize it by wearing the prettiest dresses! Polka dots dresses are there to brighten up your Summer and make you look absolutely gorgeous! Don’t forget that you have a chance to fill up your closet with the most wonderful dresses that will make you feel and look good at the same time. If you aren’t sure what to wear – wear polka dots. They are always a good idea!

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