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The end-of-the-year festivities are important commemorative dates. Women want to be hugged not only by beloved family members but also by pieces of clothing that deliver comfort and body positivity.

Developing a self-image is important for a happier life. Popilush shaper dress arrives to broaden our perspectives by building full-body modeling that delivers a more aligned feminine shape.

What to wear to Christmas party 2023?

If you haven’t decided yet on what you’re going to wear to Christmas parties, don’t worry. I was like that too until I realized that I should choose something that would enhance my body and improve my time, which is very busy. So, I decided to choose Popilush, as it has different types of shapewear that allow me to create countless looks.

The Built-In Shapewear Slip Shine Maxi Dress has become a piece in my closet that is synonymous with festive events. Christmas calls for a lot of glitter, sequins, and accessories with metallic effects. So, being able to choose a dress that defines my curves and still provides me with a highly comfortable elastic fabric with a shiny effect is wonderful.

Furthermore, the round neckline allows me to show my neck in a sexy way and wear an overlay without creating a heavy look. The flat waist through the abdominal panel that has built-in shaping mesh is everything I ever wanted to create a goddess silhouette. On the back, the lightweight elastic mesh also softens the contour of the back.

Why should one choose Popilush shapewear for Christmas?

There are many reasons, but the practicality and variety of models are something that wins us over right away. I always choose two to three outfit options for each occasion, because I ultimately decide according to the mood I’m in on the day of the event.

For example, if I still want the benefit of a one-piece, but if I choose not to wear a dress, I can wear a shapewear jumpsuit to create a complete fit. I add a shoe with gold detailing and stones, a mini bag and I’m ready to live my happiness at full power.

Here I have a defined waist, a supported bust through the elastic design in the chest area, back and butt designed to present exquisite curves and a lot of femininity.

Can I wear shapewear with other traditional clothing?

Not only can it, it should. Shapewear serves to bring lightness to your life, it is assertive because it also matches traditional pieces of clothing that you already have. And here is an important access key to expanding your creative world, as you can create countless looks with a single piece of modeling.

I’ve already presented two possibilities here, but what do you think if we create a third look together? Just imagine how a shapewear bodysuit can give you an aligned shape, with a perfect fit to build an image of power.

The fine mesh is 360-degree stretchy to make you more confident with an aligned posture and lifted butt through the T-shaped buttocks for comfortable beauty. It is easy to use as it has an easy crotch closure. It will look great paired with black leather pants or silver metallic leggings and pointed-toe shoes.


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