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Every one of us has our go-to lingerie such as bras and panties. That said, sometimes we just want a bit of support or smoothing and nothing can do a better job than shapewear. This magical garment can make a difference in how you feel and there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting a bit of help from it. When wearing an evening dress for special occasions, a bodysuit can be worn as a foundation.  For day-to-day outfits, a pair of high-waist shorts can make the outfit more flattering.  Shapewear can help lift the confidence especially when rocking a body-hugging dress with skimming fabrics.

Besides giving a secure feeling, shapewear can also smooth out any lumps to make clothes drape better and prevent any fabric from clinging in the wrong places. This foundation garment has evolved to include trendy and functional options for women to wear daily while it smooths, lifts and shapes. Shapewear is now a staple that many women reach for in their wardrobes. They have encompassed everything from cami tops, full bodysuit to the best butt lifting shapewear and are designed to flatter every curve. 

Shapewear That Makes You Feel Good From Within

Shapewear is a great garment to make your outfit look smooth, no matter your body type. It should be worn whenever you want additional support. The following are some of the must-haves in your closet for every styling need.

Shapewear Panties

Shaping panties can help to tuck in the tummy while also lifting your derriere. What’s not to love about this? They provide moderate to firm support to firm everything and make you feel tucked in. The shapewear panties are ideal to be worn under a skirt, a dress, a pair of shorts or any tight-fitting clothes. They are an easy way to add a bit of control to your underwear rotation without adding any extra layers. Shaping panties are best for women who want to cinch their tummies and streamline the waist too.

Shapewear Shorts

Shaping shorts offer the same function as shaping briefs but they reach to mid-thigh. This in turn will create smoother and slimmer thighs. This shaping garment is a perfect choice for women who love to wear form-fitting pencil skirts or flowing skirts as they offer more coverage and prevent wardrobe malfunction. Body shaping shorts are also high-waisted so the tummy, derriere and thighs are all taken care of.

Shapewear Bodysuit

A Shapewear bodysuit creates a smooth look all the way from your chest down to the thighs. It is a great solution when wearing a body-hugging dress. As no parts of the body will be bulging out of the outfit, especially the area from under the bust and between the top of a panty, you can feel confident knowing that there will be no visible underwear lines when wearing this one-piece shaping garment. The body shaping bodysuit is best for women who just want coverage across their whole torso and bust.

Open Bust Body Shaper

As the name suggests, this is a bodysuit that comes with an open-bust design. This is extremely useful for women who wear a unique bra size and may be finding it hard to look for a bodysuit in their size, or perhaps they are more comfortable wearing their favorite bra. An open-bust bodysuit combines comfort with a perfect fit because you get to choose the bra you want to wear while still getting the great result of wearing shapewear.

Control Camis

Camisole tops are the perfect option for women who want to slim their tummies but do not want to wear control bottoms. A cami is also perfect for streamlining the breasts too for a seamless silhouette from the shoulders all the way to the hips. 


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