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Swimsuit season is approaching soon and everyone is getting ready to enjoy the warm weather and get some sun. Summer is the best time of the year to take long walks on beach to sunbathing and carry out seaside activities. Every woman deserves to look great and feel incredible. A woman’s body is constantly shifting and changing, and while we should all embrace our curves, it is easy to feel insecure in bathing suits.

Who doesn’t want to look great in a bathing suit during this season. When shopping for bathing suits, there are many questions that you need to ask yourself. Do you want to look slimmer in a bathing suit? Then opt for high waist bikini bottoms that nip at the smallest part of the torso to highlight the curves and avoid light colored ones. Want a perkier derriere? Choose swimsuit with scallop edges and it can do the trick.

For women with shorter body types and shorter legs, choosing the right swimwear requires some planning. The styling goals for this body type is to find swimwear that draw attention to the face than the body, create the illusion of longer torso and also elongate the legs visually. Swimsuits that need to be avoided are boyshorts and low-rise bottoms.

If you want to refresh your wardrobe and find the best bathing suit that makes your legs look longer, well you are in luck. This article will help you find one that elongates your leg without the need for wearing heels. There are certain swimsuit styles that hits the hips at an awkward area and thus shortening the body. You will be glad to know that there are some swimsuit styles that will give your legs the look of being several miles long and at the same time compliment your body shape. An amazing way to achieve this is with higher leg opening swimsuit like those back in the ’80s and ’90s that start from the mid-thigh all the way to the hipbone will be able to create a longer leg illusion. The secret is that the bathing suit starts from a higher part of the waist and extends from the top to the bottom with no distractions. As such, the focus will be on the bottom part of the body, giving the legs a longer appearance.

Other features that help with the illusion is one shoulder straps on the one-piece swimsuit as it creates an unbroken vertical line that is perfect for making you look taller.  High leg cut bikini bottoms are also ideal to show off your curves. Besides offering coverage, they are still sexy and stylish. The high cut style will elongate the legs to make you look taller and slimmer. High cut bathing suit also accentuates the waist and create an hourglass figure.

What Are The Best Bathing Suit That Will Make Your Legs Look Longer?

No matter what is your body type, confidence is the key to feeling and looking great in a swimsuit. The recommendations below are merely a guide to find the best style that accentuate your best features and make sure that you feel confident and comfortable. Ahead are 5 best bathing suits that will give you legs for days. Time to feel your best at the beach!

Retro Revo One-Piece Swimsuit

Turn heads in this one-piece swimsuit in stunning contrasting floral prints. This versatile piece is reversible so you can choose lovely floral or make a statement in solid colors. Made with recycled stretch fabric, it has a sexy open back and is finished with high cut at the sides to elongate your legs.

Hero Black Bikini

This black bikini offers a chic look and features a wide supportive underbust band with adjustable shoulder straps and clip fastening on the back. The V shaped bottom and high cut design will give the illusion of a slimmer and longer legs.

Sucre Swimsuit

This stylish swimsuit in blue seashell features a square neckline with lace details at the back and high cut leg opening.

Exotica Green Flowers Swimsuit

Channel your inner wild side with this swimsuit in green flowers. It features a V-neckline with shoulder straps and a unique cross over at the front with cutout details. This high cut bottom flatters and lengthen the legs while offering a stunning fit.

Gaia Terra Cut Out One Piece

So flattering one-piece featured in a one-shoulder silhouette and soft  fabrication with with wooden ring detailing, subtle cutouts for added shape, and cheeky bottom coverage.


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