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Shapewear has become the most popular undergarment because of its ability to sculpt the ideal body that many women have always wanted. Shapewear can hide fat and bulges where desired to make your silhouette smoother. Its ability to compress your body when worn will magically give you the appearance of a flat tummy and slimmer waist in seconds. The popular modern shapewear even provides other features such as shaping and lifting your buttocks and bust to create the perfect hourglass shape for your figure.

The ability of shapewear to enhance appearance is undeniable, but the obstacle that buyers often face is determining the right size. We know that shapewear is a garment that is intended to shape the curves of the body through a certain level of compression, therefore it is made tight. Sizing down is certainly not recommended because it will have an impact on disturbed breathing and blood circulation. Then, should you size up when buying shapewear?

In fact, increasing the size should not be done either. Here are reasons why you shouldn’t size up when choosing shapewear!

1. Designed For Slimming

As mentioned earlier, shapewear is a garment that was created to slim your body instantly, so don’t be surprised if it is designed to tightly hug your body. Although it will feel tight when worn, the designers have given careful calculations to the design so that the shapewear remains comfortable to wear. In a simple sense, shapewear with a size that fits your body is the most appropriate for slimming while providing comfort when you wear it.

The best shapewear brands, such as Shapellx, add slimming features to boost shapewear performance to be more effective. Usually, they add some features to accentuate the sculptural effect on certain body parts that most women want. Take, for example, adding butt pads to shaper shorts or leggings. This will maximize the effect of tightening and lifting the buttocks to create a fabulous bubble butt.

There is a waist trainer or tummy control bodysuit designed with steel bone inserts to give a perfect curve along the waist and maintain an elegant posture. Some shapewear is also designed with a detachable belt and 4 column hooks to make it easier for you to adjust the tightness.

2. Compression Level

Each shapewear is made with different levels of compression, depending on the design and type. You can adjust the compression level according to your needs and desires, from low, medium, and high. So instead of sizing up, you better adjust the compression level when buying shapewear.

The high compression rate allows the shapewear itself to provide a superb slimming effect. You can even reduce your waist size by a few inches while wearing it. You can’t wear high compression shapewear all day, at least 3 or 4 hours every day. These are usually available on a waist trainer for women which are great for your workout accessory.

Medium compression can be worn longer, about 6 or 8 hours daily. This shapewear can give a flattering hourglass silhouette by sculpting your waistline and flattening your tummy. This shapewear is ideal to wear during work in the office or on special occasions.

Low compression shapewear is the most comfortable to wear all day, every day. This is a great option for rookies who are just starting to wear shapewear to hide fat and achieve smoother bulge-free curves.

3. Flexible Material

If you think about why this tight garment is so popular all over the world, the answer is definitely because it is made of flexible material to support its comfort. The slimming feature demands that shapewear be made into a tight garment, but this is not intended to interfere with your activities and movements, so flexible fabrics are the choice of materials used.

High-quality nylon, spandex, polyester, and neoprene are arguably the most popular for making various types of shapewear such as waist trainers, bodysuit thong shapewear, butt-lifting shorts, and others. The material provides good compression but still hugs your body comfortably and follows your movements flexibly.

4. The Wrong Size Will Be Inconvenient And Ineffective

After all, the wrong size, whether it’s too big or too small, will not be comfortable to wear and will make the shapewear itself ineffective. Don’t force your body to wear shapewear that is too small to get a slim waist and flat stomach because it can be harmful to your health. You can experience shortness of breath and skin rashes if you wear too small a shapewear. Shapewear with a high compression level is recommended if you want to achieve a significant slimming effect.

Likewise, if you are reluctant to buy shapewear that is too tight because you are not used to wearing it, then you can opt for low-compression shapewear. Shapewear that is too big will not be able to work effectively to provide maximum results when sculpting your curves. But keep in mind not to ignore the size details provided by the shapewear brand that you are going to buy. Each brand may have different specifications for their shapewear sizes, so make sure you read them carefully to determine the right size.

Choosing the right size when buying shapewear is essential, for comfort and effectiveness. Hopefully, the above reading can help you choose the right shapewear size.


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