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Some people may think the Halloween celebration is only for kids and there are no fun activities for adults unless you are into clubbing. There are a lot of Halloween-themed parties from the middle to the end of October. Even if you live in quite a small town, you probably still can find, at least, a few parties like this during mid-autumn. It’s really very fun way to celebrate. Going out on Halloween will make you feel like it’s a big holiday (and it’s certainly true). You for sure will have a lot of fun if you’ll choose to go the club or to someone’s costumed party. But this option is not for everyone. Some of us are to introverted for such social activities. Or just not fans of dancing. Or maybe you are still trying to avoid places with a big amount of people in. We totally understand you and have some ideas on how to celebrate Halloween only with your closest friends or just with your best friend forever. We are sure you two can have more fun than the whole club. It will be super cozy and nice if you will follow our advice.

Choose your comfort autumnal movies you and all friends you invited would enjoy. It can be anything. Something from classic horror or maybe something you have not seen yet if you really want to get scared. It shouldn’t be horror if you don’t like it. It can be some sort of Halloween fairytale-like Hocus Pocus. Or it can be the must-watch for spooky seasons of Tim Burton’s cartoons. Basically, any of his works will work for Halloween evening.

Make some seasonal snacks. It could be a really fun time if you would make them with your friends together. You can find many food ideas for Halloween dinner on Pinterest or on websites with recipes.

Get ideas for Halloween activities. It may be table games, dances to Halloween songs, divination games, or old-school Halloween traditional games. Although you will have enough time for everything. Isn’t it the perfect time?

 If you never gifted anytime to your friends on Halloween, except, maybe some candy. It’s time for a new cute tradition. Surprise your friend with a Halloween gift. It you have never given gifts for the spookiest holiday of the year, so gave no idea what you can present, then here are some of the great ideas:

  • The spooky-themed box with items everyone wants and needs like autumn scented, body scrub or cream, body spray and bath bomb. It can be anything. There can be spooky socks or it can be the box filled with traditional Halloween candy. You can do it in one of two ways. Either you can made your own box with items you know your BFF will like or you can order one. It will definitely takes less time and probably will look more professional.
Halloween gift of Fall Fragrances
  • The box with autumn or horror shaped bath bombs. One of examples below on the photo. But, again, it can be something more cute if your best friend is not a big fan of horror movies.
Scary Movie Bath Bomb Box
  • If it’s really gift for your very close friend, you can buy him or her pajama onesie. Of course, you can buy a funny Halloween pajama, but if you would buy warm or just cozy pajamas, it would be so much practical for wearing. Your friend could wear it all year round, not only during few weeks in October or whenever it’s okay to wear Halloween pajama.
Holiday Pajamas
  • Candle. Candles are essential for cozy rainy days during fall. You can definitely get any candle with a smell that is good for colder time of the year. But it would be even nicer, if you would choose a candle with a surprise inside. Example below on the photo:
  • Scary plate set. Or something cute Halloweeny. It depends on your taste. Try to choose something that can be used not only for Halloween dinner.
  • Halloween edition on any table games would be a perfect gift you can both use already during Halloween. It would make your celebration way better
  • Halloween special cookie cutters. Another item you can use to improve your spooky holiday
  • Pumpkin pillow. Probably the cutest gift ever.
Cozy Pumpkin Pillows


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