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Skirt or Dress: Some Tips To Help You Choose for Approaching Summer

Who is can’t wait for summer and all those gorgeous light clothes like T-shirts, tops, shorts and our favorite – dresses and skirts? Around this time in the second part of spring, many of us are picking what clothes for summer to buy. In this post, I’m proposing you to look at the hottest trends of this season for the most summer clothes items ever like a skirt and a dress and tips on how to choose the right and what type will be perfect for you.

Good news if you like the old good trends that are coming back. Many of them in the list are from the late 80s to the early 00s, but still, there are enough of new trends too. Every woman of any age and any size can choose the one that will be perfect for her and her.

Let’s start with the skirts first!

The ’90s Throwback Maxi Skirt

To be honest I’ve been dreaming about this type of dress and skirt being back on catwalks and streets. This was of the coolest trends of the ’90s and the ’90s were objectively one of the best decades of 20th century for fashion. These types of skirts were worn a lot in 90’s school movies. Especially by the most popular girls in school or those mysterious gothic girls. Firs were choosing light colors of a dress or skirt with floral prints in most of the cases while the second preferred black skirts and were mixing them with boots with a cool dark top and a chocker. So no matter what is your aesthetic or style you can find a long ‘vintage’ skirt for you. These types of skirts make you look taller… and cooler as a bonus!

The School Skirt

Another skirt that gives us major school movies from 90’ to 00’s vibes. Especially, I love a yellow skirt and jacket from ‘Clueless’ I see a lot on Instagram models. It’s absolutely timeless and these types of school skirts are trendy most of the times, but recently it was more popular than usual. You may watch some outfits from ‘Gossip Girl’ for some inspiration for your future outfits with a school skirt. This skirt makes look everybody who is wearing to look youthful and neat.

Pleated Maxi Skirt

And one more. The skirt I wanted to come back too so much. Long pleated skirts. They are perfect. It’s comfortable and easy to wear. We mean you may be relaxed about how your legs look when you are wearing a long skirt. Plus, they are very feminine and elegant if to mix them with right clothes and accessories. They are cool with sweaters and tights in colder weather as well. So if you want to look more feminine and petite, a pleated maxi is for you!

Now time to talk about the dresses!

While skirts must be mixed with other clothes, the one dress can be the whole outfit. You literally don’t need anything if you have a dress on. Except of shoes, but it’s pretty optional he-he. Although you still can mix one sundress with othe clothes from your wardrobe like light sweater over it or leather jacket with a scarf and you will getting absolutely the new outfit all the time.

Dress with Cut-outs

One of the coolest and may say the bravest trends in clothes for this summer is cut-out. For the most confident women who want to look unusual but still sexy.

There are many different types of cut-outs on clothes, so you have a lot of options you may have fun with.

Dress in a Leg Slip

One of the most iconic types of dresses in history. There are reasons why around of half of the dresses on red carpets are leg slip dresses. I can recollect so many the most iconic dresses with a leg lip on celebrities. Truly a must-have for every woman that wants to feel like a queen.

UO Samira Satin Slip Dress
UO Samira Satin Slip Dress

Puff Sleeve Dress

Dresses with puffed sleeves may the leader of the trendiest dresses the recent two years. They give me a Disney princess energy. Although there dome more casual types like on the photo below. I love you can wear them both on major even if to wear a dress with a nice clutch, heels and shiny jewelry why if you won’t be adding much accessories you  may wear it every day and still be feeling like a true princess.


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