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Shapewear more than a fashion statement has become a wardrobe must-have for many as it provides a slimmer figure and distributes the fat evenly. This helps you get a defined and clean look in any kind of dress.

Every woman has a different body be it in terms of shape, size or height. And each body has its own requirements. Some prefer complete coverage while some need a tummy and waist slimmer. Every woman, irrespective of their shape and size deserves to feel comfortable and confident about themselves. And this can happen only when they are in their natural yet toned-up body shape. To get that, shapewears come in very handy. So, to suit all the body types, there are numerous types of shapewears; even plus size shapewear is available these days.

Let’s have a look at some of the types of shapewears available.

Open Bust Shapewear

As the name suggests, open bust shapewear is open in the bust area, has a high-rise cut on the thighs and covers the entire back. It provides high coverage to the tummy, waist and back. It lifts the bust and enhances the buttocks. One of the best open bust shapewears that’s worth trying is : CoreSculpt open bust tummy control bodysuit.

Tummy Tucker and Butt Lifter

The tummy tucker shapewear is specially designed for hiding that extra belly fat of yours. It runs down through the entire torso and gives a slimming effect to the waist, abdomen and hips. Defining the linings at the back, it helps you achieve a cleaner look. It is one of the best shapewear for tummy and waist.

Bodysuit Shapewear

Bodysuits are for those who desire an overall shaping from the torso till the crotch. They can be worn underneath your everyday garments to get a full body coverage. It supports the body, defines the curves and helps you achieve a better posture.

This CoreSculpt Extra Shaper Bodysuit is one of the best kinds.


Camisoles stretch from the torso to your abdomen. It comes with adjustable straps and helps give shape to your bust, tummy and back. They are extremely comfortable and extend to cover your body shape. They are ideal for everyday use and in fact, you can even sleep in your cami. There are padded camisoles too to provide extra coverage to the bust area. It can be worn under your shirts or tops to get a smooth finish.

Shapewear are available in so many kinds that all kinds of bodies can find one complementary wear for themselves. The above mentioned are some of the kinds of shapewear. There are also a few other types available, and especially they promise that they will have the biggest discount during Shapewear Black Firday sale. You can select one for yourself that suits your body type, comfort level and purpose. Some may prefer wearing them occasionally while some may need it on a daily wear basis. So, considering all the requirements, you can get one for yourself.


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