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Shoe trends lately have been changing so much! If you want to know which shoe trends will dominate the Spring season – keep reading because we are bringing you 6 of them!

Women love shoes, that’s not a secret but there are always some secrets about being trendy when it comes to shoes. It feels like you can’t keep up with the trends when they are changing so much. But, there are a few different models of shoes that are always trendy and this season – you are going to love them! We are discovering you the secrets of being trendy with the shoes!

Spring is the time where we can finally hop out of the boots and closed shoes. It’s time to show some feet! Now, what’s a better way to do that than choosing some pretty sandals?

When thinking about sandals, we often think of heeled sandals. But, it’s time for a change in this trend. The sandals that will be popular aren’t really regular sandals. These sandals look like flip-flops but better! They look like fancy flip-flop sandals and you are going to love them! The pros of these sandals are that they are looking fancy but they feel so comfortable and nice on the feet. You won’t even feel like you are trying too hard to look good but you are looking good. We love good statement pieces, don’t we?

If you thought there’s nothing crazier or more innovative than these sandals we showed first, meet fuzzy sandals! Fuzzy sandals are a huge Spring trend of 2021 and they are something we have never seen before. It seems a bit absurd to wear these materials in the Spring because it warms your feet and in the Spring, the weather is warm so we don’t need any more warming.  But, fashionistas are always in the mood for some unique trends so the absurdness will not affect that!

However, the good thing about these sandals is the comfortableness they offer and they can be paired with any outfit due to their simplicity.

Chains on bags, chain prints on clothes and – chains on shoes will be really popular this Spring! These shoes are really special and they look like something people will notice first in an outfit. Therefore, they are statement pieces which are worth investing in. Although they don’t look comfortable, if you are someone who is used to wearing heels, these won’t be a problem for you! They are so interesting and they look like something you will either love so much or completely hate! There is no in between.

For sporty girls, chunky sneakers would be a great choice. They have stayed popular since they first became a trend in 2019. A lot of people love them because they look so stylish, yet they can be worn for everyday occasions. That trend is wearing wide-leg jeans. Women look visually taller with this duo and they love it! This trend is also something you are either going to love or hate but there are always some, let’s say, modifications in chunky sneakers. There are always “less chunky” sneakers which follow the trend but look a bit more like something we are used to for sneakers to look.

Platforms, platforms and a bit more platforms – they are so popular right now! These shoes look so strange, yet so appealing. Maybe the fact that they look strange is what makes them attractive to women. Therefore, the demand for all sorts of different shoes with huge platforms is really high. Short girls and women are going to love them because they will make them look so much taller and so fashionable at the same time.

Chains were mentioned before in this article like a big trend for shoes, so this trend can also be paired with chains for even trendier look.

Pastel colors are, also, really popular this season so most of these mentioned shoes will be available in different pastel shades to choose from.

And last, but definitely not least are shoes which are going to start a lot of discussions. Maybe you could already guess it. For some reason, there is a huge group of women who love these shoes and wear them with fancy outfits. On the other hand, some women think they are more suitable for visiting a local grocery store than for wearing them with fancy outfits. It’s up to you to decide if you like them or not. But, it’s definitely a fact they are a really big trend for Spring 2021.


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