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Cold weather shouldn’t be an excuse to skip accessories, as they can turn your fashion game upside down. Of course, at times it can be challenging to find the right accessories for your winter outfit, nevertheless, you shouldn’t stop the attempts to find the right pieces.

Here are a few interesting ideas, that will help you to find the best necklace to wear in winter. From large chains, pearl sn hoops, to the weird and extravagant geometrical shapes, what is your favorite variation?


For example, you can wear a large pendant on a medium-length chain or a bulky chocker that tightly embraces your neck. Long and loose rope braiding or smart layering of a few necklaces can also be a great option for v-necks.

A deep v-neckline gives you a lot of space for improvisation. It is one of the most versatile necklines, that fits everyone and can be decorated with many different necklaces.

off-shoulder neckline

The off-shoulder neckline is a very popular neck design for winter sweaters. Just like the previously mentioned v-neck, off-shoulder necklines give a huge area around your neck and shoulders, allowing you to wear a large number of necklines.

We love the look of princess necklaces for this type of neckline. It emphasizes the beauty and the grace of the neck, without a conglomeration of the details.


The next neckline we are going to talk about is a classic turtleneck. Turtlenecks aren’t only warm and cozy, but they also look like an interesting alternative to boring round necklines.

If you want to spice up your classic turtleneck sweater this winter, layer a major choker with a bulky pendant or a long, thin necklace that reaches the belly-button level.

round and crew necklines

Finding the fitting necklace for round and crew necklines is one of the easiest jobs. The only thing you need to do is to follow the neckline’s curve with the necklace. It can be a regular short chain, but we suggest you wear a statement necklace, maybe the one with chunky stones or gems.

Sexy keyhole neckline

Sexy keyhole neckline is usually seen on summer tops and dresses, yet there are a bunch of winter clothes that feature this type of neck. We bet you already know how to compliment the keyhole neckline ‒ choose the necklace, that will seductively peep out of the hole. A fine necklace with a beautiful pearl or a few layers of different chains will be ideal for this type of neckline.


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