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Before we got to the main subject of this article ( and that is how to style a midi dress ) we want to define what is a midi dress. A midi dress is the dress which has the hem that ends halfway between knee and ankle. If you want to hear some advice and styling tips regarding midi dresses that you should definitely continue reading this article. In this article we will also show you some of our favorite midi dresses.

As we previously mentioned we want to give you some tips and tricks on how to wear a midi dress:

Wear provocative heels with the dress

Midi dress can make you look shorter than you are if you don’t wear it on the right way, that is why we recommend you to wear heels in order to elongate your legs. It doesn’t matter which type of heels – pumps, stiletto heels, sandals or else… It is just important to get a few more inches of height.

Choose a midi dress that is a bit above or below mid

calf – This advice is maybe the most important one considering that it affects how tall ( or not ) you look and we all want to look tall because it automatically means that we probably than look thinner.

Wear a belt with your midi dress

If you want to get more flattering figure than you should definitely throw on a belt over your dress. It will definitely make you look taller and if you have a tiny waist it will definitely point that out as your attribute.

Go for a simple and elegant version

This usually does not include a lot of colors. It is better to wear one color dress. The material is also important. Try avoiding polyester and other man made materials. Opt for natural materials. Try to get that Meghan Markle type of midi dress.

Did you like our tips and trick regarding the midi dress? Not a lot of you ladies go for the midi dress but maybe you should consider it. It can be a new classic piece to add to your wardrobe. And if you are tall you do not have to worry whether is it going to make you look shorter. Now we wanted to show you our favorite models:


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