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It is alleged that a one-time gang member robbed the children of Halloween candy under the gun, which gave him a second chance earlier this year.

The 23-year-old Zyion Houston-Sconiers was arrested on Tuesday after a Tacoma police gang united on a street crime to accentuate the car he was riding in. The police found guns and drugs in his backpack near him.

The police stopped at around 4:30 pm. When the driver fails to use the turn signal, it is at 1400 blocks on South Grant Avenue. According to the charging documents, they decided to let the driver refer to the vehicle because they did not have a valid driving license, but asked to search the car after noticing the “sneaky action that seems to be related to the glove box”.
According to reports, the driver, Houston-Sconiers and the front seat passengers agreed to the search.

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Police officers found a backpack next to Houston-Sconiers. According to court documents, there is a pistol, 13 packs of heroin and prescription drugs with the name Houston-Scholler.

On Wednesday, Houston – Scolni was accused of illegal possession of controlled substances, intended to deliver and illegally hold guns at the first level. He refused to plead guilty at the time of the trial and ordered him to be held in jail instead of $20,000 in bail. During the lawsuit, he seems to be a fact.

Arrogrance Wood, who calls himself Houston – Scolni’s girlfriend, told The News Tribune outside the court: “Before he was found guilty, he was innocent. They were wrong. They may be wrong again.”

Houston – Scoil made headlines for the first time in 2012, when he and Tracy Lee Roberts carried a .32 caliber revolver around the city on Halloween night and snatched away a few teenagers’ candy and mobile phones. .

Houston-Sconiers was 17 years old and had a Hilltop Crip, which had been recorded before. Roberts is 16 years old.


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