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The 42-year-old country singer stayed at The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, where he talked about how his girlfriend Gwen Stefani responded to his cotton candy men’s clothing. The two are dressing up for Stefani’s niece and nephew’s Halloween birthday party, and his first costume has fallen.

“So this is a birthday party, Gwen gave me an incredible outfit, Dad. I put it on its literal meaning – it’s in Los Angeles – it’s like wearing a thick coat because it has muscles I don’t like no real muscles…so I don’t like it, it’s too hot,” Shelton said. “So she said, ‘You can wear a sailor suit. Just wear it. I don’t care.'”

“So I put it on it, I swear to God, Allen, I swear, I walked into the party, the first person came to me and asked if I left Puft Marshmallow Man,” Shelton continued Road. “I swear! They are right. They are completely correct!”

“The man must have drank some wine beforehand because you don’t look like a marshmallow man,” DeGeneres, 60, assured her guests.

During the performance, Sheldon also talked about the title of his most sexy man who is coming to an end, he caught last year.

“I feel sexy ending… I am no longer the sexiest man. I don’t think it already exists. I think it’s over,” he teased. “I hope it is better than my most lively man. But I hope that if you are lucky.”

DeGeneres asked her guests how Stefani responded to the title and whether she had higher expectations for him after winning this honor.

“She did. It should be like a superpower or anything else. Do you know what I am talking about? I don’t think she can feel the power,” Shelton joked.

In addition to his relationship, they also discussed Sheldon’s recent stage story at the Pendleton Whisky Music Festival in Oregon.

“I blame this on the bitch,” Shelton spoke of the oil spill. “[He] on that show, this is a good combination, by the way, Blake Shelton and Pitbull, so you can imagine my feelings. I fell on the stage. I. Fell.Down. Stage. In front of all these people… I fell. It is like this. This is embarrassing.”

In the tweet at the time, Sheldon also jokingly blamed the 37-year-old rapper.

“By the way, @pitbull… I blame you. This is what I am trying to compete with your show…” he wrote. “When I didn’t take a giant fall of 10 seconds, I was a dancing son…”


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