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Are you tired of yourself?

As an adult, it is easy to lose interest in our lives. We build them through decades of work, compromise, frustration and contingency. They are our production. But even if we like them, sometimes it is easy to want.

Every Halloween, we have the opportunity to take a break from us, escape our neurosis, and embody some of the better things because it is different. To this end, the clothing can be catharsis. Walking out of ourselves can make us grateful. When the party is over, our costumes are piled on the floor, back to our real people, refreshed.

For the last three Halloweens, I used my personal fears as art tips: “expulsion,” “stinging,” “turbulence,” “subtle.” I made my baggage into an exoskeleton, friendly it, and overcoming it. . This Halloween method is clean and produces some excellent outfits. I encourage you to try it.

This is my recent Halloween creation and why I needed them at the time:

In 2015, I need to repel mosquitoes.
Everyone will tell you how “good” I am. I was born like this – a boy’s gay church bell. I will die very politely. I like “very good.” However, keeping sweet requires a lot of time to be fascinating and passive, diluting yourself to palatability. I am tired of it.

I also ended my biggest relationship, almost dating. Not ready to sleep with the world, but definitely considering it. I can foresee how much energy I will attract to attract men. Their attention and approval will soon become so important. I started worrying about how I promoted or repackaged myself to attract them, how do I cut my best and the strangest corners to make sure my second date. I became very angry.

The idea of ​​repelling the future guys scared me. This is exactly what I need to do.

I have never scared me in my life. But I need to scare people and make them very interested in me, but I am too afraid to get close. I became Medusa.

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I grew up with craftsmanship; I think I learned how to write cursives in puff paint before I used pencils. Therefore, for me, the pure black fabric is sewn into a homemade Greek top. But I have never done a strong make-up and I am very excited to try. I watched a dozen mermaid, snake and scales tutorials on YouTube.

Then I covered my face, chest and arms with light green paint, applied it with powder, and used a square fishnet as the top black template. It is surprisingly quick and easy.

The snake wig tried several times to fail. (The plastic snake is too heavy; the bubble is not serpentine.) I made the final version with a swim cap and I poked it through. I bent the wires into a serpentine shape and then applied a hot hose around each wire. This process covers my fingers, tiny burns and wire cuts. I lost my blood and thought of gorgons.

The wig is more refined than I like, but the snake will shake and shake when I walk. They look very active. This wig mistake makes this the most expensive Halloween costume for me.


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