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Almost half in October (seriously, what happened even?), Halloween will be here right away. As a result, many of you may be willing to make plans to surpass yourself with your most epic Halloween costumes to date. After all, Halloween is almost the only excuse, you have to play a grown up dress – at this point you have more power, guys.
That said, there are a few things to consider when designing the upcoming Halloween ensemble. In other words: Halloween should be an interesting occasion where no one is hurt. This means considering whether your clothing is not sensitive or tastes bad.
You ask, how do you know if your Halloween costume is offensive? To be honest, if you ask yourself this question first, this may be your first clue, and you may want to reconsider your costume. Change it to something that doesn’t make you feel strange, or make you think, “Well, maybe this is not the best choice for wearing at my neighbors.” It’s too late. If you find yourself defending your choices for those who oppose your clothing, then it may be time to bring it back to the locker room. To this end, and only to ensure that there are some questions here to ask yourself to avoid wearing unconscious offensive clothing this year.
Is 1 a racist?
It goes without saying that stereotypes that wear Halloween costumes to get rid of racism are never possible. This means that any Halloween costume will turn the entire culture into a costume. In addition, if the garment involves black, brown or yellow faces as a whole, it is racism. period.

2 Is it suitable for the culture of others?
Cultural possession occurs when people from mainstream culture adopt the culture of marginalized groups and use them. Even if it is a “respect”, making Halloween costumes and costumes or items from another culture is very numb.

3 Does it cite real violence or trauma?
Dressing up as a violent perpetrator, or ridiculing anyone’s trauma through your Halloween costume is a bad taste. Zombies and werewolves are one thing, but minimize the impact of real violence and trauma on people’s lives – yes, even if it happens in the “past way” – is a terrible idea.

4 Does it promote physical humiliation?
If your outfit depends on any body type that is humorous, grotesque or otherwise ridiculous, this may be a good indication that your Halloween costume tastes bad.

5 Does it take a group of human sex?
Many Halloween costumes are designed to be “sexy” and there is no problem with this. However, when a Halloween costume makes the entire group gendered, it becomes very offensive. First, violence against women is a major problem in the country, especially for women of color and women who are marginalized. On the other hand, it also contributes to harmful racial stereotypes, which means it is also racist.

6 Does it contribute to the shame of mental health?
It is objectionable if your Halloween costume promotes a sense of stigma of mental health, humiliates those with mental illness, or treats mental illness as something terrible or unusual.

7 Does it minimize sexual assault?
Discussions about sexual harassment and beatings have been a major outbreak in the national dialogue of the past year, but that doesn’t mean that the identifiable numbers associated with these discussions will produce “fun” Halloween costumes – in fact, this means the opposite . If a Halloween costume ridicules sexual harassment, or insults sexual harassment, assault or trauma, it is absolutely not funny, absolutely offensive.

8 Is gender discrimination?
Is your clothing degrading, disrespecting, objectifying or minimizing the struggle women face every day? If so, you may be able to ask yourself if a fun night is really worth the risk of making the woman around you feel terrible.

Although you absolutely have the right to express yourself in the form of Halloween, it is also important to consider the impact these choices have on others. When you are planning your outfit this year, please note that you have many interesting options – while still respecting the identity and life experiences of the people around you.


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