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Wearing Halloween costumes is really exciting. This is one day of the year, when you are encouraged to go all out, act like a person – or something else – you are not. It’s fun to think of something smart, fun, culturally relevant and cool, something that might spread online, or just give you a high five-point ability when you’re out. What is a disadvantage of Halloween costumes? They can be elaborate and uncomfortable, which is not entirely ideal under any circumstance, especially in the nights when you may be in a crowded area. The solution is to wear both beautiful and comfortable clothing that is hard to find. The good news is that there are actually a bunch of ideas for Halloween costumes, you can simply wear pajamas (and some other simple accessories).

This may sound too good to be true, but seriously: Some costumes you need are a pair of pajamas that you would like to have, and then one or two attachments. You will be much more comfortable than many people, and you will get a lot of praise. Plus, if you already own these items, you can save on the cost of buying any items. Some need a bit of creativity, while others are not simple. It’s really fun to do all the extravagant things on Halloween, but sometimes you need to take a break! Here are some Halloween costumes that will allow you to wear pajamas while you socialize. Who can argue? !
Breakfast from Tiffany’s
In the breakfast as Audrey Hepburn wears Tiffany’s two choices for you: the appearance of a classic black mini dress, or the appearance of her sleep, can be said to be a better one. You probably already have an oversized white pajamas, and if you don’t have one, you can borrow one from someone else. If you have blue tassel earrings, it’s even better – but this is an accessory that you will use even after Halloween. You are happy to add a proper sleep mask.
Lost boy from Peter Pan
Dressing up as one of Peter Pan’s lost boys is not easy – or more comfortable. You only need one animal jumpsuit (can be done by anyone, although the raccoon is very authentic!), and maybe a big turkey can stick to the hood. Only! It is also a great group clothing concept.
3A Victoria’s Secret Angel Backstage
If you don’t mind revealing a little skin and you already have a silk robes, wear Victoria’s Secret Angel. If you want to go to the background, you can tighten the robes, put your hair on some big curlers, and then add some high heels.
4Max from ‘the place of the wild’
Wear Max from Wild The Are Things to stay super comfortable. The white jumpsuit is the most authentic, but you can wear any color. Add a paper crown, if you want, a fake tail. lovely!
5 sleeping beauty
This is a pun, not a Disney princess: You are a sleeping beauty, get it? ! You can wear any of the pajamas here, as well as a fake headgear and a blank belt – super cheap. You can customize any blank sash (or just make one with paper) to write “The Beauty Queen” to get people to get it.
6Tom Cruise In’Risky Business’
Another oversized and easy Halloween costume is made from oversized white pajamas, which is the risky business of Tom Cruise. You only need shirts, sunglasses and socks. A very popular choice, but, hey, it’s done.


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