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Don’t underestimate the power of masks. You’ll see it in fans, and in the best Michael Miles (michael myers) role at the Toronto Film Festival’s midnight premiere, you’ll see two yahoos in dark blue overalls shaking faded clay cups, and you’ll be shuddering. You will see a man in Miles’s costume on stage, standing majestically, in a dark blue overalls. After director David Gordon Green and the actors agreed on their greetings, the lights turned black, and John Carpenter’s scores were barely heard from fans … . You will feel the real cold. As the movie “Rosetta Stone” revisits the myth of (rosetta stone)-one with a lot of callbacks, Hat tricks and some revisionist tweaking myths-making a real Englishman-crime podcast-Hello, 2018-when you take it out of a bag and take it to an institutionalized Miles (myers). Your fear will rise.

Then, escaped in Michael and killed some people (this is a spoiler, but really, right?) And actor nick castle, ‘s original “shape”, which slips on a blank face once familiar to one of the most famous horror movie psychopaths, he turns to the camera-Oh, man, it’s okay, for 40 years this image has been burned to our brains. you Will. Freak This. Sexual intercourse come out This is the power of New Halloween and its blessing and curse. When you talk about a movie, quoting Faulkner rather than Quari Aulia seems pretentious. Such films are designed to evoke the shabby, glued b-film feel of 1978 original films. (on record: yes, it is.) but the past wasn’t done by Laurie Schroeder, the famous “Last Girl” or Jamie Lee Curtis, who revisited the role here. Or the new version itself. It doesn’t even have a history of waiting for a movie to invest in this story, even if it announces an additional chapter on franchising, A collective muligen, Green and Co-Writer / Co-producer / partner Super fan Denny McBride’s Valentine’s Day is an equal part of our memory of this milestone and Byrd. Surrounded by them. Through the Halloween 1 connection, everything will be filtered out. They rely on that mask to still hit all of your original buttons.

Considering what’s going on in the world, How could a man with a knife be afraid? “as a character said long ago, it was creators cunning to admit that in 2018, when our nation collapsed, your most basic unstoppable evil force was the children’s game, not the irl terror outside your door. Over the next few hours, it will remind you why this is the case. Horribly, a brutal (and often bloody) killing. As soon as they set foot in the hospital’s chessboard “entertainment” area, podcasts for fame would come to Smith’s groves, kicking the nests of horseshives and tying patients in tight coats to concrete blocks in the square of the security zone. The trailer has shown this, but that doesn’t mean it. The effect is not so good; it is still a creepy production-design bullfight. Naturally, the authorities immediately decided to move Michael Miles (michael myers) to another factory. The worst case scenario, apart from the violent escape that occurred during the night transfer, a pile of corpses and a killing machine, allowed him to go directly to someone with whom he had an unfinished mission.

Fortunately, this man has been preparing for this for decades. Like a mask, Jamie Lee Curtis (jamie lee curtis) immediately played the history of a horror movie-the moment she appeared on the screen, straddling a chair and fixing her interrogator with a last-damn glass. Her long hair and muscles were long white hair and muscles, and she strode to live in a fortress compound; strengthened strength did not serve justice. Her delusions and untreated, unsolved trauma in her teens turned her into a suburban survivor, Alienated daughter Karen (Judy Greer) and granddaughter Allison (Andy Matticek)-even a conciliatory graduation dinner turned into a drunk, tearful dinner. The new Halloween is praiseworthy both to explore the concept of ptsd, the ultimate girl, and to resurrect the past. Draw Curtis back, and she’s going to be Miles’s true, good and beautiful action hero Alpha, comic book readers may still remember the story of Alan Moore and Brian Boland’s “Killer joke,” Batman and the Joker sitting together. Discusses how they are trapped in a dysfunctional cycle in their hero-villain relationship. Common needs This is where Schroeder and her mute torment. The question is not when they will be separated, but when and how many bodies will arrive there.

The answer is: Greene and McBride were very clear about Halloween for 78 years, and like the Bible, took a lot of clues from the carpenters’ release of tension, such as sneaking around, and how he used the framework to hide information. Goose-watchers, unbearable fear. In some scenes, you’ll see a distracted character (guess who) moving in the background or just glimpsing something terrible about God. Miles’s door-to-door trip, randomly assigned to live as a trick actor or healer to grab candy, is a pure virtual horror movie. Like the extended final standoff, psychologist Sardan-“you’re the new loomis!” Exclaimed Laurie; a reference-based applause-a policeman involved in the case, and a policeman involved in the case. Giant women and murderers play cat-and-mouse games, and we’ll find out how well our matriarch is prepared for this. At the risk of saying too much, we can make sure that the last photograph of Miles (if not his curtain call; franchise, people) lingers in people’s minds. And the sight of a sorority refusing to walk gently under a knife is gaining strength.

Still, it’s hard not to think that this love letter is so drawn to its original material that you occasionally feel the waxworks pulse-a feeling that blood is not the only thing gushing out here. Green and co. At the risk of being caught up in his mania and childish, he was busy balancing his legacy. It was an afterthought to leave your mark in the series. It was their Halloween, but their companions were marked by responses and a beat list, with little other space. It will never escape its shadow. It doesn’t matter when you let Jamie Lee Curtis stand on the stage and bask in the sun. Amid the chorus’s applause, the actors murmured in front of the microphone: “Happy Halloween, bastards.” Happy Hlloween! If there is any sign at the reception for the premiere, fans will be ecstatic. The rest will be scared to death.


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