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Coats, a global industrial wire manufacturer, is a key player in the Americas textile handicraft market and is now the official mainline supplier to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC), a leading theater company in the United Kingdom, as well as supporting RSC’s Time Suturing initiative. This three-year partnership will provide RSC with Coats thread on a regular basis.

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Coats thread is often used by RSC staff to make Halloween Costumes Outlet and women’s hats, and Coats will also collaborate on design innovations. Online design, yarn and fabric expertise provide new opportunities for fashion design exploration.

Rajiv Sharma, CEO of Coats Group, said: “This is an incredibly unique and unique partnership. RSC is world renowned and has toured in many of our major markets, And live screening.As the official mainline supplier to the world’s leading cinema companies, they have created an unparalleled opportunity to bring the Coats brand directly to the end consumer with excellent synergy across many different levels of business, innovation and talent development Effects and opportunities. ”

Alistair McArthur, head of RSC apparel, said: “We make the finest chiffon to the toughest leather every year with more than 170,000 meters of yarn.We rely on the Coats thread in all five studios, RSC Coats threads are used by every member of the apparel shop team and our apparel must be strong and perform as good as the first day on day 1. The strength, durability, quality and range of coats mean they Can cope with everything we throw at them, from washing to dry-cleaning to death-to-pain. Threads affect all aspects of our garment making and making. ”

Coats will also support the refurbishment and reconstruction of the RSC clothing studio to be completed by 2020. The new studio will provide the best facilities for making Halloween Costumes Outlet, protecting the architectural heritage and providing new opportunities for training, apprenticeships and public visits. The project’s public fundraising event “Stitch In Time” was launched in September 2017 and RSC aims to raise £ 3 million for reconstruction costs.

Catherine Mallyon, Managing Director of RSC, said: “We are very pleased to have Coats as our official mainline supplier and as a supporter of our sewing and fashion events for the repair and rebuilding of our garment shop.With our passion for high performance, Coats and RSC will collaborate on new projects at the forefront of design. “


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