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Tonight at Walnut Middle School, eighth grader Bri Peters will show off the hobby she has been pursuing for four years.

Cheap Halloween Costumes

Peters will showcase some of her colorful handcrafted garments that are large enough to be worn by Peters and her friends.

Peters, 13, calls her work “fur suits” similar to those worn by sports mascots.

Her Cheap Halloween Costumes show will be part of “Tale of Walnut.” Is described as the first ever talent show ever performed by walnuts from 6:15 to 8:15. in school.

She created red panda, wolf, fox, raccoon and Dutch angel dragon. She said the latter’s creature belongs to a make-up species created by apparel maker Ino.

Peters created anthropomorphic creatures, and she described it as a humanoid animal that could walk or talk on both feet.

She thinks animals are more calmer than humans and you can use them to do more than you do.

She said her hobby is very expressive. She can wear “different masks to make people happy by seeing a huge fluffy animal.”

She said her work is an art. At this point, Peters plans to create a dress for her career.

In walnuts, Peters is famous for her creations.

“The staff is very proud of her talent,” said Walnut President Rod Foley.

It takes months to make clothes. “It depends on how fast I want to go.”

She works in part of the bedroom. “I turned it into a studio,” she said.

She sold a lot of masks and clothing online. One of them, wolf head, got 500 dollars. In addition to the mask, she also sells some clothing.

Making clothes is time consuming. Avatar a large bubble began. Using a scissor or X-Acto knife, Peter sculpts it to form the shape of the animal’s head.

Later, she put teeth and eyes. Eyes made of silk screen. She said: “She would” draw a grid to be any color that is needed. ”

If she can not find the color she wants, she will dye her own fur. She uses a glue gun to connect the hair to her head. By the way, fur is man-made.

Head is the hardest part.

“If your eyes are not right, the whole head looks stupid,” she said.

Peters is creative about the use of colors. She has a red-green panda. Wolf’s head is blue.

Green and white are her favorite colors.

She is a perfectionist. She said it’s hard to shave the black fur to make it look correct. She said the fur looks unstable.

Peters’s parents are Dana and Brian Peters. She is one of three children.

What do her parents think about her hobbies?

“They pride themselves on finding what I really like, and at first they thought it was really weird, but they were very enthusiastic.”

Peters admits that hobbies are actually “very weird” but “it does not hurt anyone.”

Her friend is interested in her work.

“They do not own any clothing because they’re really expensive, but I let them wear me,” she said. One of her friends, Fairbanks, Earendil, put on a Cheap Halloween Costumes for a photo shot by The Independent.

Walnut Spirit Club plans to buy one of her pieces. “We’re going to have her make one for a wildcat,” Foley said.

The school may pay $ 1,500 for the garment, and Peter plans to spend a lot of time.

Peters invented some of her own characters. One is a red panda. The other is a raccoon named Naru.

As time goes on, her equipment will improve.

“I think I’d be better off selling more,” she said. “I will definitely improve and I will find some more hints and tips, and then maybe I can finally turn one of my characters into a costume.”


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