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For much of Decades Portland Diaw has been a persistent gift of popular culture. The brainchild of Portland Diabetes’s Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein has an impressive viral resume: It uses “cocoa” as its ultimate safety word, Demonstrating the right way to meet nature – “AO River!” – and the solution to any problem is to put a bird on it.

Throughout the eight seasons, Portlandia also gave birth to some unbelievably memorable figures: Peter and Nance, outside Dave and Case, against – attracting couples Nina and Lance, feminist bookstore owners Tony and Candace, just for the minority. As this show prepares for the last season (premiered at IFC on Thursday), catches up broadly with Emmy-winning costume designer and Amanda Needham, a native of Portland, to discuss how her design is for this character band To such a diverse life.

Needham, who completed Portland’s work last summer, said she did not know what to expect when she came on stage nine years ago. She recalled: “I do not know how long to last.” I did not realize how many characters I needed to design. ”

When she first began shopping for the show, Portland’s famous quirks were hard to imagine. Needham said: “I’m out shopping, so I know everything around because I’m trying to find something that separates everyone.” I’m well aware that all the weirdest people come to Portland. ”

She translates this weird signature language into a complete design aesthetics, a big challenge she explains – especially since they feel too far from Los Angeles. “In Los Angeles, you know where you are going, you have these large clothing houses, and that’s it.” In Portland, you’re looking for something to help out with very concrete designers in the world to create these Role, at the same time we also do a lot of retro and miserly works, because these roles do exist, and they exist here in the huge northwestern Pacific. ”

When it comes to Halloween Costumes Outlet fans favorite, it is to be loyal to the character of the character, and praise in the details. For example, Dave and Kath, these adventurous risk-takers in sheep’s clothing. Needham said: “They are overly prepared.” Dave was always in “Aloha Time,” so he could see more animal prints, long skirts and high-necked shirts on Hawaiian print shirts and on Tony Vest, you will never see in Case. ”

For some of the more popular characters, like the likes of fashion entrepreneurs Bryce and Lisa, the key is to connect them to a specific look – not too dramatic. Needham explained: “It’s about palettes and hues and details like bows and socks.” A lot of things about Bryce and Lisa are vintage, but a little retouched so it’s hard because you have to find one Pieces fit Carrie’s outfits, but you also have to find a set of suits and shades that fit Fred, and in many cases I finally buy a whole bunch of upholstery, decorate them and hopefully one of them works. ”

One of the challenges facing Needham, given the level of sophistication in Bryce and Lisa, is that “sometimes, I think if we feel that they are not particularly attentive and conscious about these characters, they feel like they So the question is: how can we make this real, dress better, and make it easier to reach a larger group? ”

For Needham’s credit, Portlandian fashion is accessible, handy and recognizable in order to make a great Halloween Costumes Outlet. She said: “I immediately thought of a Portlandian who was Halloween.” “I see a lot of Tony and Candace, Nina and Lance, Bryce and Lisa, and Peter and Nancy, I It’s really fun to think these roles are just more representative – people can separate them, just like anthropologists. ”

Needham, meanwhile, said Jackie pursued Portlandia’s “bittersweet” and she hinted that the show was a go-go style and that there were many tailor-shop surprises in the eighth quarter – one of them about how they’ve seen it Nina and Lance’s story. Needham does not need much research on this episode. Instead, she just remembers her experiences in Portland. “This is the first time in my life that I’ve come to mind, oh, I was here in the 90’s and I know what people look like. It was really nice to be back at the same time as a source of Portland. But this is not, you know, I hardly need Google.

The eighth season has many guest stars, including Rach el Bloom, Aidy Bryant, John Corbett, Terry Crews, Rashida Jones, Tracee Ellis Ross, Tessa Thompson and many more. Needham said: “Everyone is fine.” No one came to see our shows and did not know what it was, they knew their characters were crazy, wild, weird, and they were good in this area And I think it’s Fred and Carrie and his characters in real life. ”

But if these big names are not enough to justify, learning how dynamic Nina and Lance is a dynamic duo is what you need to be motivated. Needham said: “To be honest, things like Nina and Lance were going to be huge in the nineties.” There’s a lot of high-profile style that will really be the craziest thing you’ve seen at the show. “


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