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The Halloween season is just around the corner and there is no denying that it is one of those holidays that require fun and creativity. The kids being in their cutest, most adorable costumes are the main highlight of it! On the day of this particular holiday, it is just very pleasing to see these cute kids knock on everyone’s door for some Trick or Treat! Wait, so you don’t have any idea what to dress your kid with? No worries because this article has got you covered!

There are just tons of fun Halloween outfits out there that your kids. You can definitely DIY some, while if you are feeling to spend some extra bucks, there are a million websites out there to bring you the best Halloween costumes for your baby. In this article, we have narrowed everything down to give you a couple of inspirations for your kids’ next Trick or Treat costume. Here are the Cutest Halloween Costumes your kids can definitely wear!

#1 Sweet Tooth Cotton Candy Baby

This is one of those adorable Halloween costumes that you can definitely DIY at home. We have come across this costume and we couldn’t take our eyes off of it! It is a cute burst of fluffiness in a sweet pastel pink color that is very eye-catching. If you want to be extra creative and add a bit more color, you can definitely mix the cotton up with more pastel shades like blue, yellow or violet. Talk about a walking eye candy!

#2 Funny Meatball Spaghetti Costume

We can’t help but laugh out loud when we have come across this costume on Pinterest. It is quite unique and very cute, don’t you think? Not to mention that this costume only requires affordable materials for you to do it yourself. It only requires yards of yarn for that crazy spaghetti strands, a Styrofoam ball for the meatballs and a low-rise pail! It is actually pretty creative but needs no immense time and effort to do. It would make a great Halloween costume for babies!

#3 Cutie Granny Costume

Dressing up youngsters as adults has always been a really fun theme for many. What more of you dress toddlers as grandparents! Heavily-printed dresses, buttoned knit cardigans, eyeglasses with pearl neck cords and funny permed wigs – there’s no better way to express cuteness in this. The highlight of the look is to feature grandma’s signature curled perms and for sure, your kid’s adorable look would be epic!

#4 Funky and Colorful Trolls

Trolls used to be perceived as creepy mythical creatures lurking from caves and they often have this image of being horribly ugly. That impression is long over now! Dreamworks’ 2016 3D animated film “Trolls” is definitely a movie that your kids will love. Apart from that, it will be also very fun to dress your children up in these colorful and cute trolls! Get them that vibrant and colorful wig that rises up high and they are going to have extra fun about it, no doubt.

#5 Walking Taco Costume

Another way to dress your toddler up for Halloween is to dress them in food! If you are tired of getting them into fictional characters, then why not transform them into your favorite food? This particular creative DIY costume we saw on Pinterest can’t help but make us burst in laughter and tears because of how cute it is! The toddler is dressed up in plain black tights and the taco design is only made from cutout felt paper. Well, it may seem like cutting those colored felt papers would take extra time, but by looking at the result, it is very much worth it! Definitely deserves a place here in this list, don’t you think?

#6 Cute Gumball Machine Costume

While everyone is dressed in zombies, fairies, Disney characters and ghosts, you can definitely make your precious toddler extra special by dressing him or her up into something unique – a gumball machine! Apparently, although this particular costume can be bought around the web, it is also very easy to make. Every kid loves a gumball machine and we’re pretty sure that if you dress your toddler as one, everyone is going to love him/her too!

#7 Cruella de Vil Villain Costume

Cruella de Vil is one of the most popular villains of all time. As the character who appeared in the 1956 novel by Dodie Smith, the evil villain from 101 Dalmatian is obsessed in fashion and animal fur! Well, dressing your child up with real animal fur isn’t necessary (and we want a cruelty-free ensemble)! You only need to play with black and white clothing, a black and white wig, red gloves and her signature long cigarette holder. To add to the fun, maybe you can dress your pet up as a Dalmatian too!

#8 Starbucks Frapuccino Costume

As everyone is obsessed with Starbucks’ frapuccino, we can definitely take a play on this coffee craze and turn it into a Halloween costume. Obviously, a lot of people have already jumped into this bandwagon but we still can’t help but include here in this list. It’s funny and cute at the same time! You only need a couple of materials that can help you assemble a life-size Starbucks cup and some felt paper to create ruffles for the frapuccino foam. Don’t ever forget the green straw!

We hope you had fun going through this list. Get yourselves ready up for Halloween and let your kids enjoy these creative and fun costumes you got for them! 


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