21 years, the best Halloween party in New York City

The lights are dim, the crowd is quiet, there is a choir “Tonight, we are going, fucking!” Tonight, we are going, fucking shit, tonight, we are going, fucking shit “Inferno Friendship Association,” filled the Warsaw International Polish House before the demonic tyrant Jack Trikolos and his mischievous mob gang rushed to the stage.

They don’t take a long time to break into their year-round opener “Tattoo’s Fade”, and through their opening notes, the WIFS faithful believers reach out to heaven and move to their fanatical leader, Pumpkin King. They are just one thing on the stage, but when the world/hell is like Hallowmas 21, they are one of the most powerful sound powers on earth.

Halloween is more than just a Halloween concert. It is also an underground tradition in New York City because its cultural significance is important to its interesting factors. 21 years is more than just a tradition. It is an institution (I apologize to Mr. Terricloth for using this term). This is the official unofficial punk rock Halloween party in New York City.

Year after year, WIFS goes all out for their flagship show, and every time it’s top. The giant Jack puppet performing the show was a suitable and creepy carol for Jack’s 1950s aesthetic, while the addition of LED screens and graphics added a more modern style, while the world/hell is usually more ancient in color.

In addition to modernity, the overall feeling of the band is still the feeling of the devil’s lounge behavior, and the best night they show, not all the eve of the sacred. The crowd full of familiar faces leaps and sings in the room, pushing and singing together, because every world/hell show is singing.

Through their extended settings, WIFS plays a mix of clicks and deep clips, and stands out as the full highlight of the night through the revered “transit politics”. Just like their classic Halloween, the “Pumpkin Time”, the performance was accompanied by a sorghum walking big pumpkin, and the middle song stripped their orange costume into a submerged BDSM costume.

But Hallowmas and World / Inferno play songs or band open songs, Crazy and the Brains and Gallows Bound.

This is the fact that every year you know that it will happen. It’s about getting out of there and mixing it with the creatures of the night, it’s about throwing a New York City Halloween party, this is for monsters.

Non-basic Halloween costume

“This is the season of sexy devils and naughty school girls! Halloween is coming to us. Before you put on that sexy nurse’s suit, you should take a step back and reconsider your choice. You just want to be another in the room. A sexy nurse, still want to stand out in this Halloween?

If you choose to be more original at this Halloween, Spectrum will satisfy you! Get inspired by the unique costumes you might not see.
First, we must build a blacklist. We know that these may be super simple and cheap, but we can guarantee that you won’t win any clothing competitions in these games.

Sexy animals (mouse, cat, dog…): Yes, we know, “You are a mouse, oh,” but this line may have been used too many times. This may be a good, last minute costume until a party you don’t know at night, but Halloween is more than a week and you have time to find something more original.

Doctor/Nurse/Police: You will not use these costumes to save any life, because you may make everyone boring to death. These have been done many times and they are no longer excited about anyone. We don’t mean it, we are just reality.

Sexy girl/teacher: I don’t know you, but we have seen enough teachers and students on campus. If it’s not Cher Horowitz Clueless clothing, then obviously you will spend very little energy planning your outfit.


“I love it” by Kanye West and Lil Pump

This may be a two person’s clothing idea, or you can use this alone. This requires some serious effort because you may have to make clothes from cardboard. This is a very spectacular outfit, so you will definitely get some attention. When the two dress up as Fijian and Perrier bottles, you can even choose to reproduce them as a video SNL. Glittering or still, you choose!

Kim Kardashian lost her diamond earrings

This is very simple, cheap, absolutely super original. You only need a black one-piece swimsuit, some smooth hair for that intuitive ocean look and one earring instead of two, because you lost another one in the ocean (obviously). Matching all these with the famous Kardashian crying face, you will be very happy. If you include “Kardashian Klan” to find the earrings around you, you can also turn it into a group outfit.

Meme clothing (Arthur, Moth, Salt Bae, Walmart Yodeling Kid, …)

Showcase your memetic culture and prove that you are the true memetic connoisseur of these costumes. They are also very easy and cheap, because you can already find most of the items you need in the wardrobe. For Arthur, you need a yellow sweatshirt and some glasses. If you want to be a moth, you can dress in beige and attach some cardboard antennas to your head or headband. Walmart Yodeling Kid is also very simple: you need a red bow tie, a white dress shirt and some cowboy boots (vocals are optional, but recommended!).


This costume is definitely the simplest (and the most lazy) costume on this list. All you need is a black hoodie, some black tones and a spray can of the color of your choice. You can add this costume with a half-broken print frame in his famous “Balloon Girl” piece.

Childhood retrogression

Choose to be your favorite cartoon character! From Kim Possible to Dora the Explorer, Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network have a wide range of options, from very original solo or group costumes. You can choose to use Flying Girl or Dexter’s lab clothing for a bit of simplicity, or you can use a serious teenage Titan or Flinstones cosplay costume to enhance it. No matter what you choose to do, you will still have an original outfit that will bring some bittersweet nostalgia to the party.

ICIMS’s HALLOWEEN HACKATHON attracted 500 participants


The talent acquisition solution provider iCIMS is located in Holmdel’s historic Bell Factory building and hosted the first Halloween hackathon on October 27.

The event attracted more than 500 participants, including local technical high schools and college students and professionals. There are about 11 seminars, including experts from Amazon Web Services and other technology leaders.

Halloween hackathon is consistent with Hacktoberfest – an open source software celebration every month. It combines the challenges of computer programming and problem solving, providing educational seminars for students and professionals, and thought leadership from industry innovators.

The Halloween hackathon ends at 7 am and ends at 11 pm with over 50 submissions and 14 winners. The winner of the championship is a team of three graduate students from the Stevens Institute of Technology (Hoboken). They received a $3,000 cash prize for building “Eye Health Predictor” using Google Cloud AutoML, which uses images from the camera to identify potential risks of eye problems.

Other award categories include Best 1st-Timers Hack (for students), the most innovative hackers, the best use of AI / ML (artificial intelligence / machine learning), the most entrepreneurial potential, the best Halloween hackers. The iCIMS spokesperson commented: “As a pioneering technology company based in central New Jersey, iCIMS is committed to improving the technological innovation of its country.”

William Shatner used to wear the Halloween Michael Myers mask


William Shatner revealed that he used to wear Michael Myers mask on Halloween and was also a trick. This is a well-known trivia. The unforgettable blank mask of Michael Myers is actually the mask of Captain Kirk in Star Trek, painted white and changed for the film. The mask was actually created by the Shatner actor in the cult film The Devil’s Rain, and then made some cheap Kirke Captain masks.

Halloween production designer Tommy Lee Wallace has created two potential masks, one is the creepy clown mask and the other is the Shatner mask, which is easy to feel creepy. John Carpenter’s Halloween script describes Michael’s mask as a blank face. The idea is that Miles must wear a mask to appear. The mask is not really similar to Shatner, but subsequent sequels will further change the appearance to avoid any similarities.

Shatner himself is very aware of the origin of the mask, although he rarely comment on this topic. In a new interview with EW, the actor talked about his desire to have some economic ties with the Halloween collection, and he used to wear a mask to trick or treat with his child.

What I can tell you is that they found it in a toy store or somewhere. I don’t have a movie. Maybe you can negotiate for me! When my children are young, they will go to deceive or treat, I will go with them, I will wear a mask. If [people] don’t give them candy, I will take off the mask and blow a kiss.

Given the iconic nature of masks and Halloween movies, Shatner certainly hopes that he will get some financial benefits from it, but he seems very humorous. Halloween producer Marque Akade joked that the actor might make a guest appearance in a future sequel and might face Michael face-to-face, although it is a joy for fans, but it may be a bit too much.

Nearly ten years after leaving the screen, Blumhouse’s recent sequel to Halloween 2018 really reinvigorated this franchise. The film has achieved great success and even made Michael Myers feel scared again. In the new entry, Michael wears a mask from his original 1978 rampage, which seems to have been weathered for forty years. The mask itself is not based on the mask used in the original, but is created specifically for new films – even less similar to William Shatner.

According to Google’s search data, Fortnite leads the hottest Halloween costumes of the year.

If you are still looking for Halloween costumes, Google will make you feel scared, funny, and know. Searching for data mining data that Google users plan to wear on Halloween, the company set up Frightgeist, a tool that allows rascals to explore fashion and see what the US popular equipment is this year.

Frightgeist is the perfect tool for finding the best outfits – whether it’s the scariest outfit or the most fun outfit – so you’ll be dressed for Halloween time. With Frightgeist’s “clothing map” option, partyers can retail the most popular outfits by location, and see everyone wearing their neighbors this year.

According to Google’s search data, there are some of the ten most popular Halloween costumes in the United States, including themes and timeless classics.
At the Epic Games Inc. Fortnite: Battle Royale Celebrity Pro Am during the E3 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, California, the Fortnite role actor represents a photo.
2. Spiderman
Fans dressed in Spider-Man costumes participated in the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” red carpet fan event at the ArtScience Museum. Suhaimi Abdullah-Getty Images
3. Unicorn
A woman dressed as a unicorn holds a rainbow umbrella at the 18th Annual How Weird Street Faire in San Francisco, California.
The anime fans of the costumes arrived at the first day of the 2018 New York Animation Festival at the Jacob Javits Center.
Laura Law plays a horror story haunted house on Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios Orlando, Florida.
6. Harry Quinn
Played as a fan of Harry Quinn at the 2018 Comic-Con International in San Diego, California on July 19, 2018
7. Superhero
On the 3rd day of the MCM London Comic Contest in 2018, the Justice League played the role-playing group of Batman, Sailor, Mela, Wonder Woman, Flash and Robot.
8. Pirates
Captain Jack Sparrow mimicked the shores of Blackpool.

 ReUse Center re-uses pumpkins after Halloween


This is the time we are forced to say goodbye to Halloween candy, costumes and carving pumpkins throughout the year.

But for those who want to do more with pumpkins, the New Paltz Waste and Recycling Center is your best choice.

This year, like China, the center is providing a pumpkin collection for livestock at the Briarcreek farm. They asked community members to come and give up their “second-hand” pumpkins in order to sustainably reduce waste.

Donating these pumpkins to ReUse and recycling centers, as well as pigs and cows on the Briarcreek farm, can reduce the amount of organic food available, which would otherwise be removed from the waste stream.

The pumpkin collection also provides valuable resources for the local farm business to thrive.

According to its website, the center “considered old materials as a neglected product of economic value. A large number of building materials, household items, office and art materials, and electronic products are unnecessarily entering the transfer station and used in landfills. ”

In the heart of the city, you can find quality supplies and merchandise up to 90% of the store price, sometimes even free. All sales make the community aware of the generation of waste and help them work hard to encourage sustainable communities.

The ReUse and Recycling Center is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Located on Clearwater Road. For the latest information, check out their Facebook page at the “New Paltz Recycling and ReUse Center”.

Children in wheelchairs can get an epic Halloween costume. It’s totally different

Heather Thorpe took his son in a wheelchair for the first time, and she went home with tears, upset, and Carter looked at the action on the sidewalk because the other children ran alongside him in a candy bucket. Ignore his incredible Hulk costume.

“People don’t even notice him, it hurts a lot,” said 32-year-old Thorup, who swears that her husband won’t accept congenital hereditary disease that night and will smash the next year.

Then last year, she attended a Halloween seminar at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Salt Lake City. Volunteers transferred their son’s wheelchair to the Batmobile and wore it in Batman costumes. All of their children near Clinton, Utah are crowded around Carter, taking a closer look at him and his fighting wheels. This is the first time Thorup has said that Halloween is fun.
She said: “In the past, I have never let Carter approach the trick when approaching the porch.” “But now, because of his costume, everyone comes to him.”

At the Shriners Hospital Garment Clinic, volunteers equipped with power tools, cardboard, paint and PVC pipes turned children’s wheelchairs into Hummers, magic carpets, school buses, teacups and pirate ships. They make hand-made fire trucks, racing cars and princess cars, and then “wrap” them around children and wheelchairs before Halloween.

Carter, 8 years old, returned to Shriners with his mother last week and changed into a new hero costume. This year, he will be a tweezer as Optimus Prime Transformers.
“This is the coolest idea for kids,” Thorup said. As a four-person “maintenance staff” around her son around his wheelchair size and find the best way to change the wheelchair.

Matt Lowell, director of the Utah Hospital Seat and Mobility Program, proposed the idea of ​​a renovation day in 2016 after hearing that parents found it difficult to find or make Halloween costumes, including wheelchairs.

“We don’t know what we are doing, but we are always learning,” Lowell said, 44 years old. “It turns out that this is the most valuable thing we have done throughout the year.”

Last year, volunteers built the “Monster Company” door from the Space Shuttle and Safari Jeep to Tucker Trucks and 20 disabled children. Last week, 28 young patients took turns, turning their wheelchairs into whatever they dreamed of.

After talking to the parents of some of the children in the Shriners clothing clinic, Lowell said that he moved home and moved what he had learned.

He said: “I have heard such words, ‘My child is starting from that child, no one wants to deceive or treat the coolest child.'” “They feel like they are included now, that’s what it should be.”

Julie Chewan saw volunteers turn his son Drew (4 years old) into Woody from his favorite movie “Toy Story”, then put a horse “Bullseye” together and let him ride In the wheelchair, happy tears overflowed from Julie Chevre’s eyes.

DIY Halloween Costume: How to save money

Part of my parental status that I can’t wait for is making Halloween costumes. My mother also did it for me – also very skilled – turned the red cotton cardigan and straw hat into the hull of Captain Hook, using decorative, felt and feathered feathers. I imagined a similar embarrassing feat, I have no price.

Boy, I am wrong.

Knight work: My son Jude cares about his costume for the first year in 2013, he wants to be a ninja turtle – Leonardo, blue. This is not surprising. TMNT is the only show he watched on Nickelodeon.

I accepted the challenge, even though we moved into a new apartment just seven days ago, all my craft items were buried in a box. I used what I had – cardboard from recycling bins and construction paper – and made a flat back panel and a front shell with a plate pattern. He already has a plastic samurai sword and blue eye mask.
This is not a perfect implementation. People mistake him for the medieval knight because his flat shell looks like armor. Of course, I had to buy a long-sleeved green shirt for $5. But, hey, it’s $30 cheaper than the clothes that the store buys.
So, go back to the shell. This time, I asked Pinterest about the idea of ​​making a round shell. Ah! Several Pinners instructed me to buy an aluminum foil baking tray in a dollar store, spray it green, and then use a scaly rubber sheet made of paper to stick to the back. It seems easy. To save an extra $3, I skipped the spray and relied on the acrylic paint I already had.

Blunder. Acrylic paint does not stick to foil.

As soon as it is dried, it will peel off. At that time, I should have gone to the hardware store to buy the paint from Pinterest. But instead, I doubled my acrylic paint.
I put it deep in the crowd, only dry with the help of a hair dryer. I mixed it with other paints I used and Elmer’s glue to increase its viscosity. With pure willpower, it still exists. The shells only last Halloween night, but at least everyone knows that my son is Raphael, not Sir Lancelot.

Total cost: $11 ($1 for foil, $10 for green sweatpants, and many people are frustrated.)

Shelling: By 2015, I am looking forward to trying new outfits. My son’s love for TMNT was squeezed out by other interests such as Lego and Super Mario Bros. I hope to make up for my earlier efforts. I asked my dear son what kind of person he wanted to be.

“A young boy is a variant of a ninja turtle,” he said. Alm, please help me.

Jude Herron, a TMNT garment purchased in stores in 2015, is priced at $11.30.
Jude Herron, a TMNT garment purchased in stores in 2015, is priced at $11.30. (Photo: Janna Herron)

I have not seen Pinterest. I did not consult YouTube. I went directly to Amazon Prime and bought TMNT clothing for $11.30 – or less than the clothing I used to make the same costume two years ago.

I ordered a larger size to hedge my bet next year. That was when he was dressed as Mario.

Woman loses consciousness after Halloween invasion


A masked person visited the home of the Cambrian Highlands on Halloween night and did not stop at the door, nor did he just ask for candy.

The Big Sadbury police said that the next day, a woman was found unconscious in a housing unit in the Prism Cooperative on the Cambridge Heights Avenue, and the woman used valuables and prescription drugs.

In a press release, the police said that the victims were still “serious but stable after being in medical difficulties due to the incident.”

After receiving a call from an unconscious woman, the police responded to the apparent family invasion at 6:30 pm on November 1.

The police said: “The large Sudbury Fire Department and Nursing Staff Services Department attended the residence after a family member requested an ambulance.”

“After arrival, the firefighters found the situation of the woman and the appearance of the apartment to be suspicious. The official arrived and began to investigate.”

The woman was taken to the hospital by medical staff.

The police said: “Determining that the valuables belonging to the woman were lost, including her wallet, jewelry and prescription drugs.”

The investigator believes that an unknown person disguised his or her face and entered the woman’s unit at some time between 8 pm. October 31 and 4 am the next day.

The police said: “Once entering the residence, the person threatened the woman and left the house with various items.”

Poway’s Secret Store designs the latest Halloween costumes

The Tan and White Industrial Park is located in Powell’s Anondescript, a place where Halloween revelers turn into incredible Disney Princess, Mario or Donald Trump.

But this is not a local locker room or a seasonal pop-up clothing store.

It is the secret headquarters of Disguise, a company of about 51 players with about 65 players, technicians, computer guides and various “creative people” who transform the role of television, film and video games into thousands. Young children. A generation of baby clothing for the baby boomer generation.

You can’t shop at Disguise, but if you’re a retail business or lucky to enter the market, you’ll see the hottest things of the year, and the next thing that might be popular on Halloween.
This is not a seasonal business.

“It’s Halloween all year round,” says Pauline Cuevas of the graphics department.

In the past few decades alone, apparel retail has evolved from a predominantly mom and pop-off to a small manufacturer-led company, such as Disguise, which says it accounts for 25% to 30% of the market. (Rubie’s Costume in Melville, New York is the largest customer manufacturer in the United States.)

They draw inspiration from popular culture and compete for licenses for major movies, television, video games and toy companies. The days of DIY clothing give way to families with tight time, and children want to look like a ninja turtle or a child of Zelda, Hailar. Universal ghosts, witches and zombies simply won’t do this. The clothing designed by Disguise eventually appeared in major retailers such as Target, Wal-Mart and Party City, as well as pop-up Halloween stores.
The ghosts and superheroes of this day are not just some penny candy days. This is the third largest holiday of the year after Christmas and Thanksgiving, worth $9 billion.

Joe Anton, the president of disguise, worked almost at the company from the beginning, initially as a sales representative for Dallas. The Internet was science fiction, and Sears’ directory was not surpassed by Amazon.

“The most important thing is that when we saw our products in retail stores and standing there, I was satisfied and heard that the kids would be excited when they saw our products,” Anton said.

Jakks Pacific is a toy company founded in 1995 by Jack Friedman, based in Santa Monica, and acquired Disguise in 2008 to expand its child-centric product line. But the popularity of Halloween now attracts everyone, not just young people.

It is expected that 175 million Americans will celebrate this year – their 31 million pets will also be dressed (the most popular clothing: pumpkin). “For a while I remember that when my children were very young, I was always well dressed,” said Jakes CEO Stephen Burman.

Most camouflaged Halloween costumes are low enough (starting at about $20) and can be worn once or twice.

The process began with Disney, Nintendo, Lego and other companies that announced future releases. Camouflage and then move to translate the items on the screen into real-life items (with Mr. Incredible’s built-in six-piece).

They use the company’s original artwork, using computers, 3D printers, sublimators and vintage scissors, wires and fabrics to simulate the final product.

Last week, Jacqueline Soto was designing for Shego, the character in Disney’s “Golden Possible” TV show.

But like many colleagues, Soto did not leave her imagination at work. She is a veteran role-player who won an award at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, because she played Mercy in the Watchman video game.
Dane Munkholm carved a mask on his computer screen using “digital” clay.

“When using real clay, it’s definitely more tactile,” he says, but pokes the image on the screen and makes the image more accurate.

If you want to know, he and the other 65 camouflage workers are still thinking about what to wear in the company’s noon costume competition on Halloween.

The 25,000-square-foot warehouse at Kear Place is large enough to hold sample garments, buttons, ribbons and other craft materials in cartons and showcase monsters and superhero masks from Halloweens.

David Lea showed a Vacuform machine that molded plastic sheets around a resin helmet. He then opened a door near the room reserved for the company’s single 3-D printer. In a five-hour project, the time to produce a small set of batwings is one-fourth.

“This is all clay and hand-carved,” Lea said when he joined the company in 2004.

But the sample room is not all high-tech products, and the tailor sews the prototype on the sewing machine. The model arrives at 1 pm every day to understand the performance of the clothing on the field.