Fashionable Ways to Wear Crop Top with Buttons

Latest and trending fashion for the women

Women have always been into fashion and they always look for fashionable clothes. The designers are always working to meet the demands of the women. In the latest and trending fashion of the women, you will find the crop tops. The crop top with buttons is one of the best looking crop tops available for the women. It makes you look stylish, fashionable as well as elegant and gorgeous. The buttons in these tops are usually at the front, but some crop tops also have the buttons at the side and it looks very stylish. You do not require any other fashion accessory to pair with this top (except for pairing it with suitable bottom wear) as it alone can make a huge fashion statement. However, many women may find great difficulty in selecting the right bottom wear to pair with their crop tops. Also, you may not know the many ways that you can wear with the crop tops with buttons.

The right length in the buttoned crop top

The crop tops are usually short in length and that is why the name ‘crop’ is also associated with this top. However, you will find the crop tops which are just meant to cover your bust area and these are very short in length. You will also find crop tops that are larger which covers much of your body but reveals only your belly button and the slimmer part – your waistline. A tight fitted buttoned crop top will look good on women who have a slimmer body.

Layering the clothes with the buttoned crop tops

The crop tops are very exposing and short and thus, many women may not feel comfortable to wear it alone outdoors. Thus, you can wear crop top with buttons by layering it with a jacket, shrug, etc. Layering any clothing is very advantageous as you can remove and put on the upper layer as and when you wish.

Choose the right skirts

Crop tops expose much of your belly portion and thus you need to pair it with right bottom wear so that it looks good on you. You can easily pair your buttoned crop top with skirts. Skirts of different lengths are available for the women and you can choose the length in which you are comfortable. You will find short skirts, miniskirts, long skirts and even midi skirts. You can also match the print and colour of your crop top with the skirt and it will make a great look.

Pair your crop top with shorts

Another bottom wear that matches well with the crop tops are the shorts/hot pants. You can wear this combination of crop tops with hot pants casually.

Fashion is All About Experimenting

Fashion is all about comfort and style. It’s not important to go for the body hugging or bodycon dresses always to look amazing. You just need to experiment all the possible styles which come to your mind. Every girl has a simple shirt and skirt in her wardrobe but doesn’t go for it as they think they will not provide them a stylist look. You can style them in many ways from casual to glamorous.

Some tips to style your simple shirts to create an amazing look

  • One shoulder– off shoulders dresses and tops are always loved by all girls. Inspiring from this look you can create a one shoulder open look from your shirt. Leave the first two buttons open and slide the shirt from one shoulder. Pair this look by a beautiful choker or simple chain. This will give you the unique look.



  • Boho jewelry– boho fashion is really comfortable and trendy. You can go with your simple white shirt and pair it up with the statement neckpiece. You can pair the shirt with the bright color skirt. These boho looks can give you the amazing pictures if you are a fashion blogger.

Tips to style the skirt in different way

  • Skirt with loose top – this fashion style is very comfortable and rich looking. You just have to pair up your simple bodycon skirt with the beautiful loose top. You can also go for the frill or ruffle tops. This look is perfect for day dates. You can use the big pattern top as they are more trending nowadays. You can add a statement jewelry piece to complete the look.

  • Double denim – many girls don’t usually go for the double denim look as they think it could make them look over the top. This is not the case fashion is all about experimenting. Double denim can instantly enhance your look. This look is generally called the street fashion. You can go with the denim skirt and pair it up with the denim jacket. Go with the cool sunglasses to complete your look.

  • Long skirt with simple tee –you can style up your long floral mesh skirt with the simole tee to achieve the casual look. this amazing look can be achieved without doing much effeorts. You can go with the pastel colors and match it up with the darker sjahades of t-shirt. You can complete your look by going with the cool sling bag or small backpack.