Lily Reinhart said Betty’s “valley” dance should be “uncomfortable for you”

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One of the most watched moments of last week’s Riverdale incident was Lili Reinhart’s tempting dance for the start of her southern snake dance. In the background, this was a confusing scenario: Betty was not completely naked, but she sang “Mad World” from Donnie Darko and danced on the stage of a black lingerie … and her mother, Her boyfriend, as well as dozens of adult men (including Jughead’s father) watched.

It is clear why this has given many Riverdale fans a stop. After all, she was only 16, not exactly her choice: she just jumped up with the Snake in the south, Jughead’s gang because she thought joining them would bring her closer to Jug – even if he expressed a few times She should stay away from the group.

Understandably, Twitter was quickly rekindled and many viewers declared the scene forced and completely uncomfortable:

But Reinhart says that’s exactly what it is. Reinhart tells Charm: “I do not think it will get such a strong rally.” People were surprised Betty was 16 and she was dancing around all these people, but that’s the key, and that scene should make you feel no Comfortable as you are watching this girl doing something completely out of her comfort zone. She loved the man, you look at her made a personal sacrifice, this is the most important gain. ”

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Reinhart continued: “This should make you feel uncomfortable, ugly, because you do not want to see the dark side of Betty, but she really likes Jupiter and just made them even more ugly, because you know She put everything in his place, and he tried to protect her from the darkness, but she wanted to be part of it.

So, yes, it seems that Betty was pushed and took the pressure to do the dance. However, Reinhardt said she completely mastered the autonomy from an actor’s point of view. She works with Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa to make sure Betty’s scene feels good and comfortable for her. (This is reassuring, because recently a group of actresses came forward and talked about pressure to take off their clothes or look more sexy on the screen.

Reinhart said: “We talked about leather lingerie completely in advance.” This is a sustained situation, the first draft I got was not for me, so I called Roberto, he said: “I think this It does happen, and it should be, and we did it, well thought out, not spontaneous, planned, premeditated, so I was not a part of it from the very beginning.

Reinhart even personally arranged Betty’s action. “It’s scary,” she said. “They offered me a pole dance class, just like a girl’s practice class, but I think, ‘No, I do not think it’s necessary because Betty does not Know how to dance pole dance, I just want to go in, I feel it. At lunch time, before we shot the scene, I was alone to play a bit, come up with some very simple choreography.”

“This season! Megan Fox shows off her incredible figure in lace lingerie as she plays at Fredrick’s Of Hollywood in Hollywood

She is no stranger to the poster girl as a movie career.

However, Megan Fox shares a series of ragged images with her Instagram account on Friday afforded a new holiday gift for working with Hollywood’s Fredrick’s.
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The 31-year-old actress shows her incredible figure in sultry swipes, sliding into black lace underwear and sheer bodysuit.

The actress looks like an angel dressed in a delicate white lace pajamas, waist with a delicate belt.

Megan long fluffy chocolate brown tresses placed fluffy, chest with a string of golden necklace.

In another provocative image, the mother of three belted around a furry velvet sofa wearing a slinky black satin dress.

Her thick black stockings covered her slender pins, kicked her, revealing a pair of tall black patent leather heels.

Megan said that the design of this series inspired by the vibrant colors reminiscent of Europe travel.

“Hello, everyone, I’m Megan,” she said in a short video about Instagram sms. My new holiday collection with Fredrick’s in Hollywood is available now.
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When I put it together, I was really inspired by the rich colors of Eastern Europe, textiles and tapestries, and I hope you are equally inspired. Happy holiday! ‘

The ninja turtle star of teasing this holiday collection in October revealed another sultry image of black underwear.

For the first time in September she shared some of her work, wearing a sheer lace-black corset with stockings in the thigh and black trousers.

Megan said none of her three children were “planned” during the chat with Turkoglu earlier this month leather lingerie .

The actress and her husband Beverly Hills, 90210, star husband Brian Austin Green, welcomed their newly joined son, Journey River, in August of this year.

Megan and Brian started dating in 2004 when he met Hope & Faith at the age of 30, when he was 18 and married on June 24, 2010.

While they were six months into their sons Noah, Five, Bodhi, and three and six months, Brian also has 15-year-old son Kassius, who is associated with the 49-year-old actress Vanessa Marcil.

Hailey Baldwin got a sober and revealing image in underwear

Model behavior! Hailey Baldwin Reveals The Envy Body While Exposing White Underwear

She is becoming a model of the moment.

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On Sunday, Hailey Baldwin got her attention in a funny story that proved her worth.

The 21-year-old shows her sensational figure in revealing white lingerie.

Boldly moved, the beauty of the United States put her adequate assets on the center stage, as the lace blouse has almost no imaginary things.

Her delicate little belly and gentle belly are also fully demonstrated, tight clothes flashing meat.

Cautious wind, Maxim Hot 100 winner has almost no makeup, just a drop of berry lips.

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Her trademark golden tress was rolled back in a compact bun while she was in a sultry pose in the bathroom mirror.

Hailey Baldwin chose a simple statement that she had just joined Jingle Ball North, just an oversized silk blouse and these impressive Casadei knee boots.

From the town’s hottest shoe designer, all black leather boots are pointed and pointed with thin heels. Cut to Shape the Body These boots are one must own and fast to sell, so click Buy now or buy at Farfetch!

If they are a little over your price range, do not be afraid, leather lingerie and the editors below have come to a similar style of rescue, thanks to Topshop’s editorial choices and the options from Dunes, Nine West and Marc Fisher.

Hailey Day after a grand debut at the North Jingle ball concert in Toronto, Canada.

She shakes a satin shirt dress for star-studded pop music and puts on a sleek, sophisticated editorial look.

Thanks to the black leather knee high boots highlighting her statuary features, her ornate balloon is fully demonstrated.

With the nod of the fashion label Comme desGarçons, Hailey’s loose fit button featured photos of the models.

Oxford white satin low to reveal her petite shoulders, revealing her beautiful sense of decadent.

In the meantime, the annual concert featured top musicians of the time, including Fergie and Cardi B.

Khloé Kardashian Instagram “clues” that she is not pregnant because if she is not what?

Since the news of September broke Khloé Kardashian allegedly pregnant, the fans have been looking for any and all signs that a baby can be on board. The photo of the paparazzi has been carefully examined to prove it is a bumpy, social media post that has been translated into double meaning, subtle cues or hidden clues, but alas – the real stars have neither confirmed nor denied the coverage. However, between Kardashian and her sister Kylie Jenner, these rumors continue to spread daily. However, it seems that most fans choose to ignore Khlo Kardashian’s “clues,” proving she’s not pregnant. Because if she is not?

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A few days after Kylie Jenner was allegedly pregnant, almost the internet broke out and reports of Khloé Kardashian’s alleged bunning in the oven began to flow. In fact, no one has been able to keep pace with the Kardashian people – for at that moment it was a complete family baby boomer. It is reported that though, Khloé looks forward to the first child of her professional basketball player Tristan Thompson. Except from the very beginning, the world has seen these stories almost as facts. However, there is a lot of evidence that otherwise, it’s like …

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1.Khloé’s Halloween costume
Kardashian and Thompson showed off their power game Cheap Halloween Costumes in October – a perfect conviction of Denis Targaryen and Drogo. Adolescent Fashion Actually suggested that Kardashian not be pregnant, according to the photos. It seems that many fans seem to agree that Khloe seems to be so trimmed that she can not carry a child. However, it is worth mentioning that every woman shows her pregnancy differently, and the experiences of each woman may vary widely. Just because Khloé is not an “obvious” bump does not mean she has no children.

2. Like this photo on Instagram
Entertainment reports tonight that fans think they’re looking at a photo posted on Instagram by Khloé on October 5th. This photo is Kardashian to promote her beautiful costume series. “You can see her gear popping up under the bottom of her arm!” One Instagram user commented. “What a big deal, just tell us about your belly! However, Khloé quickly dismissed the theory in his reply,” she wrote:

This is a peplum shirt. It expands at the bottom [sic]. This is just the shirt design. In the next photo that appears in the same photo, I’m at the top. Show a lot of skin

3. Khloe & Kylie Jokingly Say “All Their Children”
On October 24, Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram a video she co-authored with Khloé about the Koko series they created for Kylie Cosmetics. If you look at the full video on YouTube, you’ll see sisters laughing at “All Kids”. (If you do not want to watch the full clip, skip to the 4:20 markup.)
4.Kelly cosmetics on YouTube

We report every week that Kylie and Khloé joked about “All of our kids” on Instagram in a recent video. In the video, Kelly said her favorite in the Koko collection is a “baby girl” color, apparently a “subtle melon color.” Sisters tried a bunch of shades, and Khloé pointed out: “We created them, it’s our baby, we have eight! Kelly then came with us and we had so many babies.” Who knows? “Yes, So these sisters are all good times to drag us, or they are just laughing at the fact that the world is assuming they are not pregnant.
5. Her silence of pregnancy rumors

serious. Does anyone think maybe Khloé (and Kelly, for that matter) did not comment publicly on the rumors of pregnancy because they are not actually pregnant. I know that at this point it seems an extension as both their sister Kim Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner have done everything (including drinking sardines shakes) to avoid handling elephants in the room. Fans should not be surprised if Khloé decides to finally confirm or deny pregnancy’s rumors if she has not been pregnant.

Our good behavior: photographers help children’s dreams come true

Carrie Lewis’s mission is to help children with special needs to realize their dreams.

The 33-year-old Fast City photographer arrives in the community in late October to see if any children in special needs want to wear Wholesale Halloween Costumes to take pictures.

Lewis has more than 100 families to contact with her.

She said: “I was shocked that how many parents told me that photographers often do not take pictures of children in special needs.” I have three boys who want to be cops, so this is a dream I think I can create in real life . ”

One of them, an 11-year-old boy with Angelman syndrome, is also known as Happy Puppet Syndrome. Another 13-year-old non-language boy with Down Syndrome. The other, a 7-year-old patient with bilateral clubfoot, had a nodular tumor in the left eye, four dead eyes in the brain and cerebral palsy in the legs.

Lewis reached out to the Rapid City Police Department to tell them the boys and ask if they could take a photo with the department.

RCPD is beyond what Lewis hopes. On November 4, they blocked the entire road in the city center of Rapid and brought in four small buses. The children sat in the front seats, dressed in military jackets, and photographed with the police.

“It’s fantastic to see their dreams appear to me,” Lewis said: “I want to recognize what these officers are doing and to children it means everything.”

RCPD officer Eric Pichler worked in the city on the day and took part in the filming.

He said: “I like to interact with children, especially those who are interested in law enforcement.” Pitchler also believes it is important to develop a sense of trust in young people so they feel comfortable when they grow up , You can seek help and guidance from the police.
“These kids are superstars,” said Pichler. “They are not as shy as I am, and have great personalities. “” I am honored to be part of this project and look forward to spending more time with them in the future. ”

Since her photo shoot in November, Lewis has photographed other children with special needs.

She said: “My youngest son has special needs, so that’s one of my reasons.” “I want photographers to open their minds and take special needs kids, not to be afraid of them, and I want people to recognize that, Every child should have a dream come true. It is not difficult to make changes – just do it. ”

Pichler also has a similar view. “I think we live in the greatest country in the world and he says that this country is where we build and celebrate our differences.” I believe anyone can and should be able to pursue her dream. ”

United Way grants to non-profit organizations

Officials at United Way in Montenegro said non-profit organizations may apply to the federal government for an appropriation of $ 33,325 under the Phase 34 of the Emergency Food and Housing Program.

Congress allocated 120 million U.S. dollars to replenish and expand emergency food and housing projects.

Pennington County NPO must complete an application form available at Montenegro Road 621, 1006 Sixth St., Rapid City, SD 57701. Application deadline is December 15.

Past grant makers include church responses, meal plans, boy clubs, feeding SD and WAVI.

Boshamps collects toys, gifts for regional children

Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House wants to ensure that all children have a chance to attend Christmas this year. The popular restaurant once again collaborates with the Homelessness and Housing Alliance to bring back the Fill Truck program and collect presents for children in the area.

Three years ago, Casey Kent of Boshamps Seafood and Oyster House organized a Pisa party at Opportunity Place in Fort Walton Beach, when children showed off their Halloween clothing.

“The little child told me about his Halloween costume, and he is proud of that,” she said. “Then we found out that many children in shelters had no clothes, so that year we started Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

One thing led to another, and it was not until the same year that Kent knew that there was a lack of money in “toy promotions,” and there was no Christmas gift for children unless someone acted.

Kent said: “The deadline for the toy is over, so I came back to work and talked to Miller Phillips, owner of Bossier. Within 30 minutes we came up with the idea of ​​filling a truck.

Communities have been generous, and Boscombe has been an annual tradition since “full of trucks.”

Last year was by far the largest year. We got three U-Hauls filled with toys, “Kent said.” We hope to do this again this year! ”

Maggie Tomecek, homeless and housing union vice-chairman, said the partnership with the truck was a huge help for the not-for-profits during Christmas.

“Before we partnered with Boshamps we worked with Angel Trees and the tree was so fragmented that it was hard to work together,” she said. “Working with Casey and Bossham enabled us to reach out to more families .

Tomecek said: “We are very grateful for their donations.”

Fill the truck Accept any new open toys, no matter the price point, this year there are more key teens.

Kent said: “This year we are trying to give teenagers a gift card.” “You are now amazed how many unaccompanied high school students in our area.”

Boshamps toy drivers accept cash and gift cards, grocery stores and even fuel cards from regional department stores such as Walmart and Target.

Kent said: “We are working with Fort Walton Beach and Qiao Huadi high school guidance consultants, so that young people put gift cards.

Both Kent and Tomecek agree that the heart of Filling The Truck is making sure children or teens in the Emerald Coast have no gifts at Christmas.

“It’s the most valuable part to see the faces of children,” Kent said. “One year we sent toys in the church and a homeless family came out of the woods. The kids are really conservative, but we say ‘pick out a toy’ and their face is just lit up.

Roundtable: Choose the best landing point for Giancarlo Stanton


The Miami Marlins are eager to trade MVP Giancarlo Stanton. There’s only one problem: Stanton has a non-trading clause and will not accept any deal unless he is satisfied with the new club.

It was not unprecedented for players to give up their ban on trade, but it did add an interesting crease to the deal. If a team is a marginal competitor, they have to find a way to persuade Stanton to dedicate the rest of his life to them.

Some teams have taken this approach. Players from the St. Louis Cardinals and the San Francisco Giants lent a helping hand to Stanton on social media,

These may not matter, because there are rumors that Stanton hopes Los Angeles dodgers to join the conversation. And if Stanton is willing to wait, you probably know one or two mysterious teams can find a way to play for the thugs.

With so many uncertainties, we ask our big league draftsman to assume the role of hopefully getting Stanton’s team. They will have to do their utmost to convince him to accept the agreement and join in.

We are not sure what Stanton needs to hear to accept the deal, but after Dee Gordon traded on Tuesday, we know Marlins will soon cut their wages.

Giancarlo, with Marlins After eight seasons, you should be part of the best baseball organization. No doubt, the St. Louis Cardinals. We have been good in this area and are model organizations that other teams want them to be. Not only that, our superstar is also our favorite fan. Have you ever heard of our fans? Some people say they are the best in baseball. we agree.

Okay, so you’re worried about us competing at the Chicago Cubs and the Milwaukee Brewing Company in Central. This is fair. But consider our recent history. Whenever we are counted, we rebound. We develop weak middle infielders to become MVP candidates. We always seem to have a very good farm system. And we are not like the current team, with cash to spend on free agents.

Put down the worst organization in the game and come to the best baseball team. This is what you deserve.

Giancarlo, the most important thing you need to know is that we have something called “magic of evenness.” We can not explain why or how it works. But since 2010, we have won three world titles for three consecutive years, at least two of which we are by no means the best or the most talented. This is just one of the things that happened to us, and we want it to happen to you.

Imagine a home run at AT & T Park. We will pay special attention to how many people are in the bay. We give it a special name and commission a silly animated graphic, and if you like bobbleheads, we’ll give up your home run bay into the bay. We promise that it will even look like you!

And even though we did poorly in 2017, our team is not terrible. At first we had a Brandon band and he somehow looked like a baby giraffe. Hunter pence outfield, he only looks like a crazy caveman. He is actually a (maybe) sensible guy who enjoys Cheap Halloween Costumes like you! And Buster Posey is catching a catcher. He is not just awesome. He is an adult man who calls himself “Buster.” If you come here, you can pick a new nickname for him. In fact, you can choose a new nickname for everyone in the team! anything you want! (Really, we’ll give you whatever you want.) So, Giancarlo, approving the deal, officially became a giant and part of our inexplicable magic.

Pretend to sign license agreement with MGA Entertainment to create L.O.L. Surprise! ™ clothing


(BUSINESS WIRE) – Disguise, Inc. today announced the signing of a new multi-year licensing agreement with MGA Entertainment, Inc. for the design and manufacture of children’s Halloween Costumes Outlet and everyday wear apparel and accessories such as headwear, shoes, Jewelry, wand, wig and popular LOL baggy surprise on the basis of! ™ character. Licensing agreements include North America, with apparel to be launched in 2018.

“LOL. Surprise! It’s one of the hottest brands for kids and we’re excited to make clothes that inspire kids to be these fun characters,” said Joanne Anton, president of the company.

Lol “Surprise!” The new craze in the collection world has given young people around the world the combination of patent-pending devanning, collection and surprise fashion dolls. L.O.L. of MGAE commenced retail sale in December 2016. Surprise! ™ sold out in a matter of weeks and subsequently caused a frenzy in the market. L.O.L. of MGAE currently stocks more than 120 dolls and is scheduled to be released in 2018. Surprise! Doll fierce, stylish, full of personality. To learn more about L.O.L surprise!
About camouflage, the company

Since 1987, Camouflage has been a leader in the Halloween industry, creating innovative and trendy apparel and accessories. Based in the San Diego area, it “disguised” to produce many of the world’s leading licensed brands of apparel and accessories, as well as the nation’s largest retailers, including stores, party stores and pop-up stores to provide its own brand. Millions of garments each year are designed and manufactured for the U.S. and other international markets to bring smiles and memories to children and adults.

Our critic, Kelly Lawler, selected the top 10 best TV shows of 2017

In the past few years, the number of television content has been unprecedented, mainly from new streaming services and channels. However, the scale of this year’s TV stations is getting bigger and bigger, more and more products debut, and many TV shows are pushed to the higher (more expensive) level.

However, there are still some series that really stand out in a crowded place. It’s our favorite here, bringing the audience of Music Street in West Covina, CA, to the afterlife and to the wars in Westeros.

Crazy ex girlfriend

“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is the perfect accompaniment to the most fun, intriguing and well-crafted TV series every week, as well as creating spaces for every episode of original musicals. The CW series has always been very ambitious, but the third season focused on the protagonist’s mental health, once again enhance its position.

Good place

The first season of the series was just over and ended with a thrilling game that was clearer, more funnier and cleverer in the second grade, a philosophical experiment and a prolific double feed of food By. Its humor is broad, wordy, and visual, and Ted Danson is the most striking feature of his performance.

size lies

It has a movie star, film director Jean-Marc Wallée and the big novel behind it, but Big Little Lies is one of the most visually stunning and popular TV productions of the year one.

Brooklyn nine – nine

Fox sitcoms have always been willing to abandon its formula, but this year is even further because of the erroneous imprisonment of two roles. In such a different environment, the series maintains a high tone, sharp comments and jokes density, is a testimony to the actors and writers.

No sense of security

Issa Rae’s second season of sitcoms tries to improve the first of a crazy success by letting its protagonists explore her life beyond relationships and deepen the people around her. The highlight of the season is Molly played by Yvonne Orji, and his rugged, self-discovered journey is exciting.

BoJack horsemen

Netflix’s Hollywood satirical work is about the most melancholy and deepest series of cartoon horses you’ll want to watch, finding relaxed space in the fourth quarter. Its absurdly humorous and harsh social satire (gunpoint themed episode is especially memorable) works with subtle characters.

One time a day

In January, this potentially overlooked jewel debuted on Netflix, but it started a strong year of television. Norman Lear’s latest adaptation of classic sitcoms in the 1970s is one of the few examples.

maid’s story

Margaret Attwood’s seminal work on feminism has thrived on Hulu this year, becoming a phenomenon that has stirred memes, political protests and Wholesale Halloween Costumes. But in all the hustle and bustle, it’s easy to forget the depth and visuals of the Emmy-winning series. It sometimes extends itself, but is always based on the luxurious performance of Elizabeth Moss.

Jane Virgin

Earlier this year, Jane Virgin passed an absolute reward in killing Gina Rodriguez’s husband, Brett Dier, and for three years.

throne game

Beautiful, epic, and occasionally maddening, The Game of Thrones Season 7 played a role in transcending its own phenomena and did a great deal of work for its great actors and focused on the details. This is not the best season in the series, but it is the most ambitious.

Countries promote wearing masks

Arizona residents may want to keep their clothes until Wholesale Halloween Costumes.

A new act, recently proposed by Republican lawmaker Jay Lawrence, will “dress camouflage, in part or in whole, to avoid or evade detection, recognition or identification” in protest and other public events Become a felony.

Offenders may face up to one year’s imprisonment, while anyone who masks property damage may face up to five years.
This is only the latest national effort to combat wearing masks in certain circumstances. Lawrence first announced his plan to introduce the bill in August for the fear of masked thugs.

“Although the right to anonymity is sometimes required in healthy political discourse (think of letters to editors, etc.), there are too many people bent on hiding behind headscarves or masks to intimidate or hide their identity,” said Lawrence Wrote on Facebook at the time.

The Act does provide an exemption for camouflage to be worn for “business-related purposes” or to wear “a part of a garment that is generally considered to be acceptable”, but critics say it is too vague to do so and may result in the arrest of more people wearing clothing Innocent purpose.

Lawrence said the bill is not directed at those types of clothing but at those who deliberately try to evade recognition.

Capitol Media Services, of Arizona, USA, said: “This disguise does not hide the identities of Antifa and other masked people.”

The next Arizona Legislative Council will begin consideration of the bill in January.

Arizona is the latest in a series of nations to push the anti-seepage legislation, with protests in the country taking place after a nationwide violence and property destruction.

Earlier this year, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum signed a law that makes it illegal to wear masks or other face masks when committing crimes in response to Dakota Channel pipeline protests in Dakota.

Senator Jim Honeyford of Washington introduced a bill in May that would make it illegal to wear a mask to public property, except for religious clothing and other factors. The purpose of the act is “a small group of dangerous people who illegally act under the guise of political protests and hide their identity.”

Opponents of legislative objections think it violates the rights of the protesters’ First Amendment.

“The First Amendment actually protected the right to wear masks in public,” Elizabeth Smith of Washington State University in Washington told The Seattle Times. “Obviously, the motivation is to criminalize the protest.”

Several books have anti-camouflage laws in the book, many of which date back to the early 20th century as a response to the hooded members of the Klu Klux.

Lawmakers in Alabama camouflage events such as carnival and Halloween. In Ohio, it is against the law to commit misdemeanor in disguise by two or more people.