This may be your Halloween costume crawling and crawling

Halloween is an annual time, you can dress up as your favorite character from TV shows or books, but when you try on clothes, you may not think of something creepy and creepy.

Where do these costumes come from, who owns it before you?

You really haven’t thought about how many people have tried this mask, hat or costume in front of you, so here are some things you can do to prevent creepy reptiles from getting on your hair.

Put your garment or wig in a sealed plastic bag for 48 hours before wearing it. Any head lice will die within 24 to 48 hours.
You can also throw dryer-friendly items into the dryer for 45 minutes in the dryer.
Always wear a swim cap or wig cap to cover your or your child’s hair to form a strong barrier that makes it difficult to pass through.
Because children should not share clothes, masks or headbands, if you buy clothing from a thrift store, be sure to check it to make sure it is clean.

Dr. Eric Olsen said: “Most people with head lice may have been using it for a few days or weeks before you found it.” “The best way to find it is to use a very fine tooth comb. If you want to get rid of the scorpion, you can comb the hair dry or moist.”

The most popular Halloween costume of the year is the limit of 2018

This is not a sensory version of Pope Rihanna, Mason Ramsay, or Ben Affleck’s back tattoo. (And, no, it’s not Gritty anyway.) But the most popular Halloween costume in 2018 is 2018.

This is not an important day, but Google’s Freightgeist has collected the most searched data about Halloween costumes in order to see the most popular clothing to date. Among the landslides, the most popular clothing is related to Fortnite.

The Freightgeist website will let you track the rise and fall of your clothing and provide a map where you can tap on the map. You know, if you are very curious, people in Mankato, Minnesota are considering what to wear. (According to the uninformed Google, people in Mangato are dressing up as rabbits.)

On the list, some clothing ideas are very specific, while others are closer to clothing categories like “superheroes” or “1980s”. Despite this, there are 48 national costume ideas. Although “universal fatigue” and “Oh, my God, how is it still 2018?” may fall on the radar, because they do not seem to be on the surface of clothing creativity.

2. Spiderman
3. Unicorn
6, Harley Quinn
7. Superhero
8. Pirates
9. Rabbit
10. Princess
11. Clown
12. Wonder Woman
13. Mouse
14. Superman Agents
15. Mermaid
16. Zombies
17. Doll
18. Batman
19. The 1980s
20. Bear
21. Black Panther
22. Vampires
23. Pumpkin
24. Chucky
25. Cheerleaders

National Halloween spending reduced by $100 million

When the scammers visit Patty Martinez’s home in South Mants Street, they should be wary of killing the evil clowns at the Carnival.

Although Martinez spent about $500 to decorate her home for Halloween this year, she spent about $300 because of her theme “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” This year she has scaled down because her husband can’t help her decorate because of health problems.

She decorates for all holidays, but Halloween is her favorite.

“I like to see what I can do… I like it very much, because my children are very small, and now my grandchildren like to see all the decorations,” said Martinez, 48, who is in six. The month began to plan ghost decorations. “This is a bit of a time of fear, it doesn’t matter.”

Martinez is one of the many residents of the crossroads, spending less on Halloween this year. According to data from the National Retail Federation, across the country, Americans expect to spend about $9 billion on Halloween this fall, down $100 million from last year.

Jeanie Borden, 43, traditionally spends about $300 a year on Halloween parties and covers her house with homemade decorations. This year, she decided not to go because she was repairing at Wood Hi Road’s home, and her dog had a puppy.

cheap halloween costume

Together with her family, she created her own costume for Halloween and is considering becoming the grandmother of the Little Red Riding Hood story to match the family of her 24-year-old daughter. Her daughter plans to become Little Red Riding Hood, her daughter’s 17-month-old son will become a wolf, and her son-in-law will be dressed as a coward.

Borden wore her outfits all year round and spent only $12 or more than $500. Her last five years of clothing include Queen Victoria Werewolf Girl, Demon Pagan Priestess, Medusa and Dolly Umbridge, from “Harry Potter.”

Robin Janecka, 43, now expects her annual private Halloween party at the Power Avenue warehouse at the same price as last year: $2,500. The party has 16 moderators this year, and they each bear part of the cost. The party had 21 moderators last year.

Janecka said that the party started its 30th birthday party as a friend 14 years ago, and the same group of friends decided to use it as a tradition. The owner renovates the decorations every year, including the old coffin used as a beverage cooler.

This year’s theme is a pet cemetery, where the party will start an hour ago and offer a rich appetizer, not just a snack. About 200 people participated last year, and Janecka expects more people to participate this year.

“We have pets everywhere,” she said. “When you enter the doorway of the venue, we will have a small graveyard with a tombstone with the names of people inside the party.”

She said that although people spend less on Halloween this year, the business growth rate of Halloween Soul Store manager Carrie Wilburn in September increased by about 15% compared to the same period in 2017.

Wilborne said that the store 7708 Zac Lentz Parkway has sold out its large evil clown electronic animation and crawling girl electronic animation. Since the first opening of the Victoria store 10 years ago, its size and inventory have more than doubled.

“Our business has grown every year,” she said. “Our sales are growing every year and we have been here.”

This year’s new clothing includes roles in the children’s and adult video game Fortnite, characters in the TV shows “PJ Masks” and “Paw Patrol” and children’s unicorns. The store has more unicorns and mermaids as well as adult ghost squads.

Elvira’s Closet, 1010 Juan Linn St., has been open for nine years during the season. Owner Elvira Flores buys new and used clothing and sells them at a discounted price.

“I started buying a little bit for Halloween,” she said. “I noticed that the price of the store was very high. I went to buy some and marked the price as half the normal price and advertised it, and it took off.”

She said that this year’s business is stable, similar to the 2017 season, but she is expected to pick up.

Despite this situation, Martinez plans to decorate her home on Halloween.

“I just like to do this. I like a lot of art and crafts. This is what I like to do in my spare time,” she said. “The imagination of Halloween makes my creativity even stronger. I can do more on Halloween than on other holidays.

Halloween costumes are worn like everyone else. I decided to change my fears.

Are you tired of yourself?

As an adult, it is easy to lose interest in our lives. We build them through decades of work, compromise, frustration and contingency. They are our production. But even if we like them, sometimes it is easy to want.

Every Halloween, we have the opportunity to take a break from us, escape our neurosis, and embody some of the better things because it is different. To this end, the clothing can be catharsis. Walking out of ourselves can make us grateful. When the party is over, our costumes are piled on the floor, back to our real people, refreshed.

For the last three Halloweens, I used my personal fears as art tips: “expulsion,” “stinging,” “turbulence,” “subtle.” I made my baggage into an exoskeleton, friendly it, and overcoming it. . This Halloween method is clean and produces some excellent outfits. I encourage you to try it.

This is my recent Halloween creation and why I needed them at the time:

In 2015, I need to repel mosquitoes.
Everyone will tell you how “good” I am. I was born like this – a boy’s gay church bell. I will die very politely. I like “very good.” However, keeping sweet requires a lot of time to be fascinating and passive, diluting yourself to palatability. I am tired of it.

I also ended my biggest relationship, almost dating. Not ready to sleep with the world, but definitely considering it. I can foresee how much energy I will attract to attract men. Their attention and approval will soon become so important. I started worrying about how I promoted or repackaged myself to attract them, how do I cut my best and the strangest corners to make sure my second date. I became very angry.

The idea of ​​repelling the future guys scared me. This is exactly what I need to do.

I have never scared me in my life. But I need to scare people and make them very interested in me, but I am too afraid to get close. I became Medusa.

 cheap halloween costumes

I grew up with craftsmanship; I think I learned how to write cursives in puff paint before I used pencils. Therefore, for me, the pure black fabric is sewn into a homemade Greek top. But I have never done a strong make-up and I am very excited to try. I watched a dozen mermaid, snake and scales tutorials on YouTube.

Then I covered my face, chest and arms with light green paint, applied it with powder, and used a square fishnet as the top black template. It is surprisingly quick and easy.

The snake wig tried several times to fail. (The plastic snake is too heavy; the bubble is not serpentine.) I made the final version with a swim cap and I poked it through. I bent the wires into a serpentine shape and then applied a hot hose around each wire. This process covers my fingers, tiny burns and wire cuts. I lost my blood and thought of gorgons.

The wig is more refined than I like, but the snake will shake and shake when I walk. They look very active. This wig mistake makes this the most expensive Halloween costume for me.

Five tasteless Halloween costumes: from Oscar Pistorius to Cecil the Lion

The Oscar Pistorius Halloween costume is called “extremely aggressive” by a charity that supports the family of murder victims.

This gorgeous dress includes a running vest with the words “Blade Gunner 2012”, shorts, sunglasses, a fake gun and black and silver boots that depict the racing blade.
The sprint costume is green and yellow, the color that Pistorius wore when he represented South Africa at the 2012 Olympics. A few months ago he shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on February 14, 2013.

Jokers’Masquerade, located on Luton’s website, lists “Adult Blades and Rogue Gunners” in its Halloween section.

“Using our adult blade runner-up Stag costumes has caused a lot of controversy at your next party. This eye-catching headwear-turning concept is perfect for any event, whether it’s Halloween or just a friend,” it said.

“These garments include black and silver boots, up to the knees, giving the impression that you have a metal running knife instead of a leg, like the infamous Paralympic athlete!”

Ross Dickson, CEO of “Support after Murder” and “Killing Problem,” told the Sun: “This is very numb and aggressive, especially for the families of the victims.”

However, it is by no means the first Halloween costume to face criticism…

Anne Frank
Online retailer Halloween faced strong opposition to the sale of Anne Frank clothing on its website last year. Dressed in green berets, blue dresses and brown bags, the description says: “We can always learn from the struggles of history! Now, your child can play the role of a hero of the Second World War.”

The costume sparked a fierce reaction on Twitter, and many accused the retailer of having a negligible memory of Frank. Frank spent two years hiding with his family before being discovered and sent to Auschwitz. The company said that the garment was never intended to cause offense, but removed it from sales.

Gagged Kim Kardashian
In 2016, Kim Kardashian West was kidnapped and robbed by five men in Paris, and sold the “Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Kit” for $69.99 (£53). It doesn’t mention Kardashian, but includes a “white short sexy robe”, long black wig, sunglasses, slap, rope and “$4m” ring.

After many criticisms, the company announced on Twitter: “Due to extensive criticism, we decided to remove ‘Parisian Heist’ clothing from our website. We are sorry if we offend anyone.”

Cecil Lion has a history of breaking the limits of taste. In 2015, American dentist Walter Palmer killed Cecil during Zimbabwe’s hunting, causing global anger. Within a few weeks, the clothing site launched a bloody dentistry costume with a cut lion head as a prop.

Despite the anger from animal lovers, clothing company founder Jonathon Weeks refused to apologize and said: “Maybe our money has the blood of the Cecil lion. I am not offending anyone, I am just here to make things problem. We just got The beginning of this Halloween. There is more.”

Call me Caitlyn
Caitlyn Jenner appeared on the cover of Vanity Fair in 2015, inspiring several retailers to sell Call Me Caitlyn’s clothing. A white bodice and wig combination was promoted to unisex equipment and was shaped by a man with a stubble.

The seller claimed that they were celebrating the star, and Jenner said she was not offended. However, her supporters have not been amused, they think trans people are seen as a joke. A petition to get clothes out of sales said, “Making clothing in a marginalized manner can reduce the stereotype of this person and community’s abuse of privileged people.”

Las Vegas – Only a week away from Halloween, haunted houses are all the rage in Las Vegas.

cheap halloween costumes
SAN DIEGO, CA – JULY 19: A fan in cosplay attends 2018 Comic-Con International on July 19, 2018 in San Diego, California. (Photo by Quinn P. Smith/Getty Images)

How do these terrible spots make your skin crawl while keeping everyone safe?

8 News is now conducting a behind-the-scenes inspection with the local security team at Opportunity Village to see the whole process.

“Be prepared to be afraid,” said Steve Luce, security and security manager.

Luce explains the effort to improve the creep factor while maintaining safety, because attraction is a creepy haunt.

“I am very satisfied with what I can achieve,” Luz added. “Everyone is very safe.”

All guests must complete a comprehensive security check before anyone can pass through the cloak of the goblin and the ghoul.

“I think everyone should feel better once they board the plane,” said Luce.

Once the customer completes the baggage check, everyone will also get a metal detector scan.

“Now, before we enter the property, we have guards at the front door,” explains Luce. “Screen people, their bags are contraband, weapons.”

Actors are also subject to strict checks when they join intimidating customers. The entertainers undergo a rigorous review and meet before each show.

The spooky setting has several emergency exits to get rid of the shadows. If the experience is too large, the staff will have special instructions to help the guests outside.

“If they see someone panic out of control,” Luce said. “They can take the time to drive them out of the emergency exit.”

Luce hopes that security programs can help everyone have fun without real life fears.

“You know that we are doing cool,” Luce added. “The whole part is not just haunted.”

Amazing history of all sexy cats in Halloween

Before about chocolate and children, Halloween is about sex.
There is almost no blink of an eye in Halloween. Will you wear a comfortable corset and a ruffled petticoat to become a “sexy Swashbuckler”? Still wearing a furry miniature mini dress and ‘Darling Dalmation’ with a soft headband? Or maybe, you will play a ‘nurse’ in a ridiculous short white wrap dress. Is it impossible to turn this dress to the southern bra so far?

Anyone who has watched “贱 girl” will clearly understand the Halloween summary of half of the female population. Lindsay Lohan’s role, Cady, knows, “In the conventional world, Halloween is where children dress up and beg for candy. In “Girls World,” Halloween is a night of the year, a girl can dress like a complete Sluts, no other girl can say anything about it. Feminism has come a long way, but there are still a lot of sexy cats appearing on October 31. That is, Halloween is about chocolate and children. It used to be about sex.

‘Slut-o-ween’ because it is sometimes called to trace its origins from the predecessor of the festival, Samhain (SAH-win). It is said that in this ritual, the animal skin and the head of the animal that was slaughtered during this Gaelic festival were put on. The sound is obviously not sexy. However, because of the blurring of the line between the living and the dead, the same is true between the boundaries of gender. Young people will celebrate by dressing up as women, and vice versa.
Dress up your own camp history. From the fallen masquerade in Venice to the decadent costume ball of the French court during the reign of Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette, the history of disguise cannot be freed from the sexy and obscene past.

Janne Baetsen, founder and cultural marketing expert at MindFashion, explains that this phenomenon, known as “coverage cognition,” explains the appeal of makeup. “The reason we dress up, and the reasons we dress up or dress up may be broad and personal, but one thing is certain, clothing can make us imagine and transform into others, or in our own different versions. Give us The ‘super’ forces that usually don’t naturally or even make us feel uncomfortable, from feeling sexy, not so shy or once again like a child to brave, funny, scary or strong. ‘Clothing allows us to let our inner self loose, even It is only one night a year.

But back to those sexy cats.

“Over time, it became the custom of the boy choir, dressed as a virgin in the Halloween (the second day after Halloween) ceremony, not only to commemorate the deceased, but also to wish a productive union,” York Nick Rogers, a political and social professor at the university, told me. The concept of ghosts and witches takes a while to be linked to the celebration, but Rogers thinks this may be because all Soul Days (another name for Hallowmass) are related to the dead.

Halloween events of all ages will begin this Friday and Saturday.

cheap halloween costumes

Whether it is dressed as a fairy princess, superhero, witch, ghost or a terrible monster, people of all ages can enjoy it during Halloween.

► The annual “Halloween Carnival” will be held from 5pm to 7pm. On Friday, October 19th, at the Rancho Bernardo-Glassman Recreation Center, 18448 W. Bernardo Drive at the Rancho Bernardo Community Park.

Free community events will include free carnival games, arts and crafts events, prizes, hospitality and more. Please call 858-538-8129.

►Students in grades seven through twelve can celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” by attending a book discussion at 4pm. Monday, October 22nd, at the Rancho Bernardo Library, 17110 Bernardo Center Drive. Please call 858-538-8163.

►Free Dead Candy Days will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 in the afternoon. On Tuesday, October 23, at the Rancho Bernardo Library, 17110 Bernardo Center Drive. Please call 858-538-8163.

►Westwood Club will host the annual “Halloween Carnival” for the entire community from 11am to 2pm. Saturday, October 27. There will be many events, such as games, cake walks and bounce houses, as well as refreshments and prizes.

Admission is free for Westwood Club members and their guests (if using a guest pass), and non-members are admitted free of charge. Need to donate cakes and volunteers. To register a cake or volunteer, please call Nola at 858-485-6300 or email us at The club is located at 17394 W. Bernardo Drive.

►Adults can participate in a book discussion at 2pm to celebrate the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein”. Monday, October 29th, at the Rancho Bernardo Library, 17110 Bernardo Center Drive. Please call 858-538-8163.

►The horror story of 5 years old and above will be told at 6 pm. On Tuesday, October 30th, at the Rancho Bernardo Library, 17110 Bernardo Center Drive. Please call 858-538-8163.

►Work or treatment has been returned to Rancho Bernardo Vons town centre, 11922-11987 Bernardo Plaza Drive. From 3 pm to 5 pm, there will be many safe, family fun, goodies, balloon animals and “friendly” clowns. Wednesday, October 31. For more information, please visit

►ThePlaza, 16773 Bernardo Center Drive merchants will distribute candy to the rascals from 3pm to 6pm. Wednesday, October 31. Look for flyers in the shop window.

►RanchoBernardo Library, 17110 Bernardo Center Drive, will welcome children to participate in Halloween free events at 4pm. Wednesday, October 31. Prepare a costume picture and make Halloween crafts at 4 pm. At 4:30 in the morning, hand in the carved pumpkin masterpiece and win prizes. (Free pumpkins can be picked up on October 28th so you can carve at home.)

4:30 pm will be 4:30 pm. “Parade Monsters” for children so they can collect candy at the service desk and win prizes in the costume competition, which will be presented at 4:45 pm. Please call 858-538-8163.

►RifeBridge Church welcomes families to welcome the “Halloween Medal” from 6pm to 8pm. On Wednesday, October 31, at the lower campus of the church, 17645 W. Bernardo Drive. There will be magicians, bouncing houses, music, prizes and lots of candy. For more information, please call the church at 858-487-7676 or email

►Redesigned and “better than ever” Loveless Manor Haunted House will welcome visitors of all ages from 6pm to 10pm. Wednesday, October 31. The home is located in the Westwood neighborhood of 11552 Alborada Drive. Admission is free.

Heidi Klum said that her Halloween costume will become “very, very cute” this year.

This article was written by Colleen Kratofil and first appeared on

The countdown to Halloween is here, and the unofficial holiday ambassador Heidi Klum is sharing some details of her top secret clothing.

“This time is very cute,” Heidi told PEOPLE about her appearance, and she kept her appearance until her annual Halloween party. “This will not be terrible; it will become very, very cute.”
This is in stark contrast to her last year’s werewolf getting up (she re-created Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” music video).

Heidi said she started planning for next year’s clothing from November 1st and made a mask in a studio last month.

She said she would give fans more teasing on social media, but in most cases she “wanted them to guess.”
The shortlist of people who saw her costume before Halloween included her four children, daughter Leni, 14 years old, Lou, 9 years old, son Henry, 13 years old, Johan, 12 years old.

“My children know; they always know,” she said. “They always want to know how it is done. When I have to try different pieces, I have accessories and people coming over. So many times they are part of this process and they see it happen.”

Her new boyfriend Tom Kaulitz also participated in this year’s planning process, and Klum is helping him adapt to her epic carnival. “He plans to go all out, it’s fun,” she said.

This year marks the 19th anniversary of her legendary Halloween party (presented by Party City and SVEDKA vodka), starting with the days when she made her own clothing – from the beginning, many changes have taken place.
“In the beginning, I still don’t know these [prosthetic] professionals, I made my own hair and make-up, I have some people who will help me put my clothes together,” she said.

She recalls that her Lady Godiva costume is one of her most difficult to create. “When I was doing Godiva, I ran across the town and tried to find a wig that was up to my ankles, which was hard to find,” she said.

But in 2011 her body costume changed everything: she picked up the prosthetic master from Body Worlds’ exhibit to create her look. “I met these people who made a living,” she said. “I don’t know why I didn’t have it earlier.” Since then, she has been working on over-mad costumes – her favorite is that she became a 95-year-old woman in 2013.
Despite years of experience (and months of planning), she is still worried that there will be problems in one day.

“When you do prosthetics and all these things, I always use fingers and toes to cross, because there is no rehearsal, so it actually does work during the day,” she said. “Because we can’t actually stick all these things together and see if it works. It’s always a bit of a headache for me, it really works. It’s usually the case, but until one day you know ”

When asked if she was ready for spare clothing to prevent an accident, she responded best.

“No, absolutely not,” she said. “I will choose Tim Gunn’s words, ‘Let it work.'”
So if you’re still planning your outfit and looking for inspiration, Heidi has three suggestions: go all out, think about the creative theme, don’t wait until the last minute.

“Proposing a theme is always good, and then really not getting used to the middle,” she suggested. “There is a unique idea and then follow all the details, because I think the details are always very important. I think we have seen sexy nurses and sexy police officers a thousand times. You really want to be among five million sexy nurses. One member? If you want more, or if you want to be more interesting, then it’s even more unexpected, you have to spend a little more time.”

Use for pumpkin liner and pumpkin light after Halloween

The pumpkin is a bit rough. They are as sticky, scented and messy as the viscera of some alien creatures. When carving a pumpkin lantern for Halloween, it is tempting to pour these internal organs directly into the trash can and then carve the pumpkin a few days later.

Not so fast. Pumpkin is a multi-purpose gourd that is useful in every part of the plant. Take advantage of your pumpkin patch journey and take advantage of these internal organs.

For more delicious pumpkin recipes, visit

1. Roasted seeds. If you like sunflower seeds, then you might like to chew pumpkin seeds, they are always the best freshly baked. Set them aside before you pull out the pumpkin and wash the fiber slurry. Then place the seeds on a paper towel and let them dry thoroughly. The dried seeds are spread in oil or butter and then seasoned gracefully with salt. You can also try seasonings. Think about garlic, paprika, paprika or chili. Spread the seed layer on a baking sheet and bake at 300 degrees in the oven for about 45 minutes, or until golden brown and evenly bake. Try not to eat them at once.

Pumpkin juice. If you like juice and smoothies, pure pumpkin juice can add health. In addition, it is easy to make. Collect all the tiny pieces and seeds in a bowl, pour the boiling water into the mess and let it soak for a while, about 30 minutes. Use a fork to smash the intestines and then use a fine sieve to tighten the solid pieces. The result is a bright orange liquid that can be added to smoothies, sauces, soups and other seasonal recipes. Or, pair with cider and spices for a perfect fall drink.

3. Pickled skin. As long as the gourd has no signs of mold or decay, the skin of the recently carved pumpkin can be marinated. All that is needed is a pumpkin peel, apple cider vinegar, sugar, spices, a cauldron and some cheap canned jars that stand the test of time.

4. Feed the birds. Dry these pumpkin seeds (without any salt or seasoning) and leave them to your feather friends. If you go beyond the spirit of Halloween, you can use your Jack Lantern carcass as a temporary bird feeder.

5. Pumpkin slices. Cut the pumpkin skin into thin slices and cut into thin slices. Throw in olive oil and sprinkle with Jewish salt and any other desired spices. Set the oven to 400 degrees and bake or 25-30 minutes, or until the crisps are crispy and golden yellow. Oh, they are healthier than french fries.

6. Food wars! Burned from all carvings, baking, decorating and quail eggs, just without it worrying about everything else on your body? Put down some steam and re-interact with the inner child for chaotic food. Sometimes the soul needs to throw a handful of pumpkin bile into the face of a family member.