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Feelingirldress: The Most Comprehensive Shapewear Wholesale Website

No one wants to be body-shamed in public, it is depressing and, at the same time, lowers your self-esteem. Especially those who have body flaps and lumps to deal with. Every lady wants to look good and slim in that magnificent outfit. Well, all is not lost. This is where shapewear comes in handy.

Shapewear helps your body look slimmer and have a popular figure. It hides your fat tummy and lifts your butt, depending on the type of shapewear. At feelingirldress, we have a vast collection of shapewear for different kinds and sizes. Buy these undergarments at a discounted price when you put to curt the following wholesale body shapers.

Black Neoprene Thigh Shaper High Waist Meticulous Design

Control your tummy with a waist and thigh trainer. It enables you to lose fat, weight and gets your waistline in shape. It is made up of natural latex that is highly elastic. Additionally, the garment makes no compromise with comfort.

waist and thigh trainer

Good Dark Coffee Seamless Full Body Shaper 

The shapewear bodysuit offers firm control. The clean finish and breathable mesh panels provide a fit that fits your active lifestyle. The seamed architecture also contours the body and provides a toned look.

shapewear bodysuits

Post Surgery High Waist Nude Plus Size Butt Enhancer Panty 

Enhance your butt with a post-surgery butt enhancer panty after giving birth. It curves your body in all the right places. It is a 3 in 1 shapewear which can be used as a butt lifter, waist trainer, and thigh slimmer.

wholesale waist trainer

Superfit Everyday Black Two Pieces Sticker Closure Arm Shaper V Cut

The shaper arm is adjustable and convenient. Simple to put on and detach. Great for sleeveless dresses. You will be charmed and radiant by an influential arm shaper.

best body shaper

Perfect-Fit Rose Red Neoprene Adjustable Sticker Thigh Trimmer

Experience exact coverage and comfort with our adjustable thigh trimmer. It slims and smooths your curves from your midsection to your thighs.

cheap waist trainer

Looking good is essential to every woman. You wouldn’t want to look as if you squeezed too tightly to an outfit. That is why at feelingirldress.com, we are more concerned about strutting your stuff and letting your inner beauty shine through no matter your size.

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Top 5 Best Neoprene Body Shaper at Online Store HexinFashion

Let’s start with one main thing and that we need to know before we start reading this article: what is neoprene? Neoprene is a rubbery product and has microcells inside it that trap air. This gives neoprene its two very important characteristics, which are lightness and thermal insulation. After various studies, it was decided to wear this fabric on sportswear such as body shapers, so that this way of containing air was used to increase body heat and therefore sweating, favoring the elimination of fats and toxins in excess.

These neoprene body shapers have the body sauna function, that is, they create a layer of heat on the parts in which this body acts, which, while carrying out your favorite sports, will significantly improve weight loss performance, going to act mainly on the belly, legs and glutes. By remaining very close to your body, the heating function promotes the elimination of fat from your body by reducing the size of your belly and legs. This product is an excellent incentive to give yourself a greater motivation to obtain the body shapes that you have always desired and for which you have always worked so hard!

HexinFashion online store, in addition to a wide choice of clothing, swimsuits, and underwear, gives you the opportunity to also choose among a lot of excellent body shaper products at an affordable price and built-in neoprene, just like the ones you are looking for. They have been evaluated as durable products, with excellent online reviews from those who made the purchase and saw their shapes drastically in no time. So dear, without getting lost in further useless chatter, let’s see what are the best 5 neoprene body shapers that you can find on their online store!

Total body

Control Midsection Rose Red Full Body Shaper Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking
Control Midsection Rose Red Full Body Shaper Short Sleeve Moisture Wicking

Well, once we sweat, let’s do it well and sweat all over our body, going to make an improvement on every single inch of it. I find it perfect!

For All Sizes

Remarkable Black Big Size Latex Waist Slimmer With Sticker Enhancer
Remarkable Black Big Size Latex Waist Slimmer With Sticker Enhancer

Very nice to look worn, this product can be found in all sizes on the market, from XXS to 9XL. So, no problem at all for any woman in the world, you are all welcome at HexinFashion!

Waist Cincher

Stretchy Pink Neoprene Waist Cincher 6 Steel Bones Fat Burning
Stretchy Pink Neoprene Waist Cincher 6 Steel Bones Fat Burning

It is certainly the easiest product to wear and the best to use to improve your hips that you can find inside the store. We are talking about a band that is worn around the waist and does the rest of the workouts, ideal therefore for less invasive improvements.

Super Cheap

Exquisite Blue Waist Sticker Neoprene Shaper Large Size Smoothlines
Exquisite Blue Waist Sticker Neoprene Shaper Large Size Smoothlines

For just under five dollars, you can get this wonderful body shaper home which, in addition to the hips effect, makes your arms thinner and firmer by eliminating the layer of fat under your arms!

Neoprene Fitness Pants

Black Neoprene Tight Fitness Pants
Black Neoprene Tight Fitness Pants

A very interesting and peculiar product which can also be purchased for less than five dollars! Not all of us want to reduce fat from every part of the body, some of us may want to reduce mass only in the butt and legs… Here is our product!

Having said that, the HexinFashion team is waiting for you in its wholesale waist trainers, where you can find all the information you need for the purchase of the product you are looking for!

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The Best Body Shaper For Postpartum Mothers

Meta Description: It’s okay to admit that you’re having trouble with the “saggy situation” happening around your belly. You’re already a supermom. Thus, the said situation is nothing compared to the awesomeness that you are. Still, we’re here to tell you what the best body shaper is for postpartum mommies.

The Formidable Waist Trainerbest body shaper

Waist trainers usually have sturdy support straps that go around the belly all the way to your lower back. It’s a fact that pregnancy not only affects the size and appearance of your stomach area, but it also tweaks your posture by a bit, too. And that, negatively.


So feelingirldress waist trainers with support straps are the way to go to get your tummy back to what it was pre-pregnancy, along with a posture that’s model-like and confident.

The Double, Triple Locking Body Shapersweat waist trainer

This one’s similar to the first, only, it has more support straps. Here’s a favorite of mommies who have larger postpartum tummies than others. A larger belly means a more sturdy and tummy-tucking body shaper.

The Padded Body Shaper

best body shaper

Judging by the subtitle, you already have an inkling of what this is. It’s a body shaper that’s meant to give you more curves around your breasts and your buttocks. Want to wear a sexy number for you and your hubbies date night, post giving birth? Show off a curva-licous side of you with this hot item.


And for a wholesale waist trainer, choose your own faves from Feelinggirldress’ shop for a variety of selections.

The Workout Sweat Waist Trainer

wholesale waist trainer

Yup, it’s exactly that. Wear this while you burn off the extra weight you’ve gained during pregnancy to help shape your body into a vivacious one because you deserve it!

By the way, you can also get your hands on wholesale women’s jumpsuits that are both workout-comfy and stylish.

The Bodysuitplus size shapewear bodysuits

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