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The Coolest Spring Shoes to Step Out in Style

With spring in the air, we think a lot about the clothes we want to wear, but shoes are also essential to compose looks full of style and personality, so this accessory cannot be missing.

Arriving at this conclusion, we began to think about which shoes are ideal for this season since we must bear in mind that climate change will also influence our way of dressing. For example, in spring we have hot days, so the looks have to be designed in a way that we will feel comfortable during the day.

In today’s article, you’ll see which shoes are great choices to wear in spring, and you’ll even find out how to combine each one of them in your outfits.

Tie sandal

The season comes and goes, and lace-up sandals gain more and more strength in current fashion. There are several models with this detail, such as flats, sandals with heels and even platforms with lashings.

It’s a sandal model that can’t go wrong, it’s stylish, and versatile, and transforms any basic look into something modern and daring. Bet on colored sandals, and even metallic ones, but if you’re one of those who like something more minimalist, white and black sandals are a great option.


The espadrilles that are these sandals with straw heels are the face of spring, for having a girly, super feminine style, they remind us of the delicacy of the flowers of this colorful season. You can bet on espadrilles with heels or without heels, it all depends on your taste and preference.

This sandal has been worn a lot by celebrities and is making a comeback this spring. Try wearing it with jeans and a white shirt, it looks amazing and comfortable, giving you that vibe that you didn’t make an effort to look pretty, you know?


If you’re one of those people who don’t go down in heels, you’re definitely going to love wearing clogs. They are comfortable and leave you with a few extra inches, bet on platform models, which are super stylish and modern, and go well with practically everything.

This model was very successful in the 2000s, and now in 2023 it has returned in many different ways: neutral, colorful, slide style, flip-flops, among others, to suit all styles, and combine with incredible looks for this spring. Wear with pants, shorts, skirts, and even dresses, it’s a shoe that every woman should have in her closet, to use in her day to day.


The Papetes came with everything in 2022 and will continue to be successful in 2023! The options are many, and you can find many different models in stores, for example, with laces, colored, metallic, neutral, with natural material, sport, tractors, and even with stones for a more glam style.

It is a very comfortable and stylish sandal, for you to put together modern looks that have to do with you. In department stores you can find many different models at a cheaper price.


The moccasin is for those women who, while wanting to be comfortable, also like to flaunt style wherever they go. As time goes by, we can see these shoes more frequently in street style looks, from the traditional model to the model in the photo above, which is the tractor.

These shoes combine very well with more elegant looks, but with basic looks, it works great too! And if you want to dare in the spring, the tip is to bet on the colorful models for this next season. And as you can see in the photo, try to wear it with thin, lace, or transparent stockings, as it looks very cute, delicate, and at the same time stylish.


The Platforms continue to be successful this year, and in all their versions, with thin heels, block heels, square toe, round, half-paw, and several other options. It is a type of sandal that not all women will like, as it is very high, and ends up causing discomfort in those who prefer to wear shoes without heels.

But if you like a good heel, you will definitely love using the platform, and putting together several incredible looks with this shoe model. It can be used with any type of outfit, and we managed to put together everything from the most basic looks to the most elegant looks to go to that special event.

Geometric high heels

The geometric heel also continues this season, for having a bolder image, it is stylish and makes any look more modern. Bet on the flared heel, which is also known as the cupped heel, as it is one of the big bets for this season.

Invest in colorful ones, as spring is the most colorful season of the year and calls for a lot of colors in our looks. Remember, you can match shoe colors with different colors in clothes, but if you don’t want to draw too much attention, put more neutral looks to match colorful shoes.

There are so many beautiful models of shoes that we are in doubt of what to buy, right? But as I said, look in department stores, because you can always find the latest trends at lower prices.


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