Why is the Shapewear Market Getting Hotter?

Shapewear often comes up in your search bars during occasional events. Since it has been a year of a roller coaster ride and there`s an uncertain future, face-to-face special events have become less common as we transition to a new usual way of living online classes and work from home and online parties. Contrary to what some experts might say, despite the downward trend of parties and events, the shapewear industry is still on, and continuously booming.

With the high demand for loungewear and casual clothing, body shapers are becoming more in-demand as more women want to use this opportunity to shape up in the comfort of their own homes.


The selling point of most shapewear is the ability to provide instant effects. If you need to look instantly curvy without surgery or exercise, body shapers are known to give excellent results by only wearing the appropriate bodysuit.

If you want to look curvy with a rounder and fuller butt, you can choose a body shaper with a butt-lifting feature or built-in butt pads.


Most shapewear has a compression feature to tighten certain body parts such as the waist, thighs, and arms. Wearing body shapers will help prevent weight gain by keeping the body tight to its maximum limit, therefore preventing you from eating more than what`s necessary.

Though this technique may seem unconventional, it`s beneficial to help you reach your body goals. You can find high compression full body shapers to help tighten your upper torso, thigh, and butt area.


Since celebrities and famous internet stars promote different shapewear brands, more women worldwide have started using shapewear as a part of their daily clothing. We can`t blame them. Bodysuits can instantly give the illusion of a fit and healthy body without much effort!

There is an everyday slimming bodysuit that you can get with adjustable bra straps, high elastic mesh for different bust sizes, and open-crotch designs ideal for regular use.


It`s easy for women to get hooked on these body shapers because it`s also so uncomplicated. There is shapewear that you can easily adjust and tighten according to your body and comfort level.

Since not many women are keen on wearing built-in bras, you can get a body shaper with a strap, and you can tighten and still be able to wear your favorite bra. There are also different sizes of shapewear you can choose from so you won`t have to suffer from a poorly-fitted body shaper.


Body shapers are worth your money because it`s so effortless to wear them—most of these have fabrics like nylon, spandex, elastic mesh, or Lycra.

Since this shapewear has breathable and flexible materials, wearing them is uncomplicated as if you`re wearing your regular underwear. You can find bodysuits that are perfect for everyday use and regular workout. Make sure to use workout body-shapers during exercise and staple bodysuits when your traditional clothes prevent your shapewear from being loose and ragged.


Though body shapers give instant effects, what makes long-term shape users buy different types is the visibly long-term results they observe with their bodies.

Wearing waist trainers and bodysuits the correct way can give your body excellent results that are quite difficult to achieve even with regular exercises. Working out, eating right foods, healthy habits, and wearing shapewear the right way can all contribute to a beautiful and voluptuous body.

To ensure that you`re buying effective shapewear, you can always check feelingirl waist trainer reviews to get the best body-shaping experience.


Another excellent feature that many waist trainers have is the ability to tighten and cinch your waist according to the results you want to achieve and your comfort level. You can add a women waist trainer belt for additional cinching support around your stomach area.

Most waist trainers have closures through Velcro, hook, and eye, or zipper. You can get a body shaper that would feel comfortable to you the most. Some find zippers too constricting to choose steel bones with hook and eye instead, and add trainer belts if necessary.


Gone are the times when shapewear was bulky and unsightly. There are a ton of body shapers that come in cute animal or geometric prints. One of the coolest is reflective waist trainers that you can give as a gift to someone you know who wants to shape up. A reflective or holographic waist trainer is also perfect when you`re jogging outside at night.

The shapewear market is still at its initial peak; that`s why you can quickly get shapewear from different physical or online stores. Expect that body shapers will be more in-demand as more people stay at home, and not getting much-needed physical activities.

Investing in high-quality but affordable bodysuits and waist trainers now will help you not only physically and mentally but also financially. Having different body shapers for workouts, daily use, and occasional wear will keep your shapewear from being overused. You can also have other waist trainers that you can interchangeably use throughout the week.

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