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A survey of Halloween’s behavior on Halloween at Bowling Green State University found that nine members were protected by freedom of speech.

In a university statement released on Wednesday, BGSU Chairman Rodney Rogers said there was no violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

According to the source, a group of students dressed up as Mexican-American gangsters for Halloween and posted photos on social media, indicating cultural possession.

The university has completed an investigation into the incident involving nine members of the fraternity.

“Although their actions are inappropriate and contrary to BGSU’s core values ​​of diversity and inclusiveness, the reported actions are protected under the First Amendment to the US Constitution and our own freedom of expression and freedom of expression policy. The remarks. Therefore, there is no violation of the Student Code of Conduct,” Rogers said.

“This kind of speech and behavior has no place in our community, and we will always oppose individuals and groups that support racism, intolerance or hatred.”

Since this speech violates the values ​​of the organization and the values ​​of the organization, the university works with the local branch of the Brotherhood and its consultants to implement the following sanctions:

• The fraternity members who participated in this event have been suspended for one year. They may ask the local club’s executive committee, consultants and regional directors to resume next year.

• This chapter will appoint a diverse and inclusive chair. The fraternity members appointed to this position will meet with the staff of the Dean’s Office to learn about campus resources to educate active and future members of diversity and inclusiveness.

• This chapter will work with the Dean’s Office to identify speakers for the next semester to discuss diversity and inclusion. All members of the Pok Oi Society will participate and the speech will be open to the campus community.

• This chapter will identify community service projects for the spring of 2019, which focuses on the Latino/a/x community.

In addition, the Office of the Dean of Students will meet with each student participating in the event to discuss their choices and how they do not meet our values ​​as a university.

“Everyone should feel valued and respected at BGSU. We will continue to support those affected,” Rogers said.

He asked the university community to continue to report any bias or other issues through See it. Hear. Report, or use the “Report” button on the BGSU application.

“We can all play a role in making BGSU a passionate community,” Rogers said.


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