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A spokesperson for the department said that Los Angeles police arrested tennis announcer and coach Justin Gimmel Stob on Wednesday for allegedly felony for allegedly carrying out a Halloween night attack with another man.

LAPD official Mike Lopez said that 41-year-old Gimelstob surrendered to the police in western Los Angeles and was accused of serious crimes. Gimelstob was released on bail of $50,000.

According to the court documents obtained by The Times, Gimelstob was accused of attacking Randall Kaplan because the venture capitalist walked with his wife and children in West Los Angeles. This pair was once a friend.

The summary of the police report attached to the request for the temporary restraint on November 1 includes a photo of Kaplan, a prominently bruised and scratched, and a photo of the pilot Gimelstob, apparently the film “Top Gun.”

Kaplan claimed that Gimelstob attacked him from behind at around 6:30 pm. On October 31, 50 attacks on his wife, the 2-year-old daughter and another witnessed him and asked.

Kaplan wrote that the attacker shouted that he was going to kill him. Kaplan said he realized who his attackers were, just as Jimmel Stobb fled. Kaplan wrote that the attack left him with “a lot of bruises and bruises on my face” and other bruises and concussions.

Gimelstob used to be the world-class doubles player of the current coach. He was a broadcaster on the tennis channel and a player representative.

He could not contact his comment.

Kaplan claimed that Gimelsto had threatened him because he was a friend of the wife of the tennis commentator. Kaplan wrote that he contacted the divorce lawyer of Gimmelstoff and asked his client to stop threatening him.

Kaplan told the court that his entire family was afraid of Jimmel Stob. He said that his family could not sleep, and that Gimelstob would appear in their home.

“I am afraid of life,” Kaplan wrote.

In 2016, Cary Gimelstob, the commentator’s alienated wife, sought him for a domestic violence restriction order, claiming that he was “physically beaten, harassed, abused and stolen” in front of the child. . She claimed that Gimelstob stole her phone and looked at it, then tried to hit her with it.


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