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This is the time we are forced to say goodbye to Halloween candy, costumes and carving pumpkins throughout the year.

But for those who want to do more with pumpkins, the New Paltz Waste and Recycling Center is your best choice.

This year, like China, the center is providing a pumpkin collection for livestock at the Briarcreek farm. They asked community members to come and give up their “second-hand” pumpkins in order to sustainably reduce waste.

Donating these pumpkins to ReUse and recycling centers, as well as pigs and cows on the Briarcreek farm, can reduce the amount of organic food available, which would otherwise be removed from the waste stream.

The pumpkin collection also provides valuable resources for the local farm business to thrive.

According to its website, the center “considered old materials as a neglected product of economic value. A large number of building materials, household items, office and art materials, and electronic products are unnecessarily entering the transfer station and used in landfills. ”

In the heart of the city, you can find quality supplies and merchandise up to 90% of the store price, sometimes even free. All sales make the community aware of the generation of waste and help them work hard to encourage sustainable communities.

The ReUse and Recycling Center is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Located on Clearwater Road. For the latest information, check out their Facebook page at the “New Paltz Recycling and ReUse Center”.


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