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We liked a good cross, and it seems that the terrorist community got an important figure between Vladimir Kruger and Michael Myers in 1978… well, a little bit.

Before we officially reveal the intersection of this killer, let us return to John Carpenter in 1978 to make one of the most influential horror movies of our time, Halloween.

Carpenter couldn’t be sure that he was making a biggest horror movie franchise when he was filming a low-budget movie about a nanny murderer. Of course he couldn’t possibly know that he had another horror movie legend: Robert Englund .

Englund later became one of the most embarrassing and humorous killers in history, Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare Elm Street series. But before he became a knife-killer, he was walking in California with a bag full of dead leaves.

That’s right, according to Englund’s interview with Access Live (each, he is responsible for helping Carpenter and his staff make Pasadena California look like the fall of the Midwest.

“It’s very interesting. I actually have a roommate. When they did the original Halloween… came back to John Carpenter. One day, he let me go to Pasadena, the garbage bag was full. Ye,” Englen said. “We are studying the original Halloween set and throwing the dead leaves around. So it looks like autumn… looks like it’s back to the Midwest.”

Yes, we still can’t overcome so many horror movie legends working together, not knowing what they will eventually become.

However, this is not the first time Englund has helped make a film history, just ask Mark Hamill.

When Hamill came to perform as Luke Skywalker, no one could imagine the significant impact this moment had on us all. With five, there are countless movies, we can’t imagine Luke will be played by anyone other than Hamill, we can thank Englund.

According to Hamill’s interview with Sway’s Universe, Hamill explained that Englund actually mentioned that Star Wars is casting, and Hamill should consider checking it:

“We were hanging out at the time, in Hollywood, you wouldn’t tell your friends a role until you were rejected,” Hamill said. “So he went on to say, I want him to go out and look for Han Solo, he said, ‘Hey, this movie is called Star Wars, George Lucas is doing this. ‘I know him from American graffiti. He said, ‘You really Should check it. ‘”

Although Englund has already told himself about his achievements, Hamill does mention that Englund is not the only person responsible for letting him know that the role is open.

“He wrote this in his book. I love Robert, but the thing is, my agent, when I called her, she said, ‘I have prepared an audition for you,'” Hamill said. . “Gary Busey told me about it because I worked with him, he was playing my brother. I heard it from five or six different people, but I don’t want to take it away from Robert because this It is his business, you know?

Who knows that Englund is so influential behind the scenes?

Do you want to see the cross path between Freddy and Michael Myers? Make a sound in the comments below!


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