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Spooktober is in full swing to hunt down the best Halloween costumes. Holidays are no longer night activities – it’s a complete Halloween.
As Halloween approaches, some students prepare a variety of clothing, while other students compete in their closets. For many college students, overpriced clothing is impossible. If you are stuck, stay calm and inspire these DIY costume ideas.
“I have prepared a lot of ideas, including hippies, vampires and demons,” said former interior design freshman Eileen McGrath. “My only influence is Pinterest, and I recommend that you don’t hit it before you try.”
In addition, some couples are preparing to destroy their best looks. There are many ways to win the best couple costumes of the night.
This top ten costumes for Halloween
1. Riverdale Vixens
Zach and Kelly from Bell Salvation
Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe
Wednesday Adams
5. Hot girl
6. Beach ambulance
7. Salt 钡
Bob Ross
9. Where is Waldo?
10. Dala from the bottom of the sea
If you are a stubborn sports fan, you can try to create a similar look from the classic movies “Sandlot”, Wendy Peffercorn and Squints.
If you like Gossip Girl, consider going to Chuck and Blair before Halloween. Another TV show couple is Jim and Pam, from the office.
Another piece of clothing to consider is Jackie and JFK. If you feel a bit rebellious, Tarantino’s famous vulgar character, Mia Wallace and Vincent Vega will complete the work.
For couples looking for horrible outfits, you can reinterpret Purge with formal dressings and wearing creepy masks. You can also try wearing black clothes and throwing some skeletons, which may be zombie makeup or bloody scars.
If you want a relaxed outfit, consider making a salt shaker and a pepper shaker.
If this is not your atmosphere, the typical Barbie and Ken are your clothes. Who doesn’t love swinging leg sets and Ascot?
“Fortunately, my boyfriend has everything he needs to be a lifeguard, swim trunk and lifeguard T-shirt,” says engineering guru Maggi Braun. “I’m going to put on a red piece and put on a pair of red fitness shorts I already have to complete the look.”
Several college students plan to spend their Halloween with friends. Read on to find clothing ideas for you and your friends.
Spice Girls is a team that many people want to be part of. There is a hot girl that suits anyone’s personality, such as: scary spices, sports spices, baby spices, ginger spices and hot girl spices.
If you have always wanted to be a cheerleader, it’s best to work with your girl and recreate the East Compton Clovers from Bring It On.
For all the guys there, grab your guy and recreate the T-Birds with some smooth hair, jeans and leather jacket. Even better, make your baseball glove and ball cap look more like Sandlot staff than ever before.
For those who don’t have women, it’s time to look more energetic than ever and become a candidate for the Bachelorette in 2018. We all like to be detained on Saturday, so why not snatch a bad boy, a snobbery, a rich girl, a full nerd, a typical athlete and a weird Halloween club as a breakfast club this year.
“My friend has a Jackie Moon jersey from Semi-Pro, and I will borrow my outfit,” said pre-natal Max Muehring. “I need a wig and some shorts. I suspect I will do this, but I will investigate it.”
Holler is at your partner, because these DIY Halloween ideas always scream the best friends.
For your friends and you, Ferris Bueller and Cameron are a well-known friendship, they quarrel but love each other until the end. Above them, Napoleon dynamite and Kip would make everyone in the room laugh hysterically. Ready to go back to the past, Wayne’s world, Wayne and Garth are best friends, they wear rubbish and tattered Halloween. Who has no dog as a best friend? This halloweekend recreated the unforgettable friendship between Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.
Van Whitaker, a newcomer to industrial engineering, said: “I want to see Spooky Scary Skeleton from the dance mix on Halloween.” “I only need a pumpkin mask and put on all the black clothes. For me, Sounds very fast.”


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