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Your Pinterest board may already be full of clothing ideas. If peg is your second nature, you may be creative during Halloween. But if you need some extra inspiration, the most popular Halloween costumes of 2018 have been exposed, thanks to new data from the global fashion search platforms Lyst and Pinterest.

Every year, social media gathers the sparkling, embarrassing and unique costumes you want you to think of first. Thanks to this season’s top list of top apparel, you can take advantage of all your thoughts and see if they are right for the most amazing day of the year. Obviously, your 2018 costume must last more than last year, so it’s harmless to see what others are looking for.

When it comes to trends, you have to think about movies, music, random tags and dance challenges that have viruses all year round. They seriously affect the roles and concepts that people decide to paint on Halloween. Our goal is to get people to look at you and find the clothes you wear right away. (Most of the time on Halloween is explaining what you are, this is terrible, am I right?) On the night you can be anyone you want, based on the current hot topic of Pinterest, expect to encounter these trend.

6.Edna mode from ‘Superman Agents’

For some of us, the “Superman Agent 2” released this year should have been released. Edna Mode once again stole the show, and Pinterest added clothing inspo and accessories to her portrait to prove it. Halloween will be very nostalgic.

7.An ABBA-Inspired Dancing Queen

The ABBA disco style is once again on the stage. According to Pinterest, Mamma Mia 2: Here We We Again Again theme clothing search is on the rise. I think people can’t shake the amazing 70s hair and cosmetics.

8.A Cosmic Fairy

Who doesn’t want an alien costume that will make them feel the night? It’s clear that things are getting into the galaxy, and both Pinterest and Lyst see an increase in the amount of search that really leaves the world.

9.Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo will never be a fashion icon. With her memorable bright colors, embroidered shirts and floral crowns, there are plenty of Halloween inspiration to choose from. In fact, Pinterest reports a large number of clothing searches inspired by Frida.

10.A cattle

You’d better enjoy yourself and open the Halloween store as soon as possible. I usually only dress up as a cow because I can get a free Chick-Fil-A (during the promotion of the cow thanks to the day), but Pinterest saw a surge in the comprehensive search for cowhide prints. Ready for ample “eat milk?” jokes.

Even if you don’t stick to the trend, you should enjoy your costume. Happy and memorable!


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