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Katniss Everdeen will be a badass heroine, not really matter just how old The Hunger Video games movies are. Throughout the 4 movies, Katniss rocks several awesome appears, whether she has trying to endure the Video games, or she has parading ahead of the Capitol. For this reason her well-known looks are perfect for Halloween. If you don’t are interested a grouped together costume (boring! ), use what you curently have in your wardrobe and purchase a number of key parts to seem as kickass as Katniss.
Hunter Katniss
You probably curently have half of the look. Get an affordable dark brown leather coat and fake bow-and-arrow established and you’ll end up being Katniss whilst she’s hunting with Gale before the initial Games.
Among the saddest parts in Mockingjay Part 1 is when Katniss moves through the rubble that is certainly left from the districts. She has mourning in her dark outfit, yet she’s still ready for a fight within a vest and boots. Dress yourself in all-black out of your closet, and grab a paintball basic safety vest which faux bow-and-arrow set to funnel her badass Mockingjay seem.
Katniss burning down
During the opening paragraphs at the Capitol before the initial Games, Katniss wowed the crowd within a dress that lights burning down. You can totally have fun with her look simply by rocking an LBD and black pumps, and wrap orange and red LED lights throughout the hem of the dress. Convert them upon, and you’ll end up being the girl upon “fire. inch
During pre-arena interviews in Catching Fireplace, Katniss once more stuns the crowd on the Capitol within a blue dress with blue wings, resembling an actual mockingjay. You can get her look by putting on your (or a friend’s) prom or formal dress and pumps. Then, purchase blue feathered wings or spray color basic angel wings dark blue, and you’re the Mockingjay.
Traditional Katniss
To outlive the Video games, Katniss trapped to fairly neutral basics that will help her hide in the woods and survive all of the crazy circumstances. And of course, the lady was by no means without her mockingjay pin number! This look is certainly super easy to recreate with khakis, a neutral first tee, lace-up shoes or boots, and a toy bow-and-arrow set.
Mockingjay Katniss
During pre-arena selection interviews in Getting Fire, Katniss once again stuns the audience at the Capitol in a blue gown with blue wings, looking like a real mockingjay. You can obtain her seem by wearing your (or a friend’s) promenade or formal gown and heels. After that, buy blue feathered wings or squirt paint simple angel wings dark blue, and you will absolutely the Mockingjay.


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