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Ready to visit upside down. Things are coming up in Stanger, this year’s Halloween Costumes Outlet Horror Night. Will you find a way out?
Universal Orlando Resorts, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Singapore’s annual Halloween horror night will be a psychological turning point this year. The latest maze of the event will feature popular Netflix shows. Do you dare to go invert?

Halloween Costumes Outlet

Each year, Universal will add new mazes and haunted houses for the very popular Halloween Costumes Outlet Horror Nights. Last year’s new attractions include the puzzles of The Shining, Ash vs. Evil Dead and Saw series. The addition of Stanger Things indicates that Universal and pop culture programs continue to evolve.

This new HHN maze is a collaboration between the Universal and Netflix creative teams. According to Universal, this new maze will bring an immersive experience to a strange world.

From entering the upside down to being chased by Demogoron, each round will have a new terrible experience. Given the popularity of the Netflix series, this new maze certainly has a long way to go.

Although this new maze will certainly bring a lot of strange fans to HHN, this TV series is more like a physical panic than a traditional terrorist panic. Traditionally, haunted houses and Halloween attractions focus on Gore and love to create panic.

However, by expanding to more physical panic, this new maze may have a longer lasting effect on HHN guests. With the sense of use of the unknown and the imagination, the immersive experience may surpass the gates of Universal Studios – perhaps this creepy dark street may allow fans to return to the HHN experience.

This announcement is only the first one HHN will announce in the coming months. Universal said in another statement that HHN will feature nine new mazes based on “hot TV dramas and original stories.”

It will be interesting to see which movies and series will appear in these new mazes. The attraction of American horror stories is as popular as The Shining. New attractions may be concentrated on other new popular movies. Maybe it or Annabelle will be launched this year.

It remains to be seen if these new attractions will fill the void that Bill and Ted’s Halloween adventures will not return. Although this attraction is not necessarily the most fearsome of HHN, it is loved by people. This requires something special to resonate with guests and attract those special attractions.

Halloween Terror Night is one of the most popular extra events in the Universal theme park. To give fans a chance to experience panic more than once in the game, Universal Studios Florida will offer Flex ticket discounts by June 6. By purchasing online, guests can enjoy two nights stay at HHN and enjoy Flex ticket discounts.

Are strange new things in Halloween Horror Nights turning your Netflix nightmares into reality or part of other dimensions?


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