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Being a grandparent is not what it used to be. When my granddaughter requested to borrow my shoes, I recently confirmed this. Curious, I asked her why she was wearing her grandmother’s costume. She came straight back because “because you wore some really cool stuff.” If I feel flattered, this is only a short period of time. She is ashamed to add “as an old man” even before my son’s laughter no longer sounds. Ok.

The role of grandparents has changed dramatically over the past 50 years, from the fact that my grandparents were mostly sedentary and disciplined and now have more supportive roles. The time spent with them is the most precious thing for humans.

Due mainly to geographical location, my visits to my grandmother were not frequent. Her costume memories are full of humor and terror. She was wearing a thick leotard, long dark clothes, smelling stylish and wearing a hat, if it blows up in the wind may not be worth chasing. Fast forward for more than 50 years, my memory is now very different.

There is no change, but we have deep love and lasting relationships. This is her ability to communicate with her and she will be able to overcome obstacles long after her death.

I lived for a moment and saw her sitting at the window waiting for the postman. Waiting for my letter. I continued to watch the eagerly anticipated letter arrive and she slipped the note into her apron pocket. Her hand gently patted the outline of the envelope to ensure its safe position. Later, after coffee, the letter was deleted and several sentences were read. Laughing tears rolled out of her tight blue eyes and almost perfect peach and creamy cheeks. My graphic description and grandma’s neighbor’s qualities will maintain her sense of humor until the next letter arrives, and long after that if the truth is known.

Until I was older and had my own children, my grandmother shared what it means to her. When a letter arrives, she will not open it immediately. Oh, yes, she thought, but she would appreciate the idea of ​​reading it. After reading a few words, she will put this letter later to read more. When she died, I found that they tied a ribbon. Some of them are almost never read and reread. It may even be the strange tears left by intense emotional shocks.

Although we do not visit often, we have such a profound influence on each other’s lives. This has had a strong and positive impact on my relationship with my granddaughter. Now, she is the day we bake cakes and make handmade Halloween Costumes Outlet. Sitting in a small pool on a hot day, planting sunflowers is behind us for a long time. For the moment, she is taking her own path in this world. Invest in her future. My wish for her is that she will one day experience a fierce moment, and a brief memory so vivid that it will stop her from sending her back in time, where I will wait for her to grow sunflowers.

Usually, the only person with whom the elderly can interact is the postman, but this is not necessarily the case, which is why home care services have become so popular in the past decade. Being able to lend a helping hand or listen to the stories of the past few days in the ear can really change their day.


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