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St. Louis’s annual legendary World of Halloween Costumes Outlet and Attractions show has just ended a wonderful and wonderful weekend, showing the most exciting items, horror films, special effects systems, costumes and masks prepared for Halloween ghost industries and theme parks around the world.

One of the absolute exhibitors on display at this terrible trade show was the 11-foot-high Pennywise the Clown animatronic prop created by a twisted wizard from Unit 70 Studios.
This crazy spy devil is evolving into the true form it acquired from Andy Muschietti’s killer IT story film and Stephen King’s IT novel, a giant spider animal that we desperately hope to see in the next movie sequel.

If there wasn’t a screaming little George swinging like a fish hanging on a fishhook, what would Pennis look like, completely his yellow raincoat and rubber pouch?

Halloween Costumes Outlet

Unit 70 Studios in Columbus, Ohio is one of the highlights of the Halloween Costumes Outlet business, selling zombie, dead bodies, monsters and madmen to professional haunted houses and amusement park owners.

Founder Bo Bruns talked to SYFY WIRE over the phone, provided details on his huge Pennywise display, and explained the process of its terrible birth.

“It was entrusted and submitted in the performance of the Halloween production company and they made some requests based on the Pennywise role in the film “IT” that intersected the spider in 2017,” Bruns said.

This nearly 800-pound prop took more than two months to design and complete, with hand-sewn garments made by Burren’s mother, Jean Bruns. The 70-cell studio has been operating since 2002 and has created many mutant monsters and custom beasts, but this is the first time a tailor-made XXXL garment has been created for an 11-foot robot predator.

The 70-unit studio and Halloween production company have collaborated in countless farce and theme events in the United States and around the world in China, the United Kingdom, Thailand and Nigeria.
“This close partnership allows Unit 70 to be set up during a Halloween show without actually presenting its work at the show, while ensuring that the Halloween production company becomes one of the centers of attention in the crowded showroom.”


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