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ZARA Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Who does not like fast fashion brands like Zara? There are tons of chic, affordable pieces to shop for. Zara has basics, trendy items and runway-ready designer inspired clothes at low prices which makes it a favorite amongst fashion girls.  As one of the world’s largest fashion companies, Zara always comes out with something new.

As the temperature is slowly rising, the signs of spring/summer are here. After months of snowstorms and low temperatures that kept us in thick jackets and loungewear, everyone can look forward to something a little less insulated for a change. Spring/summer is the most anticipated trend for the season and this Spanish fashion retailer dropped its spring collection recently. 

Its latest collection is titled The Light and took inspiration from the magic of escapism. The collection consists of corset tops, vests, lightweight quilted jackets, miniskirts, and more. 

Do expect boxer-short-button-down sets, colorful glass ring accessories, activewear which is a new category for Zara. Accessories like silk scarves can be worn as tops and head wrap as seen on Tik Tok.

Non-skinny jeans and stirrup leggings are aplenty too.

The common thread for Zara’s latest clothing collection is the vivid color palette.  Be prepared to see succulent ruby, amethyst purple, and citrine yellow shades throughout the collection.

Zara has more elevated alternatives that offer the same easy-movement qualities like wide-legged pants, maxi sundresses and tops with voluminous balloon sleeves. Here are some of the favorite spring trends from Zara’s new collection.  All you have to do is pick the ones you want.  

Limited edition crop top

This pretty number has it beautifully spring-and-summer-proofed.

Crop top with voluminous sleeves

 If you are looking to bring some zero-fuss glam to your day right now, then this stylish crop top should do the trick.

Zara Initial Scarf

Cut Out Mini Skirt

With a cut-out opening, you can dial up the drama any day, however much you like.

Non-Skinny Jeans

 High waist floral print pants

Glass Rings

Zara’s spring/summer collection is teeming with gorgeous bits that will set our wardrobes up for a very stylish summer.

When it comes to the accessory trend, Zara is once again bringing the high-end aesthetic to the high street.

There are bauble drop earrings and chunky rings with huge stones. You will be able to spot them throughout the collection and help complete that vacation-like vibe. Time to add these pieces from the Zara collection to revamp your summer wardrobe.

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Tips to Level Up Your Jewelry Collection

Jewelry is a game changer when it comes to putting together some fancy outfits! Keep reading to find out about some tips on how to level up your jewelry collection!

There isn’t a huge number of women who don’t wear and don’t like jewelry. So, most of the women find beauty in jewelry and they like the styling process of putting together jewelry with the outfit. Jewelry can be your best friend or it can make your outfit look messy. We certainly want to make it our best friend.

Having jewelry collection that is created up to your needs, speeds up the process of everyday selecting the pieces that you’ll be wearing. If you often feel like your jewelry doesn’t match your clothes – it’s time for changes and you should do a declutter of your jewelry collection.

Decluttering means taking all of the jewelry you don’t usually wear and giving it to someone else or, if it’s not wearable anymore – throwing it in the trash.

It is hard sometimes to do declutter because people often tend to keep stuff just to have them instead of thinking about how much they actually use and wear it. The functionality is important and although the jewelry may be a nice decoration in your room – it should have its function. The function of the jewelry is to be worn and not to stay on the shelf. Be sure to be honest with yourself and get rid of the jewelry you don’t wear at all.

Having everything cleaned up and doing decluttering can help you to have better view at your collection. In that way, you will be able to find what you are looking for more easily. Organization is the key.

When you organize what you already have, you may notice a pattern in your jewelry. See if it fits into any of the following categories: minimalistic, only gold, only silver, only rose gold, with lots of details, simple, statement pieces. Choose the category you see in your jewelry collection and start building up to that.

When you realize which kind of a jewelry person are you, which type of jewelry you prefer, it will make the process of building your jewelry collection easier and faster.

For example, noticing that your jewelry is minimalistic and simple means you should look for stores which sell that type of jewelry and see what you like or what you need from there.

Also, a lot depends from your favorite pieces of jewelry and the fact that you don’t wear some types of jewelry at all. Some women don’t like earrings, while other feel naked without earrings. Therefore, women who don’t like earrings should get rid of those they have and not buy any more earrings.

There are more types of jewelry, of course, but when it comes to general “classes” in which we can sort them it would be something like: everyday pieces and special occasion pieces.

Special occasion pieces should make the less percentage in your jewelry collection because those pieces are worn less and it is natural that you have them less.

Everyday pieces are something everyone should start with while building jewelry collection. If you like wearing jewelry everyday but you often forget to put it on or you don’t have any pieces that would fit into your style for everyday occasions – it’s definitely time that you change something. Go shopping for jewelry and find yourself pieces you can imagine wearing every day and not getting bored of it. Pieces of jewelry that can be styled in different ways are something to check out while building your jewelry collection. For example, sets of jewelry that consist of two or more jewelry pieces that can be worn separately is a good choice to buy.

You are going to save a lot of money if you buy jewelry in sets. But, be sure to only buy sets if you like every piece of that set. You don’t want to end up wearing just one piece from the set you buy.

It would definitely be smarter to invest into the jewelry you are going to wear everyday such as some simple bracelets, earrings or necklaces. Women often tend to spend a lot more on jewelry which they will be wearing just once and never after that. That seems so wrong and we should definitely spend more onto the pieces we will be wearing more often. That style is something people remember us by because we are presenting ourselves more often like our everyday versions.

We definitely want to good look every day, not just on special occasions and some special day. That’s why jewelry is important in everyday outfits. Be sure not to forget building up your jewelry collection and it will eventually become way easier for you, as you start implementing these tips into your process. After a certain period of time, you will have a jewelry collection that consists of pieces you really use and wear!

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Women Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair This Summer

If you are looking for some trendy hairstyles for a nice change then, you should scroll down to find a list of women hairstyles for medium length hair this summer:

If you have got medium length hair and you want an elegant, low ponytail then, you should go for this hairstyle. For this hairstyle, you need to side part your hair and use your hair styling tool to add loose waves in your hair.

Once you are done with setting your hair, you can now start the hairstyle with taking a small portion of your hair from the front and then making a loose braid out of it.

Now, take the remaining hair and tie them into a low ponytail. Once you have tied them into a low ponytail, you need to slightly pull down the ribbon band so that you can flip the hair through that will give them a nice twist. Now, take the braid and fix it with the ponytail by passing it trough the ribbon. In the end, you need to take some strands of hair and wrap them around the ponytail for added style.

2. If you like messy buns then, this hairstyle is just for you. It is really simple and does not ask for a lot of accessories and hair styling tools either. For this hairstyle, first you need to separate your hair into two portions, the first portion should be of the front hair and it should be smaller while the second portion is of the rest of your hair. After making the portions, you need to take the bigger portion and tie it into a ponytail. After tying it into a ponytail, you need to twist the hair and wrap them in a bu.

Now, to get the messy bun look, take the smaller portion of front hair, bring them back, and tuck them into the bun in a loose manner.

You can also take out some flicks on the front for added style.

If you like incorporating hair accessories with your hairstyles then, this one is for you. For this hairstyle, you need to middle part your hair in the front and comb the remaining hair backward. Now, take the hair of one side and twist them into an inverted braid. Then, you need to repeat the process on the hair of the other side to get two braids. Leave some small strands of hair in the front for some style. Now comes the part where you add the hair accessory to your hairstyle. Once the hairstyle is done, you need to take a scarf and tie it around your ponytail. This will give your hairstyle a very chic and trendy look.

If you want to keep your hair tied in hot summer days but also want to add some style to then, you can go for this hairstyle. In order to achieve this hairstyle, you need to divide your hair in the center, to the back of your head. After dividing the hair, you have to take hair on one side and comb them backwards so that you can get the style neatly.

Repeat the process on the other side of the hair to get two inverted braids. Now, take some strands from each ponytail and tie them around the ribbon to add some elegance. In the end, you can also use some hair styling tools to add loose, beachy waves to them.

For this hairstyle, first you need to add some beach waves to them using your hair styling tool. After adding the beach waves, you need to divide your hair into small portions. Now, take one portion of your hair, comb it backwards and twist them until they turn into a loose roll.

Next, you need to gather all the rolls, take bobby pins out of them, and tie them into a ponytail. Take a strand of your hair and cover the ribbon band with them. Now, you can also leave some strands of your hair lose in the front for some style.

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Classic Fashionable and Cool Gothic Make-up

Achieving a gothic make-up look can be difficult for a lot of people. Although it looks that classic gothic make-up does not need much, there is a lot that you need to do to achieve the perfect gothic look. You cannot just use black color for everything and some gothic jewelry if you want a gothic look. You need to delve deep in the world of goths to know exactly what you need. However, if it is not possible for you but you would still want some classic, fashionable, and cool gothic make-up look then, we have got you covered. You can scroll down to find a list of five gothic makeup ideas that you can easily follow to get the perfect gothic look that you have always wanted. So, stop waiting and start doing that awesome make-up that will turn you into a gothic goddess:

  • For a classic gothic make-up look, you need to try this idea as soon as possible. It features simple make-up that has not-so simple powers. Although it is not too much, it can certainly make all the people turn their heads for it is oh! so good. For this look, you can use black lipstick that is a staple if you are a fan of gothic make-up. For your eyes, you can start with black eyeshadow as the dominant color and then, blend rust color with the black edges. Middle part your hair, wear a cool pendant, and you are ready to win hearts.
  • If you want to achieve a glam gothic look but want to try something other than black, then you can definitely use this gothic make-up idea. For this look, you need to get your hands on some plum and maroon lipstick and then blend them together on your lips to achieve the ideal color. You can add some gloss to your lipstick as well. For the eyes, start with black eyeshadow as the base and then, blend the edges with plum eye shadow. You need to blend the plum color well so that those veins under your eyes can pop out and add more authenticity to your look. Yu can also create some faux veins to add extra magic. Don’t forget to wear that stunning choker to go with the look.
  • For a very pretty pink gothic look, this make-up idea is perfect. If you are someone who loves gothic style but, you are not too fond of black, then you can always choose the trendy instead of the traditional. For this make-up look, you need to start with your eyes by blending two different shades of pink together to get the ideal eye shadow. Complete the eye make-up with black eyeliner to make them pop out. You can use pink lip gloss for the lips for a subtle shade. Afterward, you need to add some pink blush to your cheeks that blends with your eyeshadow. Now, the most important part that makes this make-up look gothic is the dead eye lens! After you are done with your make-up, you need to use dead eye lens to complete your overall look. You can also use some thick eye lashes to add to your style.
  • For a bewitching and classic gothic make-up look, you can follow this make-up idea. It combines two favorite colors for gothic make-up, that is, maroon and black. For the lips, you can start with maroon lipstick on the lips as the dominant color and then cover the edges with black lip color. You need to define the outline of your lips neatly, using black lip pencil to maximize the gothic effect. For the eyes, use maroon eye shadow as the main color and then blend black with it to achieve a super trendy look. You can also use eyeliner to bring out the shape of your eyes. To complete your style, you can also use some make-up to enhance the shape of your forehead and use contour to bring out your cheekbones even more to match with your gothic style.
  • In order to achieve a trendy gothic look, you can follow this gothic make-up idea. For this look, you need to use jet black lip color for your lips and then finish it off with some clear lip gloss to add some shine. For the eyes you can use bright orange as a contrast with the black color to bring out your gothic look nicely. Add some peachy blush to your cheeks, some golden highlighter for added brilliance, and some cute freckles that will make you look super fab. To add more to your gothic make-up, you can use some accessories as well. For this look, you can use a nose ring for your septum piercing.
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8 Cute Gel Nails You Will Love

When it comes to getting ready for any occasion, taking care of how your hands look is as important as taking care of your overall look. For your hands to look super pretty, you need to adorn your fingernails with nail colors and accessories that you love. You can choose different nail colors and textures for different seasons, events, and festivals. You can also customize your gel nails according to the occasion that you are planning on attending.

However, it can be difficult to choose what you want for your nails and one wrong move, or in this case, one wrong nail color can ruin your overall look so, you have to be really careful and choose the right thing. In case, you cannot do it, we are here to help you.

1. It is not only super stylish but really classy as well.

2. In case you are a fan of pastel colors, then you need to opt for this gel nails idea that combines different pastel colors and looks super chic. This gel nails idea can give you the soft girl look that you have always desired. With this look, you can never go wrong. So, find the pastel colors you like and get this gel nail style right away.

3. The black magic is here with this gel nails idea. If you are craving some glamorous girl look then this idea is perfect for you. You can achieve this look by opting for black, glossy nail color and then adding some twist to this style by adorning one finger on each hand with golden glitter to add extra shine to your overall look.

4. For a pastel gold look, you can go for this nail idea. Pastel colors are a huge favorite when it comes to gel nails. So, for this chic and super cute look, you can take two of your favorite pastel colors and then, paint your nails the way you would like. Once you have painted all your nails, you can add a line of gold to each of your pastel colored nails. You can also leave one fingernail for all glittery golden gel nail style.

5. For a very chic, autumn vibe, you should choose this gel nail idea. It is very cute and makes you look super elegant and smart. For this idea, you can use autumn colors of your choice and then paint your nails with two alternating colors that go well with each other. You can also add some bronze autumn leaves for added style to your beautiful gel nails look. This look is perfect for long nails as well as short nails so, go get it!

6. For a very classy look, this gel nails idea is fabulously ideal. You need to opt for this look if you want to add some class to your gel nails look. For this style, you can choose ash white nail color and paint your nails with it. Afterward, you can add some thin branches to two of your nails to keep it minimal but also very, very gorgeous!

7. For the ultimate spring vibe, go for cherry nails that will make you the girl of springs in an instant. You can get this look by combining some cute cherries with a pretty pastel color. First, you need to paint your nails with the pastel color of your choice and then paint some cherries on them to complete the cute gel nails look.

8. For the perfect pumpkin spice gel nails look, you need to opt for this look right away. It is an absolute fun and spicy gel nails idea and is super easy to achieve as well. For this gel nails look, you need to get nail colors in different orange shades and textures and then get to work. First, you need to paint each of your fingernail with the nail colors you have got. Then, you can paint a pretty, little pumpkin on the fingernail that has a lighter shade of orange to bring it out even more. In the end, you can add a layer of clear nail polish to your fingernails to finish this gel nails idea with style.

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Hats are very popular accessories and can give a major boost to your wardrobe. Putting on a hat is a lot easier than styling your hair. Hats are also great for those whose bangs have not grown out and need to keep them off the face. Wearing a hat is good way if you want to stand out because dressing is fun and hats are totally fun to wear.  It can completely transform your outfit.

Why do most people wear hat? For style and statement of course. Should the hat match the color of your clothing? That is the question that everyone has in their minds before they put on the hat.  Well, as long as the hat complements the outfit, you are all good.  Hat colors that match with almost anything are those in gray, brown, black, tan and navy.

Besides wearing hats for fashion, many people put them on for protection against the sun. Although our body needs Vitamin D, too much sun is damaging to the skin, especially on the face because this part of our body is very sensitive. Apart of using sunblock to protect the skin, hats such as caps and bucket hats are good.

Baseball cap is the most commonly used hats around the world.  It is simple, casual and easy to wear. Great as a grab and go hats. Baseball caps have either short or medium size bill that can be curved or flat in the front. A bucket hat is also known as a fisherman’s hat that features a wide, downward-sloping brim.  It is typically made from cotton fabric such as canvas and denim.

So which one is better?  Baseball Cap or Bucket Hat?

When it comes to UV protection against the sun, both offers good sun protection. A baseball cap has a stiff visor which may be less comfortable against the head. When it comes to comfort, bucket hats take the lead. In terms of sun protection, a bucket hat is undisputed because it has 360 degree brim which offers better protection for all sides of the head. This includes protection for the ears too because wearing baseball caps expose the ears.

In terms of fashion, it all depends on the kind of outfits and style you want. Actually there is no one hat that is better than the other. Baseball cap is as much a fashion item as it is a piece of sportwear because of its simple and cool design. If you have on a sports-luxe ensemble, donning a baseball cap is a great addition to the outfit.   Its convenience and versatility make it a must-have.

Bucket hat trend was very popular in the 90s and it is continuing to trend in 2021. The 90’s vibe is still gaining popularity especially within the skater culture.   They have been a street style favorite and are perfect for the laid-back urban look. To slay the look with a bucket hat, try pairing the hat with a bomber jacket high top or a jersey.


8 of Rihanna’s Trendiest Short Hairstyles

We all know that celebrities often spot different hairstyles. You may see your favorite celebrity strutting down the red carpet in a long wavy hair and next thing you know, the same celebrity will be spotted with sleek bob at a concert. Iconic celebrities often cut their hair to match their moods, seasons or trend, from long to short and sometimes even back to long with the help of extensions.

Are you a big hard fan of Rihanna? Known for her inspiring music and chic style, Rihanna is basically a hair chameleon who changes her hairstyle on a regular basis. She is a fashion icon, a diva on the red carpet and is known for her quirky and unique style.  Rihanna first entered the music industry in 2003.  Some may think that she changes her hair style almost as often as her outfits. This Barbados-born musician is very willing to play around with her look has been spotted with bold bobs to red punk pixies. Since her debut, she has worn almost every hairstyle imaginable. She was quickly becoming the queen of beauty transformations.

Scroll down to see some of Rihanna’s trendiest short hairstyles which are going to inspire us to break out of our comfort zone and try something new.

Side Swept Red Pixie

In 2010, the singer debuted with a fiery shade of red pixie hair. This style is definitely for women who are bold and always on the go.

Asymmetrical Bob

Rihanna’s black, asymmetrical bob was synonymous with the catchy Umbrella tune.  This sexy-longer-in-the-front and shorter-in-the-back hairstyle is fresh looking. She looked fantastic in this sexy concave cut which featured sharp pieces falling towards the front and this hairstyle draws attention to the eyes.  It has a very dramatic look and shape.

Short Bob with Bangs

Rihanna came back with a sexy do in 2007 and this was definitely a head turner. Her hair was cut into a choppy, chin-length bob and edges were added to create a solid finish. Bangs are a great option to cover a high hairline.

Short Blonde Hair

Dyeing her swooping hair a golden shade of blonde signaled the birth of Bad Gal Riri .

Black Pixie Cut

Rihanna went back to wearing a dramatic new short hairstyle that makes her look like a modern day Betty Boop. This pixie-style cut is feminine and looks great with her gorgeous features.  The natural black hair color looks flawless with her latte complexion.

Short Straight Black With Razor Cut Bangs

Rihanna’s hairstyle has plenty of edge with textured layers all over. The top layers are jagged cut with the bangs sitting unevenly with a little height.

Center Parting Bob

This style is neat, straight and face framing.  Rihanna’s bob hairstyle suits round oval, square and heart shaped faces. This straight forward hair parting is both ideal for up and down hairdos.

Curly Black Hair

Rihanna showed off the different ways her very sexy concave bob can be styled. This cute look is great for shortening the look of a longer face shape. The hair at the sides of her face featured soft and bouncy curls for a great formal look and also add shape to a long, thin face shape.

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The Top 6 Women Shoe Trends That Will Dominate The Spring Season

Shoe trends lately have been changing so much! If you want to know which shoe trends will dominate the Spring season – keep reading because we are bringing you 6 of them!

Women love shoes, that’s not a secret but there are always some secrets about being trendy when it comes to shoes. It feels like you can’t keep up with the trends when they are changing so much. But, there are a few different models of shoes that are always trendy and this season – you are going to love them! We are discovering you the secrets of being trendy with the shoes!

Spring is the time where we can finally hop out of the boots and closed shoes. It’s time to show some feet! Now, what’s a better way to do that than choosing some pretty sandals?

When thinking about sandals, we often think of heeled sandals. But, it’s time for a change in this trend. The sandals that will be popular aren’t really regular sandals. These sandals look like flip-flops but better! They look like fancy flip-flop sandals and you are going to love them! The pros of these sandals are that they are looking fancy but they feel so comfortable and nice on the feet. You won’t even feel like you are trying too hard to look good but you are looking good. We love good statement pieces, don’t we?

If you thought there’s nothing crazier or more innovative than these sandals we showed first, meet fuzzy sandals! Fuzzy sandals are a huge Spring trend of 2021 and they are something we have never seen before. It seems a bit absurd to wear these materials in the Spring because it warms your feet and in the Spring, the weather is warm so we don’t need any more warming.  But, fashionistas are always in the mood for some unique trends so the absurdness will not affect that!

However, the good thing about these sandals is the comfortableness they offer and they can be paired with any outfit due to their simplicity.

Chains on bags, chain prints on clothes and – chains on shoes will be really popular this Spring! These shoes are really special and they look like something people will notice first in an outfit. Therefore, they are statement pieces which are worth investing in. Although they don’t look comfortable, if you are someone who is used to wearing heels, these won’t be a problem for you! They are so interesting and they look like something you will either love so much or completely hate! There is no in between.

For sporty girls, chunky sneakers would be a great choice. They have stayed popular since they first became a trend in 2019. A lot of people love them because they look so stylish, yet they can be worn for everyday occasions. That trend is wearing wide-leg jeans. Women look visually taller with this duo and they love it! This trend is also something you are either going to love or hate but there are always some, let’s say, modifications in chunky sneakers. There are always “less chunky” sneakers which follow the trend but look a bit more like something we are used to for sneakers to look.

Platforms, platforms and a bit more platforms – they are so popular right now! These shoes look so strange, yet so appealing. Maybe the fact that they look strange is what makes them attractive to women. Therefore, the demand for all sorts of different shoes with huge platforms is really high. Short girls and women are going to love them because they will make them look so much taller and so fashionable at the same time.

Chains were mentioned before in this article like a big trend for shoes, so this trend can also be paired with chains for even trendier look.

Pastel colors are, also, really popular this season so most of these mentioned shoes will be available in different pastel shades to choose from.

And last, but definitely not least are shoes which are going to start a lot of discussions. Maybe you could already guess it. For some reason, there is a huge group of women who love these shoes and wear them with fancy outfits. On the other hand, some women think they are more suitable for visiting a local grocery store than for wearing them with fancy outfits. It’s up to you to decide if you like them or not. But, it’s definitely a fact they are a really big trend for Spring 2021.

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Some Hairstyle Secrets for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is definitely one of the celebrities who keep surprising us with her amazing hairstyles.  Over the years, Taylor Swift has been seen in a number of different hairstyles.  Taylor Swift started her music career when she was a teenager.  Therefore her looks have gone through an entire transformation over the years.  The most noticeable change from back then till now is her hair.  Throughout her career in the music industry, Taylor has changed her hairstyles a number of times and each time, she rocks the styles like a pro. She went from a pretty country singer to a mature female artiste and has proven that she is here to stay. Taylor has given us a plethora of fun looks over the years.  Here is a look back on all the different hairdo she has styled.

During the early years of Taylor’s career, she was well known for her signature angelic ringlet curls. Eventhough most girls her age were obsessed with flat-ironing their hair, Taylor kept her curls intact.  Throughout the early years, there were subtle changes to the look and she was often spotted with bangs while other times her bangs were grown out to add more curls to her head.  Curly hair was definitely a staple of Taylor’s look in the early days.

As she began to grow up, Taylor experimented with different styles with her curly hair and tried on more sophisticated styles like elegant updos. She even wore them with her street style and her hair was parted to the side and pulled back.

A few years later when she made a shift from country singer to pop, Taylor finally got rid of her curls and gave super-long straight hair a chance with had blunt bangs across her forehead.  Most of her appearances featured bangs straight across her forehead with her hair pin-straight or in loose waves. Sometimes, the bangs were much wispier and her hair was tousled into a messy look on purpose.

Taylor had chopped her hair into a shorter style later while also adding volume. Her hair barely fell below her ears, and she began adding little curls to it once again. 

The shag haircut is definitely not something that every woman can pull off but Taylor definitely does.  She even got back into this hairstyle a few times as well.

Tay Tay even showed off her more refined side with a curled bob and a classic orange/red lipstick.  She certainly knows to switch up her look while staying true to herself.  A short bob definitely shows that she is not someone you can mess around with.  Such a classic and sophisticated style with a hint of edgy tough girl look.

Another look that Taylor Swift can definitely pull off very well is the Old Hollywood retro glam.. Needless to say, she always pairs the glamorous hair with her signature red lips!

There is actually no secret as to how Taylor Swift’s hair can change so dramatically.  She does not use any straightener or go for any straightening treatment.  It is just that she is born with hair that can completely change texture. So there you go.

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Lady Gaga’s Fashion Secrets

No one has undergone more style transformation in the music industry or movie industry than the one and only diva Lady Gaga.  The pop songstress, actress, musician and philanthropist has undergone more outfit changes and styles than one could ever hope to achieve in a lifetime.  Remember the shocking raw meat outfit? 

Lady Gaga’s wild ensembles from ethereal to over the top costume is akin to shedding skin for another whenever her creative spirit sees fit.

Lady Gaga has continually pushed the boundaries of fashion, art and music throughout her career and she has received six Grammy Awards, record sales and worldwide recognition. 

She has even graced the runways for her designer friends such as Marc Jacobs and Thierry Mugler as well as the spokesperson for several campaigns for Tom Ford and Versace.

This talented, chart-topping singer sure has some serious fashion style no matter if she was channeling the country pop rock album Joanne in her baby pink cowboy hat or the glitter club kid appeal in the electropop album The Fame. 

Mother Monster does it like she does everything else – with utmost conviction and who can forget those killer heels?  While we cannot get enough of her hit songs, it is her wild costumes that get everyone talking.  Her affinity for avant-garde artistic fashion has made her a style icon.  Lady Gaga’s unique creations definitely deserve some recognition.  Let’s check out some of her most looks from the stage, the red carpet, and her iconic music videos. and relieve her whackiest wardrobe of all time.

Just Dance Music Video 2008

In her first smash single, Lady Gaga’s disco look is a nod to one of her inspirations, David Bowie with some lightning bolt makeup.  n the music video for her first smash single, the singer’s DIY-disco look evolved with a reappearance of the mirror bra and a nod to one of her inspirations, David Bowie, whom she acknowledged with some lightning-bolt makeup.

In an interview with a German talk show, Lady Gaga wore an outfit decorated with Kermit the Frog.  She explained that the Muppet-based fashion was a statement against wearing fur.

At her first VMA red carpet

Lady Gaga wore a corseted black lace dress by Jean Paul Gaultier and accessorized with a gold mask and neck brace and tied together her interests in vintage bodily constriction and modern metallics.

Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance music video was a high point for the singer which made its debut at Paris Fashion week on Alexander McQueen’s show.

Mother Monster appeared in a shoulder-padded black and white striped dress in the Telephone video which also featured Beyonce. 

This is her controversial and outrageous outfit made of raw beef where she was making a statement that she is Not a Piece of Meat when she accepted the Video of the Year award for Bad Romance.

In 2015, Lady Gaga showed up at the Oscars looking like a lady in a textured Alaia gown and red gloves. 

Gaga made her first grand entrance as a leading lady in the movie A star is born at the Venice film festival in 2018. She hit the carpet wearing a voluminous pale pink Valentino princess dress. 

During the inauguration of President Joe Biden in 2021, Lady Gaga took the stage and dazzled the nation with her moving performance of the national anthem. 

Putting her hair in an elegant updo, the pop superstar wore a custom Schiaparelli Couture ball gown , accented by a large gold dove pin (an emblem of peace). 

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