Margot Robbie’s Spinoff guarantees another Halloween for our Harley Quinn costume

Margot Robbie’s Spinoff guarantees another Wholesale Halloween Costumes for our Harley Quinn costume.

No one needs a spin-off of a suicide squad. But we got some. There are rumors that Joker spin-off may or may not involve Jared Leto. The rumored Harley Quinn derivatives are certainly related to Margot Robbie.

Let me correct myself.

We did not get a suicide squad split. We are getting Margot Robbie spin-off. No one really cares about Harley Quinn or want to see Warner Bros. destroying more iconic cartoon characters. But damn, if we do not want to see Margot more than braid and booty shorts for another three hours.
Robbie confirmed to MTV that she had split for two years. Considering that this by-product has never been mentioned, the film will be the greatest movie of all time or a huge flop of over-production. Given the history of Warner Bros., I bet the latter.

Harley Quinn movie is separate from the clown movie, which is separated from the Gotham City siren movie. Yes, I’m sure Warner Bros will not screw it up.

Robbie Wanted The Harley Quinn Movie The Most Important Is … More Women! “She needs her girlfriend,” Robbie said in an interview. I agree. I do not know who Harley Quinn’s girlfriend is, but I think they are as crazy, dirty and cheating as Quinn.

Although I did not have confidence in the products offered by Warner Bros., I really admired their ability to add milk to Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot. There are four Harley Quinn movies in the program, at least two Wonder Woman movies.

Meanwhile, Miracle Studios has been trying to make Scarlett Johansson a backstage player, not a Black Widow own movie. Steps to your game, miracles. DC may Ben Affleck as Batman, but at least they did not minimize the female.

The second idea. It’s worse to go to Ben Affleck.

Role Play Family Focus: Douglas Family

Cosplay is gaining popularity around the world and in conferences. I personally found that having fun and personal confidence in doing cosplay at the conference was great, and the number one reason I started was with my son. My goal is to talk to parents and families with all the configuration and skill levels on GeekDad, where they play role-playing and spotlights!

Cosplay Home Spotlight is a new regular clip I interviewed and focused on a role playing family. This week, I interviewed the Douglas family.

Interested in participating? Post a comment here, or contact me at Cheap Halloween Costumes.

How did you and your family get into role-playing and props / armor making? Is there a specific member started? Or are you both jumping in? What is your first role-play?

My wife and I have always hated. We attended the meeting, built the armor, and did a great deal of work. Ten years ago, we became adoptive parents. Through this program, we adopted four amazing children. The birthday of our largest child is November 1, so an annual birthday party for our family made a bigger deal, almost always including clothing. When young children enter our homes, they see their clothes and want their clothes. Soon, I accepted the request in June / July, so I can finish everyone’s halloween costume on time!

Children compete with each other, who is the coolest clothing of the year, they are definitely my most important fans. They did not point out the mistake of screen accuracy, or the Iron Man’s clothes actually fly, and I did not.

Do you have a favorite cosplay? As a family, your favorite bunch of cosplay?

Seven years ago, a week before Halloween, I approached my four-year-old man and demanded to become a man of iron. I really want to try this complicated thing, so I said he was a ninja. Two weeks after Halloween, I started making his Mark III outfit. After 11 months, I completed his lawsuit. This set of clothes enhances the bar, the next few years to see the costumes we make, from predators, hiccups, Hulkbuster, Ghostbusters, and armored Batman.

Speaking of group roleplaying, are you always trying to role-play? Or do you all do your own thing?

Every year, children provide clothes according to their own requirements. So far, they have not yet picked the characters from one genre / movie / show. Because of this, we have not done any set of cosplays.

Do you have your favorite piece of work challenging you?

I think every piece of clothing my child chooses for Halloween represents her own challenge. I think this is why I really like this hobby. It challenges me to try out new materials, use new tools and try different techniques. The first glass fiber helmet I made for my son’s Iron Man costume was my first use of these materials. I am now working with Pepakura, fiberglass, EVA foam, PVC, wood, metal, electronics, 3D printing and more.

But my biggest challenge was putting on my friend Iron Giant clothing nine feet high. It will be my first costume design for adults and I really want to showcase the materials and techniques that I have been using for years. But the scale itself is a huge challenge. It will be a very interesting project to work on!

What is your favorite “mid-sized” job (sewing, EVA foam, resin casting, etc.)?

EVA foam is my current favorite medium. It is easy to use, light and cheap. Anyone who wants to test clothing or props should try it out!

It has been a while since, but I’ve done quite a bit of modeling and I’ve found that small buildings and pillars have many similarities to armored building techniques. Have you ever done any scale modeling or smaller scale construction?

I’m making a folded pair of wings for my son’s Falcon outfit and I’m using FoamedPVP. I’ve never cut so much styrene-like material before, and the tip of my finger has now been pressed on the Exacto knife for hours. So, although I do not do exemplary work, but I have a new understanding of your work!

Most of our readers are parents, like me, wanting to share their curiosity with their children. Since he was born, I have been my father and son together. Do you have any suggestions for parents how to make children interested in cosplay and production?

At the same time as I make clothes, children have their own room in their own studios with materials, tools and even video game consoles (so they feel comfortable when I wear a suit and I’m surprised at their creation Power and desire to build and do things. Kids learn by watching, and I think it’s a great thing to build something for your kids. Participate in building and creating model creativity, problem solving and perseverance for your kids, these They are wonderful properties to follow.

“Being a freak is not about what you love, but how you love it,” this is the new geek mantra. In addition to role-playing, what else can you think you are a freak it?

I am a big fan of Star Wars and Tolkien and also a space nut. As the traveler passes through our solar system, I may grow up.

My oldest is World of Warcraft artists and fanatics / fans. My sons love Hallett pottery and animation (they even prefer subtitle versions so they can hear the original sound talent). And my youngest daughter has not really fallen on her own. She currently loves to follow all other favorite fans.

Do you have any upcoming conventions for your schedule where people can see you?

We just attended Fan Boy Expo in Knoxville. We had an explosion and it was a pleasure to have some of my special effects hero admire my seven year old baby Groot costume. Tom Woodruff Jr. and Alec Gillis were great, even taking short films of my daughter’s dances in short skirts. The video is a bit of a virus and there are over 8 million comments right now. So as an extra bonus, we got a teachable moment as we talked to each child about how to handle the attention (positive and negative) coming from the Internet. For children who grew up in the digital age, it is important to understand the importance and responsibility of their online behavior and the importance of staying true to life.

We are likely to attend the local TriCity and Fan Boy’s Summer 2018 Fair in November and if Iron Giant is ready, we may be back to Dragon * Con in the fall of 2018.

UIW athletes apologize for the black-faced Halloween costume

Students of Avatar University discussed after Thursday night’s three student athletes wearing black Halloween Costumes Outlet.

The Association of African Students said many members are not satisfied with disclosing photos of Halloween costumes on social media. They had wanted to bring their own setbacks to social media, but Kelechi Emeodi, ASO’s member who decided to contact UIW, said at the forum. He also said they started to feel that teachers did not take their concerns seriously.

Emeodi said: “Our idea is that nobody cares what we’re saying.” The fact that a president discovered a week later meant that the faculty members did not see it and told him that’s important. ”

Emeodi said ASO contacted other black student organizations at the University of Texas at San Antonio and Trinity University for help in raising awareness. That was when they decided to submit the issue to social media, which made Twitter crazy.

At the forum, entitled “Let’s Talk about Race,” three student athletes from the debate center paid tribute to the crowd.

“We just wanted to apologize and say we were sorry for any injuries we caused. It was an honest mistake, no more than dressing up as a character,” said a softball player who disagreed with himself.

“I really hurt, I really do not want to do it in any malicious way, I do not do that, I do not know what it means to be black, until I meet Dr. Moore, I’m real Want to say I’m sorry about anything, “another softball player said in a counterattack.

Two softball players use the black face dressed as the popular Madia movie series characters. A student athlete who claims to be a member of the UIW Men’s Swim and Dive Team also wore a black mask and said he respected him as a rap artist.

“My intentions are not malicious at all. I grew up in a church where I respect everyone and do not in any way disrespect anyone.

Black face is when the actor draws their face, often with black grease, similar to blacks. This is considered offensive and disrespectful to Negroes.

From Hillary Clinton to “Offred”: How Halloween Outdoes Sexy Cats

Popular test time. Halloween represents: a) Sorry for the Americanization of our culture. No matter what the penny happened to that guy, eh? b) sweet food. c) Wholesale Halloween Costumes that require weeks of planning are unusual for you, as you usually can not submit more than 24 hours in advance. If you answer a) then you are over 50. If you answer b), you are under 14 years old. If you answer c) then you are a millennial person.

Halloween is now mostly Coachella with fake blood instead of fake eyelashes. In the modern calendar, this day suddenly increased. Halloween became more prominent as rituals and ceremonies that faded with the congregation of the church were replaced by new era roots in fashion, celebrities and popular culture. When spring comes, we stop making easter hat and make summer corolla. The pumpkin spiced latte Tuesday returned to Starbucks now. And Halloween will soon be bigger than Christmas. At this point, I think we are basically infidels.

The rise of Halloween can be tracked through clothing. Twenty years ago, if you were going to mischief, nag your mum to give you an eye-catching piece of old paper, practice saying “hum,” hug you, that’s your “see” sort. At that time, Halloween was so low that sometimes the only piece of paper you were allowed to cut was not even white paper. And you have to be a flower ghost. When Halloween begins to shine, the date becomes an excuse for the party, so the costume becomes the themed dress. Witches began to like the cheap red satin corset and le w winky eyes, while their black cats were used in fishing net tights and cute ears.

But Halloween is over sexy cats. Halloween costumes in the age of fishing nets are now dead. I mean, it’s still all over the Amazon, but now it’s basic, which is obviously worse than death. Alpha halloween costumes in the 00s are a signal that you read the spirit of the times. So, in 2014, Iris Apfel became Cecil the Lion in 2015 and Leomyade in Beyoncé in 2016. At its most basic level of infantry, halloween costumes just say that you are the newest to watch in a cool box. Last year, it meant glasses with a frill jumper (a barb from unfamiliar things) this year it was a red cloak and a white hat (Offred maid).

At the other extreme, it gives celebrity work that involves endless reshape of their image – a new hair color, a baby bumpy wherever it needs to be – the perfect opportunity for remodeling. Kardashian is a major fan of Halloween photo opportunities. In 2014, Anna Wintour and André Leon Talley together were just one of a few outfits in the Northwest.

Halloween is a social standard release valve. We have to take a day out of a good act, naughty. Or from respect, lazy by embracing. So in the present hypocrisy of vanity, the release valve has become a chance that does not seem to make any sense. Watch Katy Perry as Hillary Clinton or Emily Latsakovsky as Maggie Simpson, or Liv Tyler as an oven to commemorate her pregnancy. These garments are also striking, as seeing women’s novelty in the public eye makes the efforts of the red carpet look stupid rather than gorgeous because of their creativity and humor.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, this little black dress is nothing in common. The latest things are more important than anything in celebrating pop culture festivals. This helps to make Halloween a perfect celebration of a generation. Last weekend, however, Casamigos, co-chaired by George and Amal Clooney, invited a vintage version of the 1970s. (Casa Muggs has become a Los Angeles-style White House Easter egg seen on a Halloween party hosted by the first couple on the West Coast.) Kea Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford Kaia Gerber) confirmed her new position at the top of the fashion celebrity tree, her Elvira-from-Scarface look, to pay tribute to the blue chip and the very mature style idol. Kim Kardashian, from Cher, probably picked from a shortlist from Google after searching for “seventies’ hot women wearing bra tops.”

For the rest of us, clothing choices are endless without Clooney’s invitation. You may be Melania. Or Wonder Woman. Or Beyonce’s birth announcement. Or Kim Jong-un or salt Ba. Or Vladimir Putin. Or is it a benefit of Paul Mana Ford’s a totally crazy world? Halloween now makes a lot of sense.

Diamond Dog: Fashionable hound looks millions of dollars

For all dogs, clothing is becoming a way to get out of the package.

Pethaus, the Melbourne-based online and Wholesale Halloween Costumes business, has sales of more than $ 200,000 and sells denim jackets.

Pethaus, a Melbourne-based online and wholesale business, sells denim jackets for $ 200,000 a year.

Entrepreneurs Mel Westwood and Matt Johnstone start a business as an “accidental

“In 2013 we got our puppy Willie and he was a very unstable little kid and we needed to give him a jacket and we could not find anything we liked,” said Westwood.

They put on a denim jacket, filled with some of their favorite bands, and realized they were doing something.

Westwood said: “We could not walk down the street without asking for a stop.” After that, we opened an Etsy store, and we just enjoyed doing it, so it started overnight The industry was very lucrative at the time and for us it was a way of life, but the trend in denim was slightly better after we started.

Pethaus is now full-time at Westwood, one of many small business owners.

Australia has one of the highest pet ownership countries in the world, with over 60% of households having pets. The ibis World Report 2017 focuses on retailing of pet and pet products for $ 4.4 billion.

The report said: “Although there has been no increase in the total number of pets in the last five years, owners spend more on each pet and increase spending on premium products and services.

Despite the difficult retail conditions, pets are an integral part of the owners’ lives.

The report said: “The industry’s saving edge has always been the rise of pet parents, as doting pet owners are increasingly giving their four-legged friends family status.

For the past five years, ibis World has found a human-oriented trend of encouraging families to spend more on pets, buying pet food products and designing designer clothing. Dogs and cats have become more and more popular, including designer collections for Halloween and Christmas and seasonal clothing.

Our business does not exist if it is not for those who want to reflect their own personality through pets.

Westwood said the pet mother phenomenon is a factor in Pethaus’s growing needs.

“Our business is about people’s humanization of pets.” We made things that we would wear, and I think we never thought we’d be human pet types until you had someone and realized that you The extension of life, our business will not exist, if not those who want to reflect their own personality through pets, they are our babies. ”

Social media, especially Instagram’s famous dog, is also the driving force behind the sale of puppy clothing.

Margaret Hennessy, owner of the dog clothing store, said social media is very influential.

Hennessy said: “We saw a lot of Instagram famous dog, we provide them promotional products.” We also use Facebook and Twitter, we really see into the online store. ”

Simone Kingston founded Dogue in 1998. This is Australia’s first dog shop in Woollahra, Sydney.

Kingston still owns Dogue’s wholesale business, and Hennessy acquired the retail business in 2005.

Dogue now has nine stores on its network and has traded over $ 5 million throughout the business after the battle with the U.S. “Vogue” trademark.

Dogue franchisees pay a $ 40,000 franchise fee, a $ 5,000 marketing fee and a $ 7,500 onboarding fee, while Dogue continues to earn 9.5%.

Hennessy said: “Unique, stylish, reasonably priced products are definitely a huge market.

She said that the pet’s viewing style is quite different from that of five or ten years ago.

“There’s definitely a different attitude toward pets,” she said. “” For our customers, the dog has always been a part of the family and they are locked in bed. ”

The main problem with Dogue in apparel sales is that the weather in Sydney is too hot for dogs, so Hennessy is considering opening five stores in colder states.

She said: “This is very interesting, it is part of a pet dog, many dogs like to wear a jacket, I feel very special.”

Why are children’s Halloween costumes getting better?

At the beginning of the 20th century, Cheap Halloween Costumes in the United States were often DIY projects: homemade costumes for kids firefighters, police officers and clown, which look weird or even ridiculous by modern standards. With the popularity of mass-produced plastics, the standard of children’s clothing has also changed. The stores sell low-priced masks and plastic curtains with figures as basic standard clothing. But today, you can head to the local Wal-Mart or Amazon and find hundreds of exquisite mass-produced garments filled with impressive features and accessories. So how do we get here?

In 2016, former mythical actress Adam Savage hosted a TED speech titled, “My Love Letter to Cosplay,” describing the dramatic improvement in halloween costume quality since childhood. He described one of his most co costumes as a child: from the movie Jaws, a combination of shark masks and costumes with movie posters.

“I remember it looks great and my mom bought it for me.” “When we were young, our life was not good, so the demands on the toys were getting higher and higher, which was not what I used most often But if you take a look today, it’s shocking when compared to what kids can get right now.

Howie Beige, executive vice president at Rubies Costume Co., said the quality of apparel has changed dramatically over the past few decades. In the 1980s, he said, legendary candy knives and other dangerous metropolitan spheres raised widespread concern about the safety of that Halloween trick. His company fears how it will affect its future.

“A funny thing happened,” Mickey said in an interview with The Verge. “Ruby sells high-priced children’s wear and better-quality fabrics for five or six years.With the prank happening, more and more people have more parties in their schools or churches or homes, leading to costume competitions and more.

Until the holiday season becomes more family-oriented, the Halloween costume market is beginning to recover and grow, partly because of the improved quality of ready-to-wear garments. Costumes with masks and silk-print blouses are cheap, but do not look as attractive as their parents to crafting more elaborate costumes and accessories. The new license agreement and the bounty boom also mean more options for popular licensed clothing, such as Star Wars, the Miracle Cinema universe and the DC Expansion Universe. These changes have contributed to the growth of the Halloween market, which is projected to reach 9.1 billion U.S. dollars in 2017 and 3.4 billion U.S. dollars in apparel, up from 8.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2016.

Manufacturing advances have enabled apparel manufacturers to meet this demand for higher quality products. “It’s much cheaper to print directly on all four sides,” Savage said. “It started in the movie, where they printed muscle patterns in Spider-Man’s suit. You can find the best person in Hollywood, but if you put Lycra on him, it flattens the muscles. “Materials such as screen printing and neoprene make it easy for manufacturers to add new details such as swollen muscles that were previously difficult to mass-produce.

Clothing improvements are not limited to what consumers can buy from shelves. Technological advances and Internet technologies make it easier to use 3D printers, foam, cardboard and other materials to change or create high-quality children’s clothing from scratch. Savage said: “I like the fact that people use the Internet to share technology.” You can keep using Instructables, not just images of the final result, but you get the whole build process and patterns. ”

A closer look at my local store surprised me with the quality of a garment that depicts the soldier of the Special Forces. Garment helmets are modeled on the helmets used today in combat, the guide rails for molded equipment and the attachment points for night vision goggles. Last year, Hasbro introduced the black linetrooper helmet, which is almost indistinguishable from the helmet used in the movie. It comes with a built-in sound system that blows lines from the movie. A Hasbro representative explained that details help to enrich the experience of the children, and the experience is constantly improving as the clothing continues to improve. “When I was a kid I killed for these types of garments,” Savage explained.

In the coming years, Beige predicts that Halloween costumes will continue to improve, and the decline in small LED prices may lead to more lighting enhancements, especially for electronic elements such as the Iron Man’s ARC reactor. He said: “Light is an important part of the future.

Roundup: Holiday Homes on Broadway Land!


Broadway’s only Christmas concert celebration, Broadway welcomes you to this holiday season, when the greatest voices of their generation, “American Idol,” “Voice,” and “American Got Talent” winners united the latest holiday Broadway Concert tradition.

Jake Kauffman, Candice Glover, Season 12, American Idol; Winner, Season 6 of the Sound; and Bianca Ryan, USA: American ‘Got Talent’ will perform more than 25 Christmas classics in the first quarter.

Festival House is also the star of “Blonde” Eleventh Season star Kaitlyn Bristowe; Oscar nominated stage and screen star Danny Alie (Danny Aiello); and YouTube’s feel Peter Hollens & Evynne Hollens, made of a live 9 yellow Copper and rhythm belt support.

Let’s see what critics have to say!

Michael Dale of Broadway World: On the program’s website, “Some of the greatest voices of our generation are the Audrey McDonald of our generation? How is Marilyn Maye?”, Candice Glover (“American Idol” Season 12), Josh Kaufman’s “Season 6” sound and Bianca Ryan (Season 1’s “American Gotta” season 1) are all very talented. Moreover, the New York theater critic once again critically criticizes their voice ability because of their style that he seldom focuses on. But their performances are on Broadway, so the critics of the Broadway Theater have a responsibility to see and comment.

Elisabeth Vincentelli, The New York Times: Bring Donny & Marie back! Although their 2010 “Broadway Christmas” may be neat and tidy, it also shows a greedy need, let alone an unexpected sense of humor and kitsch. Sadly, pop songs lacking these qualities, carols and Christmas themes in Holiday House eclipsed the wonders of the brothers and sisters of the Ausmonds like MötleyCrüe concerts.

Frank Sheikh, Hollywood Reporter: Trapped in the city during the festival? Tired of seeing old perennials like the Radio City Christmas show or nutcracker? If your answer is yes and you want to get further into a seasonal depression, a new Broadway show is a ticket. Professionally remembered your entertainment in a cruise or low-renting Las Vegas casino, the Holiday House is a Christmas show and only Ebenezer Scrooge will love it.

Adam Feldman of the New York Times: “Please note that the House of Habitat contains haze effects,” a sign at the August Wilson Theater warned boys forever. The first is the hazy concept of Broadway, Broadway concert, is a Halloween Costumes Outlet store Christmas, there are three funny vocal competitions: Candice Glover, Josh Kaufman and Bianca Ryan. “Single Girl” one of the two young ladies of the eleventh season Caitlin Bristol (Kaitlyn Bristowe) Peter and Evynne Hollens, Married Cappella; somehow veteran actress Danny Aiello. Then there’s the hazy voice: the breathtaking baroque decoration is like the singers Like ice skating on thin ice, they are afraid to stay on a note for more than a quarter of a second.

Joe Dziemianowicz, New York Daily News: If your happy place is a bizarre exit, then Holiday Home will be in your hallway, uh, alley. This is not an endorsement. This is just Broadway this seasonal pop-up concert is a messy mix. Three TV reality show vocal winners were ranked first: Candice Glover of “American Idol”; Josh Kaufman of “The Voice”; and Bianca Ryan of “America’s Got Talent”.

Consumer Watch: Creative Halloween Costumes Get Cheap

It’s almost Halloween now, and if you do not have Cheap Halloween Costumes, do not worry, there’s time to put together some good things.

If you are willing to thrifty, then more creative, cheaper things are easy to get. Fox 25 Consumer Watch went to the bad old woman’s fair for some of the last thoughts of Halloween. This is their busy time of the year as people celebrate Halloween and Dia de Los Muertos.

“Everyone has a different idea.You can get things from one stall and another stall, and throw it together, and this is completely different from the rest of the party,” Granny’s Market owner Diana Harris said.

Popular purchase is Moonrise King style clothing. How old is this movie, but it seems worth noting. There are also more traditional garments, like the creative gift of skeleton clothing.

“One of my suppliers was one of the artists, so he found a suit – maybe a thrift store – and he was an artist too, so it looked very good, so he painted it pants,” said Harris Say, a black suit with a white skeleton painting.

If you’re still around Halloween, there are many places like bad old bazaars and town junk shops that have some ideas. The real horror cost more than you think, so there is a plan to spend and stick to it.

Papa’s Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costumes got worse for all the wrong reasons

Halloween is such a weird moment of the year. On the one hand, it often carries the best people, just as young girls dress up as feminist examples. Then, of course, we have whites to show off their ridiculous insensitive clothing. For example, the father of Caitlyn Jenner before and after her gender transition.

Ohio college student Mac Vonderahe posted her father’s photo on Twitter last weekend, comparing his two costumes to a Halloween party. First, her dad dresses as Caitlyn Jenner in the middle of the night and then he plays Jenner to drag the other half. In short, Vonderahe’s father, first in the Olympic uniform, then put on a suit and apartment.

Vonderahe’s Twitter spread quickly and Twitter users throughout the United States claimed that her father had “won” Halloween. However, once transgender users find Twitter, they criticize Vonderahe’s father and explain that the clothing is not sensitive to trans women.

Twitter user Alex Jacob wrote in response: “In the United States, there are over 40% of trans suicide attempts to commit suicide and more than 25 trans fatty acids are killed, which is ridiculous.” “I think ridicule and dehumanization Transgender people are very fucking mean. ”

Jacob is right. Garments are mainly targeted at transgender women and their experiences of attempted suicide, harassment and abuse are already high. In an interview with Daily Points, Jacob was a transgender, explaining that he was not surprised but still unhappy.

Jacob said: “I really think using multinational celebrities (as clothing) is an excuse to ridicule all transgender people.” Although I am used to such a thing, it’s still frustrating. It just shows how people look at transgender people, and it’s always hard to see. ”

LGBTQ militants quickly agreed, pointing out that the Cheap Halloween Costumes ridiculed Jenner’s gender transition for a cheap laugh, without any understanding of what dexterity means. For starters, Vonderahe’s daddy marks “Bruce Caitlyn’Jenner” on his name brand, uses Jenner’s surname – a symbol of disrespect in the transgender community – and then puts “Caitlyn” in scary quotes, It seems like that is not who she really is. To many, Vonderahe’s father is simply equivalent to transgendering the same sex man wearing slippers.

Why Shun Men should not be disguised as a Halloween transgender woman? First, when men are dressed as transgender women, they essentially equate trans women with trans women who wear transgender women. Really, men who are transgender women in a movie are different. This is a simplification of the use of hate speech against trans women throughout the world.

This does not mean that men can not wear drag clockwise. Dragging (wearing a garment that usually wears the opposite sex) is a completely different concept of gender transition (transgender women do not need to wear clothes to identify women; this is what they may feel psychologically because they are infrequent). In addition, gender is very fluid and humane masculine apparel is very important. Dressing can even become a free experience for transgender women in closets that have not yet transitioned and may be considered as straight men in everyday life.

But obviously, Vonderahe’s father does not respect Jenner. By referring to Jenna as her name, and turning her into a gimmick, it pales the pain, anxiety and trauma of all female experiences. It also hinted that Jenner was a true trans men, from an Olympic star to a man in a dresses instead.

Cisgender men who are transgender women often do just that for a cheap laughter. They continue the ongoing social anxiety about transgender female bodies and reinforce the insensitive stereotype that men born at birth must be male and women assigned at birth have to be female – this is transgender fears disease. As a result, such garments reinforce openness and hostility to transgender people and may even be violent.

Jacob said: “To ridicule a marginalized population will only further delay the negative opinions, thus exacerbating the actual violence.” “It is very hard to see especially because it is the hardest thing I’ve ever done Man’s. ”

As for the rally, it seems that Vonderahe thinks her father is not wrong. According to her Twitter likes, she has since responded positively to tweets that praise apparel, many of whom are “too sensitive” to criticize transgender people.

One Twitter user wrote: “If someone committed suicide because some casual daddy wore halloween costumes, then there’s a deeper problem here.” Spiritual issues of the deep-seated son. ”

Like dad, clear as daughters.

Business seduces seasonal help with other job opportunities

NEW YORK – Each fall,’s workforce soared from 150 to 2,000 as online retailers met orders for Halloween Costumes Outlet and decors.

The company offers seasonal staff in a warehouse in North Mankato, Minnesota, which is a well-behaved motivator – those who will be referred to town greeting card maker jobs. Joe Riska, the company’s head of human resources, says the business takes 300 to 400 after left its seasonal staff.

He said: “Now that they’ve spent a season, that they can do a good job, now they can go to work for another company,” he said.

Small businesses that need extra help during holidays or other rush hours are looking for employees who are willing to work hard to help them meet the higher demands they make on their products or services. So the goal of some owners hiring and managing is to turn temporary workers into long-term ones or to help them find other jobs. This is a crucial strategy when the 4.1% national jobless rate reduces the number of candidates.

Melissa Hassett, vice president of Manpower Human Resources Group, said that if businesses provide only short-term salaries to them, it’s hard for them to find seasonal employees. Many of these workers want to learn new skills. Haset said: “Many people will like more career growth.

However, Carrie Gonell, a lawyer for employment at Morgan Lewis in Columbia Mesa, Calif., Said that owners need to manage the expectations of their seasonal workers and know they are getting Long-term job opportunities. Some workers want to win the job when the season is over.

Gonell advises landlords who want to get those employees off when their business slows, “Make sure you say the job is seasonal.”

At, seasonal staff start arriving in August and spend most of their work on Halloween. During Christmas, about 10% will continue to process the holiday goods. It is difficult to hire and manage many temporary workers, so the company increases the number of HR staff from three to fifteen a year. It recruits college students looking for human resources experiences that they can list in their CV, says Rica.

When appliance maker NewAir recruited employees during the busy season, warehouse manager Ronnie DeLeo told prospective employees that they had a chance to keep their jobs when the surge in sales ended. While they are working, they will compete with NewAir’s existing staff for permanent job opportunities.

NewAir, which makes small appliances such as ice wine and ice makers, provides seasonal help during summer and winter holidays. The company’s Cypress warehouse in California employs about 20 people and employs a total of 10 employees when orders from online customers and retailers soar, as well as during packaging and shipping.

During the interview, candidates learned that the company tracked staff productivity on public scoreboards, and everyone knew that the best performing staff would continue working after the peak season.

DeLeo said: “I have encountered some situations, I have some new, new, motivated people, their work is much faster, more motivated than the current staff.

Andrew Stephenson, director of product marketing, said the company works with employees to help employees who need to improve their performance and, in some cases, pay severance pay when employees are left behind. Stephenson said competitive strategy is part of NewAir’s long-term growth plan.

“We want to double – even less than triple – our business in the coming years,” he said. “In the warehouse, the speed is going up and we have to be staffed accordingly. ”

Hugh Jones employs 25 mosquitoes every spring as his mosquito franchise installs and maintains outdoor pest control systems by the end of October. Jones, including Greensboro, Winston-Salem and the North Carolina High, believes that providing career counseling and guidance to his seasonal staff will motivate them to do their jobs well.

Jones said: “We are here to help you find a good job, not to say ‘here to work, it’s great.’

Jones serves breakfast twice a month for crew members and brings motivators to talk about life and work. He said many seasonal workers are in their 20s and have not figured out what they want to do. If they are interested in a particular job, he will try to pair them with those already engaged in such work, so that they can learn more. Two years ago, one of Jones’s staff told him he wanted to be a firefighter.

Jones said: “I met a fireman and took him to talk to him, and now, two years later, he is a firefighter.”