Students hold a weird Halloween party


Halloween may have passed, but at least we can still review and remember the good times it brings us. More specifically, we can look back at the school’s Halloween party for the students.

On October 30th, the Student Life and Athletics Program hosted a Halloween party at the Gallagher Room at the New Town Campus of the Xionglu Community College. “Halloween parties are a gathering of student life gatherings. They do this every year,” said Matt Cipriano, director of student life and academic programs.

The party it threw into the room was filled with joyful music and lighting to suit the atmosphere. Students can also enjoy games and food for free.

In addition to the party itself, there is also a costume competition where students wear the most glamorous outfits to see which one is the best. For those students who do not want to stay on campus all day and have a duty to go out, the club has considered it in advance.

“What we do is let the students log in, tell us who they are, what they dress up, and some form of connection.” Cipriano said. “Clothing competitions are a big attraction for Halloween parties. We know that students are busy with their activities, so we want to be flexible enough to meet their needs.”

There are multiple categories for multiple winners, almost 20. The championship is Chris Ebinger.

The students themselves really like these celebrations. Many of them wear their own clothing to participate in this event.

James Levan, 24, is one of the majors in history at Levittown. He came to the party like a Spartan.

“I am here just to have fun.” Lewan declared. “I am very happy to be able to send candy at home before Halloween.”

Nikole Gesualdi, a 20-year-old culinary arts professional from Levittown, also appeared. Gesualdi came to this party dressed as a bee, which looks a bit like a zombie and was carefully named “zom-bee”.

“I am just here to participate in all competitions and free food,” Gesualdi said. “I can’t wait to send candy on Halloween.”

There is even a group of people who play several roles in the hit movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Shanzeh Khan, a 21-year-old biomedical science professional, plays the good witch Glinda. The 19-year-old psychology major, Sylvia Sales, comes with Dorothy clothing, while Katie Chookagian, 19, has a film and video major and is dressed as a Western evil witch.

“I like the Halloween party very much, so I am very happy to be here,” Khan commented. “Halloween, I can’t wait to eat a lot of candy.”

“I am here to support and appreciate student life,” Salas said. “I am really happy to dress up for Halloween.”

“My friend is the reason I am here; I just like to go out with them.” Chookagian claims. “Most of the time, I like to give children candy on Halloween, and this year will not be different.”

If you want to party, whether it is dressed as a person, I hope you have a grand Halloween this year. Remember, we still need to celebrate Thanksgiving before the final Christmas.

Look at Hıdrellez to get mad at Halloween!

Our three-and-a-half-year-old son had his first Halloween experience in New York this year. We try to explain the way that everyone in the street gives them chocolate and sugar by asking the un grape un and the summary of the cultural complexity of the child. But as far as I could follow social media, Halloween was celebrated with enthusiasm in Turkey this year and there was a heated debate about the suitability of our national values ​​after.

First of all, the discussions part of a famous street interview quoted by saying y No one can interfere in everyone’s life bir. Let people live the fun they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Let us focus the sociological and anthropological analyzes of the work on the needles and the opportunities that we need to evaluate, and leave the relevant experts to the relevant experts. So let’s get angry with those who celebrate Halloween, to use this energy in favor of our brands and to make seasonal opportunities that are part of our culture like Hıdrellez a part of our marketing calendar.

Every day like a feast

cheap halloween costumes
The purpose is not only to develop Hıdrellez. Many special days, from Ashura Day to Nevruza, from oil lamps to festivals, and from the geography of which we are part, have many beautiful opportunities to revive consumption in the country. However, apart from the festive periods, most of the brands we see as an opportunity originate from overseas. Although there is no problem taking advantage of global retail dynamics, if they are questioned for their suitability for our culture, it is useful to question what has been done so far to create a marketing calendar that is, appropriate for our culture Global.

Because the American marketing calendar, which is not appreciated, has no opportunity to revive the consumption in the country, especially in the retail sector. Before Thanksgiving next Black Friday-which now gelmiş- craze become part of the calendar in Turkey, with behind Small Business Saturday and Cyber ​​Monday combo “crazy feast every day” misali a dizzying shopping wind, no vacancy on the agenda of consumers within a week do not leave.

Of course it’s not all this year. However, it is not a coincidence that the shopping spree before Christmas was at this level, but rather a state policy. In 1939, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Abraham Lincoln in the direction of the application launched, since the 1800s, November, the last Thursday celebrated the Thanksgiving Day a week forward. Its aim is to reduce the impact of the global economic downturn, which has brought a stamp to the 1930s, by reviving the retail sector. At the time, it was not welcome to advertise Christmas products before Thanksgiving, but with the change of this date, it was aimed to bring the tradesmen away from the Great Depression by increasing sales and profitability by providing tradesmen with a longer sales period before Christmas. Even today, the largest is organized by the retail chain Macyıs, the Thanksgiving Day parade ends with the glimpse of the arrival of the representative Santa and the opening of the Christmas shopping season.

This cute kid dressed as a good market sample person and the internet is obsessed

If we are honest, 10-15% of our favorite shopping at Costco is a free sample. Cross the huge supermarket and know that you will find some free snacks on the way, which is very soothing. I like to think that this is a process of thinking that causes parents to dress up his/her cute child as a sample of a good city.
Who wouldn’t want to try Kirkland Signature Soft and Chewy Granola Bars for this muffin? This piece of clothing is more than just a cute look – look at the hair net! – This is also very accurate. As The Kitchn points out, the font on the logo and the SKU number of the granola strip match the actual price.
Although we regret to know who this little gem is, he has made waves on Reddit and Facebook. Costco fan page Costco Bear has more than 20,000 responses and 30,000 shares. Parents, 2019 Halloween costumes that look like your children are picked.

BGSU Brotherhood members are disciplined for Halloween behavior


A survey of Halloween’s behavior on Halloween at Bowling Green State University found that nine members were protected by freedom of speech.

In a university statement released on Wednesday, BGSU Chairman Rodney Rogers said there was no violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

According to the source, a group of students dressed up as Mexican-American gangsters for Halloween and posted photos on social media, indicating cultural possession.

The university has completed an investigation into the incident involving nine members of the fraternity.

“Although their actions are inappropriate and contrary to BGSU’s core values ​​of diversity and inclusiveness, the reported actions are protected under the First Amendment to the US Constitution and our own freedom of expression and freedom of expression policy. The remarks. Therefore, there is no violation of the Student Code of Conduct,” Rogers said.

“This kind of speech and behavior has no place in our community, and we will always oppose individuals and groups that support racism, intolerance or hatred.”

Since this speech violates the values ​​of the organization and the values ​​of the organization, the university works with the local branch of the Brotherhood and its consultants to implement the following sanctions:

• The fraternity members who participated in this event have been suspended for one year. They may ask the local club’s executive committee, consultants and regional directors to resume next year.

• This chapter will appoint a diverse and inclusive chair. The fraternity members appointed to this position will meet with the staff of the Dean’s Office to learn about campus resources to educate active and future members of diversity and inclusiveness.

• This chapter will work with the Dean’s Office to identify speakers for the next semester to discuss diversity and inclusion. All members of the Pok Oi Society will participate and the speech will be open to the campus community.

• This chapter will identify community service projects for the spring of 2019, which focuses on the Latino/a/x community.

In addition, the Office of the Dean of Students will meet with each student participating in the event to discuss their choices and how they do not meet our values ​​as a university.

“Everyone should feel valued and respected at BGSU. We will continue to support those affected,” Rogers said.

He asked the university community to continue to report any bias or other issues through See it. Hear. Report, or use the “Report” button on the BGSU application.

“We can all play a role in making BGSU a passionate community,” Rogers said.

Celebrity baby in cute Halloween costume

Halloween is a fun holiday that gives people the opportunity to explore their creativity every year. Although Halloween is very interesting for adults, the real joy is to see cute children wearing their costumes to ring your doorbell and say, “Trick or treat!” Although most of us don’t have any celebrity life, we like to watch How to get a holiday for the kids at A-listers. Check out some of the cutest celebrity baby costumes for Halloween below.
Melody Love Norwood- Ray J and Princess Love Norwood shared their lovely photos of their daughter Melody dressed as Tinker Bell on Instagram.
True Thompson-Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson’s daughter True played a few cute animal costumes during Halloween. In this photo, Mom, Khloé shares that she is a cute little panda.
Cali Clay Shepard – Chanel Iman shares her baby girl as a little angel with her husband Sterling Shepard.
At Halloween, Kardashian’s children dressed as two rappers. Kim Kardashian’s son, Saint, and his father, Kanye, went to cousin Reign as rapper Lil Pump. These two oversized costumes look cute.
Junie Shumpert – Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert shared photos of their daughter Junie dressed as a loofah.
Rushing Reving – Toya Wright dresses her baby girl as a cabbage patch for children’s dolls.

The 2012 Halloween robber returned to prison one month after giving an inspiring speech to the students.


It is alleged that a one-time gang member robbed the children of Halloween candy under the gun, which gave him a second chance earlier this year.

The 23-year-old Zyion Houston-Sconiers was arrested on Tuesday after a Tacoma police gang united on a street crime to accentuate the car he was riding in. The police found guns and drugs in his backpack near him.

The police stopped at around 4:30 pm. When the driver fails to use the turn signal, it is at 1400 blocks on South Grant Avenue. According to the charging documents, they decided to let the driver refer to the vehicle because they did not have a valid driving license, but asked to search the car after noticing the “sneaky action that seems to be related to the glove box”.
According to reports, the driver, Houston-Sconiers and the front seat passengers agreed to the search.

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Police officers found a backpack next to Houston-Sconiers. According to court documents, there is a pistol, 13 packs of heroin and prescription drugs with the name Houston-Scholler.

On Wednesday, Houston – Scolni was accused of illegal possession of controlled substances, intended to deliver and illegally hold guns at the first level. He refused to plead guilty at the time of the trial and ordered him to be held in jail instead of $20,000 in bail. During the lawsuit, he seems to be a fact.

Arrogrance Wood, who calls himself Houston – Scolni’s girlfriend, told The News Tribune outside the court: “Before he was found guilty, he was innocent. They were wrong. They may be wrong again.”

Houston – Scoil made headlines for the first time in 2012, when he and Tracy Lee Roberts carried a .32 caliber revolver around the city on Halloween night and snatched away a few teenagers’ candy and mobile phones. .

Houston-Sconiers was 17 years old and had a Hilltop Crip, which had been recorded before. Roberts is 16 years old.

How to wear a celebrity guide on Halloween

Nothing can be worn like a celebrity on Halloween – or, this year, defending – a disgusting outfit.

Megyn Kelly has been criticized for the black face of “Today”. But three-time Olympic gold medalist skier Sean White put on “Simple Jack”, a role in the 2008 comedy “Tropic Thunder.” “Simple Jack has an intellectual disability.

Soeren Palumbo is the co-founder of Special Olympics’ “Spread a Word to End the Word” campaign. He told the costumes and told HuffPost that “disability is not a joke, nor should it be a whisper.”

White then provided a verified “whoopsie” apology on Instagram: “I should apologize to everyone in the Special Olympics community because I chose Halloween costumes that night. This is the last minute decision. This is wrong. Special Olympics is right to speak to me. They have done a lot of great work to support so many great athletes, and I am sorry for being insensitive to them. I have learned the knowledge.”

So, Megyn and Shaun: How could it be avoided?

The rules are simple. There are basically only three: don’t dress up as dead people; avoid cultural and offensive stereotypes; in order to love everything, don’t paint black faces with black or brown paint.

However, some people in our celebrity culture each year clearly ignore these rules – it’s weird when you think about it. How to position black paint, black paint, black paint, and black paint, celebrities stopped and said to themselves: “Do you know, this is probably not the best idea, maybe I should dress up Into a pumpkin or something else?

Fortunately, for the rest of us, these celebrities have given us a few examples of how not to dress up for Halloween for years. Here are some lessons.
If you dress up as a dead celebrity, how can you not use your clothing to refer to the death method?

This seems obvious, but if someone is dead in the hospital and you want to dress up as that person, maybe don’t wear a hospital gown. Over the years, this principle has apparently been lost to some celebrities.

Comedian and general protagonist Bill Maher are one of them. In 2006, he decided to dress up as a crocodile hunter Steve Irving. The only problem was that Irwin was killed by stingrays a few months ago – and Maher decided to incorporate this detail into his outfit. (Adult, adult) The man walked around, and the fake stinger came out of the bloody wound in the chest.

Then he chose twice in his program, and he angrily refused to apologize, but accused Owen of dying.

Celebrity Halloween Costume 2018

Halloween is here! This spooky holiday has finally arrived, but the celebrities have spent several days on their holidays.

Everyone at Kendall Jenner and Gwen Stefani opens a new window. Rita Ora and Lisa Rinna transform themselves with wigs, cosmetics, etc., dressed as Disney characters, rappers, fashion icons, and even their own famous brothers and sisters.

Scroll through the best celebrity Halloween costumes of 2018!
Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson
The expectant mother and her husband won Halloween with such a clever outfit, and Simpson could not identify it. Although she assumed Danny Devito’s role in Twins, her former football player’s husband represented Arnold Schwarzenegger on Wednesday, October 31.
January Jones
The Mad Men actress, looking for All Hallow’s Eve, vintage, on October 31, led the black and white stripes of the 1960s pop art icon Edie Sedgwick, leopard print jacket and statement earrings.
The cast of “The Strangers” has been fully launched this year, with costumes ranging from their own series of characters to Star Wars characters – even Bob Marley – all on October 31.
Kelly Jenner
The beautiful tycoon shook the silver-white wig and marshmallow cloud skirt when she carried the metal plaque and her baby Stormi on Wednesday, October 31. clothing? Stormi weather.
Kelly Jenner
After her Stormi Weather moment and her family’s Victorian secret costume, Jenner and her girl gang wore some yellow latex as part of the Fanta Girls’ costume.
Kourtney Kardashian
Kardashian gave Ariana Grande, a petite brunette, her iconic over-the-knee boots, a pink empire waist mini, on her evening of October 31st. Skirt and extra long brown to gold ombre ponytail.
Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas
The pair of engaged couples wore classic outfits on October 31st: Morticia and Gomez Addams.

Update: Two accused of killing Halloween in Dodge County


The authorities have filed charges against two people for killing a beaver dam man on the Dodge County Farm Halloween.

Nigel Schultz, 20, Portage, faces five felony sins, including a first-degree intentional homicide.

The 32-year-old Rebecca A. Wolc of Beaver Dam faces accusations of harbouring/helping serious criminals.

The two will make their debut at the Dodge County Court at 12:45 pm. Wednesday.


Update: The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office has identified the man who was killed in Dodge County on October 31 and Bradlee Gerkee of the 36-year-old Beaver Dam.

Sheriff Dell Schmidt said that on Wednesday, someone called 911 or a non-emergency law enforcement agency and reported a body at N901, Hongyi Road, Lebanon.

Schmidt said in a few hours that a suspect was detained.


City of Lebanon (WKOW) – The official of the Dodge County Sheriff has identified a male murder victim whose body was found on Halloween.

But Sheriff Dale Schmidt refused to announce his name on Friday, citing continued investigations and efforts to inform close relatives.

Schmidt said that on Wednesday, someone called 911 or a non-emergency law enforcement agency and reported a body at N901, Hongyi Road, Lebanon.

Records show that the home has been owned by the 49-year-old Marine Corps veterans since 2010, but Schmidt declined to comment on how the murder victim was associated with the property, if any.

Schmidt said a suspect was detained within hours of the law enforcement response to the agency’s report. He said the suspect was not involved in the murder in the Dodge County Prison.

The sheriff also refused to disclose whether the suspect knew whether the victim was a stranger or not.

Schmidt said he believes there is no lingering threat to the region. “Communities are safe… they can feel safe at home,” Schmidt said.

The authorities said that an autopsy was carried out on the body on Friday, but no findings were found.

The crime scene is located in a secluded area near Sugar Island, an illegal community in the Lebanese town of Dodge County.

Village Halloween Parade Organizer Sues Adventure Financial Ruins

The sixth page has learned that the organizers of the iconic Halloween parade have been sued for allegedly placing the incident at risk of a financial crisis.

Long-term parade donor Frank “SuperFrank” Copsidas, Jr. In a court document filed with the Supreme Court of New York on Monday, he claimed that he was invited to join the board in 2017 – but he said he was surprised to find that nearly $300,000 in donations were earmarked by the secretary of the non-profit organization, Jennifer Fleming, as her ” Retirement fund”.

He also claimed that the board failed to obtain proper insurance for the parade and volunteers, while cash donations from city agencies broadcast in NY1 were transferred to another account for a Christmas parade in northern New York.

At the same time, his complaint alleges that non-profit accountants have made ominous disclaimers on these books.

SuperFrank tells the sixth page: “I grew up with Parade, in my DNA. My goal in this case is to ensure that the parade continues to succeed in the coming decades through a responsible board of directors.”

HI lawyer Peter Scoolidge added, “SuperFrank began contributing to the parade as a long-term parade in 2013. Secretary Jeanne Fleming asked him to join the Village Halloween Parade Inc. board of directors in September 2017 to help raise funds.

“Then he began to understand the finances and management of the non-profit organization. What he learned shocked him.”

The complaint stated: “Ms. Fleming explained to SuperFrank that she had borrowed money from the organization for many years and owed her huge debts.

“However, after investigating the financial situation of the Organization to determine the amount of debt to Ms. Fleming, SuperFrank could not find any amount paid by Ms. Fleming to the Organization. Instead, the Organization moved to Vaughan from 2007 to 2016. Ms. Laiming paid $20,000 to nearly $50,000, during which time she totaled $311,000.00.

“Ms. Fleming didn’t stop there. When SuperFrank told her that he couldn’t find any loan from her to the organization’s books, she became aggressive and accused him of trying to “get her out of her money.” . ”

According to court documents, SuperFrank replied that if the organization owes her money, he would like to know how to hand it over to her without violating any law.

“Ms. Fleming said that about $300,000.00 in her organization’s account is her “retirement fund” and she has been working hard to manage the parade for many years. “

When SuperFrank faced Fleming, the lawsuit alleged that she tried to sell him control of non-profit organizations in November 2017. He then expressed his concern to Board Chairman Richard Aldrich – he claimed that Su perFrank was not actually a board member.

In addition to this, the complaint claimed that even the parade website requested donations – some funds were siphoned to Sinterklass! In the Hudson Valley, it is also run by Fleming.

The complaint concluded: “SuperFrank now brings this derivative action to protect the parade from the financial crisis so that millions of New Yorkers can continue to enjoy it.

The sixth page is waiting for comments from the Halloween Parade Board.