How to Wash Outerwear

You not only want to stay warm I style, but also want to stay warm in clean clothes. Just like all other clothes, outerwear gets dirty with every wear and if you intend to ever reuse it, you will need to keep it clean. With the latest fashion trends, outerwear is not only functional during cold weather but can also be worn as fashion accessories for casual or formal occasions. You might think that it is just a matter of throwing that dirty jacket into the washing machine but alas, it involves much more than that, especially if you do not want to spoil your special coat or jacket.

Look at the tag

The inside of your coat has a tag that spells out all you need to know about its maintenance so it makes sense that this is the first place you should look. It will tell you whether to machine wash, hand wash, or dry clean. Other also specify temperature levels and detergents among others.

Sort different materials

You might have a number of coats or jackets with different materials, so it is prudent that you sort the different materials and wash them separately as they might all require different forms of care. Washing wool separate from nylon will preserve your clothes.

Make use of your dry cleaner

When in doubt, it is always best to consult an expert. Drycleaners deal with outwear all the time so they know how to wash and care for the different materials of your precious clothes. After all, it is best to spend a little on dry cleaning than ruin a perfectly good coat. If it’s leather, fur or suede, the general rule is that you ought to run straight to your dry cleaner and let them do what they do best.


After washing your coat or jacket, it is ready for your wearing pleasure. However, be ready for some wear and tear with multiple washes.



Middleton School resumes teachers involved in Halloween costume controversy

The Middleton School District announced that it will resume employees participating in the Halloween costume dispute last week after the investigation.

In a statement sent to the district’s website on Wednesday, Supervisor Josh Middleton wrote: “Our focus is now on giving everyone the opportunity to grow together into a community.”

Middleton wrote: “It is worth noting that after the district review, it has been confirmed that these teachers and assistants only have love and commitment in their hearts.” “The educators involved chose the profession to work and educate all students. We are confident in their ability to provide an effective learning environment for every student in the building.”

The teachers and assistants who participated in the photo also issued a statement.

“Although our intentions are not malicious or malicious, we have recently lacked an understanding of our understanding of the impact of choices made, regardless of our intentions,” the statement said. “We are taking action individually and collectively. And will continue to take steps to learn, grow, and better understand and accept cultural differences.”

Halloween and harvest activities should allow children to enjoy hearty food

Gardiner is preparing to celebrate the most horrific festival of the year, with three Halloween-themed events produced by the city and an event by the Gardena-Carson Family YMCA starting this week. In addition, at least once the church held a harvest festival on the October 31 calendar.

On Friday, October 26, the Zhonggang Community Center will host the annual Halloween Ball. From 6 pm to 9 pm, children aged 12 and under can dance to pre-recorded music in their favorite Halloween costumes. In addition, a clothing competition will be held to show the children their most creative costumes.

Community Center Coordinator Pauline Moses said that if it wasn’t slightly larger than last year’s event, the dance should be the same.

“We expect 100 to 150 children to participate in the event,” Moses said. “Last year we had 100 children [to join the ball.]”

The cost of attending a Halloween ball is $3. No, children who don’t want to wear clothing don’t have to.

With the arrival of the Halloween dance, Halloween will be held on Wednesday night on Wednesday, October 31 at the parks in Freeman Park and Raleigh Park.

This event will include candy, costume contests, haunted houses, haunted labyrinths, food and snacks.

The third event is unique to Rowley Park and is part of the Halloween event. The event is known as the Clown Confusion, which includes many of the facilities for other Halloween events, but there are also crafts activities and gatherings of scary and fun clowns that interact with customers.

The Gardena-Carson Family Christian Youth Club will host a carnival to celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 26th at 5:30 pm.

According to Dora Gonzalez of the Gardena-Carson family YMCA, the carnival will include sports games such as cake decoration, corn hole games, math games and skipping. A parade will also be held to let the children show off their costumes.

The Middleton School District announced that it will resume employees

participating in the Halloween costume dispute last week after the investigation.
In a statement sent to the district’s website on Wednesday, Supervisor Josh Middleton wrote: “Our focus is now on giving everyone the opportunity to grow together into a community.”
Middleton wrote: “It is worth noting that after the district review, it has been confirmed that these teachers and assistants only have love and commitment in their hearts.” “The educators involved chose the profession to work and educate all students. We are confident in their ability to provide an effective learning environment for every student in the building.”
The teachers and assistants who participated in the photo also issued a statement.
“Although our intentions are not malicious or malicious, we have recently lacked an understanding of our understanding of the impact of choices made, regardless of our intentions,” the statement said. “We are taking and will continue to take steps to learn, develop, and better understand and accept cultural differences.”
Middleton also announced that Acting President Mark Hopkins will continue to serve as interim president of Middleton Heights. At a special school board meeting on Saturday, Middleton announced that Hopkins will serve as the acting director of the Highlands “temporary.”
The news came in less than 24 hours after Middleton’s customers voted for a total of nearly $29 million in three separate bonds.
Last week, several staff members of Middleton Heights photographed the border wall, while other employees wore stereotyped Mexican-themed costumes, including wide-brimmed hats and fake beards, which sparked controversy.
The news of these photos was posted on the school district website and was later deleted, with a virus coming out on Friday. Many people on the Internet condemned these costumes as racist, inappropriate and harmless. In response to this situation, Middleton and the school board announced on Saturday that they had involved all 14 people in the controversial administrative leave dispute.
A few hours after the photo was broadcast, the advocates launched an anti-petition on the Internet. One called for accountability, claiming that “the Middleton School District is not racist.” Another person who asked to restore the teacher received more signatures. Together with the signature of these two petitions, which is four times the total population of Middleton, Middleton is a growing rural community of 7,439 residents west of Boise.
Middleton wrote on Wednesday that the district “will welcome our teachers and assistants back to their classrooms in the next few days, and we will seize this opportunity to continuously improve…”
On the same day, Middleton dismissed the course ahead of time, so parents, employees and community members can participate in cultural diversity training programs.
“Today we started the process of re-entering,” wrote Middleton.
Middleton also said that the results of the investigation, including the results and any disciplinary actions, were confidential.
It is not clear what the survey shows, but the area has changed dramatically in the past four days. The Middleton School Board said in a statement issued on Saturday: “This behavior has no status in education and will certainly not be tolerated in the Middleton School District.”
By Wednesday, after the investigation was completed, Middleton wrote: “We are confident that we can provide an effective learning environment for every student in the building.”

2 children shooting on Halloween have a nightmare into a Christmas miracle

corset style bra

A Halloween tragedy caused two children to be injured in the hospital with a gunshot, and now it has become a miracle of Christmas.

On Halloween, five-year-old Mael and his 14-year-old sister, Makiyah, were shot while being tricked.

This tragedy shocked the Olney community in Philadelphia.

When Yuri Bell heard what was going on, she reached out to her mother’s mother, Dominique Wise, to see what she could do to help him.

“I gave her a call, we started talking, I found that they lived in the basement. It just hurt my heart, I can’t even explain it,” Bell said.

It was then that Yuri realized that helping the family required more tasks than she could.

“I said, ‘I can’t just change her life by giving her a Christmas present. This woman needs a home. She needs to provide some things to her son who is now in a wheelchair.”

So Yuri turned to social media with the help of friends.

The GoFundMe event raised thousands of dollars in less than 24 hours.

Dominic said that although her daughter is used to walking without a cane, and her five-year-old son must learn to walk again, she is grateful.

“The income of 4 people has not changed much. It is very rough, so it is like a fresh air. The light in the dark,” she said.

Dominique’s story has attracted local celebrities such as Meek Mill and PnB Rock, who want to help. Someone also donated a mattress so that children no longer need to sleep on the floor.

A mother’s request for another mother may help bring the family the Christmas they deserve.

ATL Legal Theme Halloween Costume Competition: Winners (2018)

You are here, you saw it, you voted, and a duo is absolutely dominant in this year’s legal-themed Halloween costume competition. Our victory lost in one-third of the vote this year. Making legal-themed Halloween costumes is not an easy task, and many of the works this year are very creative – but perhaps more creative is the voting method used by some of our competitors. Despite this, we commend the brave soul for accepting our judgment.

And now, the moment you wait. Who won our annual clothing competition?

It was the students who played Judge Antonin Scalia and Judge Ruth Bard Kingsburg, who received 33% of the votes. Thanks to some problematic voting procedures (we witnessed it) – and because we like beer – we also presented awards for this year’s editors’ favorite awards: the couple dressed up as Brett Kavanaugh’s calendar and his beer, voted for 31%.
Congratulations on winning the annual clothing competition. Email us to collect your prizes.

Thank you for submitting clothing and voting (sometimes on many occasions). We sincerely hope that you can submit your clothing again for next year’s competition. Our readers are part of a great website like “above the law.”

Students hold a weird Halloween party


Halloween may have passed, but at least we can still review and remember the good times it brings us. More specifically, we can look back at the school’s Halloween party for the students.

On October 30th, the Student Life and Athletics Program hosted a Halloween party at the Gallagher Room at the New Town Campus of the Xionglu Community College. “Halloween parties are a gathering of student life gatherings. They do this every year,” said Matt Cipriano, director of student life and academic programs.

The party it threw into the room was filled with joyful music and lighting to suit the atmosphere. Students can also enjoy games and food for free.

In addition to the party itself, there is also a costume competition where students wear the most glamorous outfits to see which one is the best. For those students who do not want to stay on campus all day and have a duty to go out, the club has considered it in advance.

“What we do is let the students log in, tell us who they are, what they dress up, and some form of connection.” Cipriano said. “Clothing competitions are a big attraction for Halloween parties. We know that students are busy with their activities, so we want to be flexible enough to meet their needs.”

There are multiple categories for multiple winners, almost 20. The championship is Chris Ebinger.

The students themselves really like these celebrations. Many of them wear their own clothing to participate in this event.

James Levan, 24, is one of the majors in history at Levittown. He came to the party like a Spartan.

“I am here just to have fun.” Lewan declared. “I am very happy to be able to send candy at home before Halloween.”

Nikole Gesualdi, a 20-year-old culinary arts professional from Levittown, also appeared. Gesualdi came to this party dressed as a bee, which looks a bit like a zombie and was carefully named “zom-bee”.

“I am just here to participate in all competitions and free food,” Gesualdi said. “I can’t wait to send candy on Halloween.”

There is even a group of people who play several roles in the hit movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Shanzeh Khan, a 21-year-old biomedical science professional, plays the good witch Glinda. The 19-year-old psychology major, Sylvia Sales, comes with Dorothy clothing, while Katie Chookagian, 19, has a film and video major and is dressed as a Western evil witch.

“I like the Halloween party very much, so I am very happy to be here,” Khan commented. “Halloween, I can’t wait to eat a lot of candy.”

“I am here to support and appreciate student life,” Salas said. “I am really happy to dress up for Halloween.”

“My friend is the reason I am here; I just like to go out with them.” Chookagian claims. “Most of the time, I like to give children candy on Halloween, and this year will not be different.”

If you want to party, whether it is dressed as a person, I hope you have a grand Halloween this year. Remember, we still need to celebrate Thanksgiving before the final Christmas.

Look at Hıdrellez to get mad at Halloween!

Our three-and-a-half-year-old son had his first Halloween experience in New York this year. We try to explain the way that everyone in the street gives them chocolate and sugar by asking the un grape un and the summary of the cultural complexity of the child. But as far as I could follow social media, Halloween was celebrated with enthusiasm in Turkey this year and there was a heated debate about the suitability of our national values ​​after.

First of all, the discussions part of a famous street interview quoted by saying y No one can interfere in everyone’s life bir. Let people live the fun they want, as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Let us focus the sociological and anthropological analyzes of the work on the needles and the opportunities that we need to evaluate, and leave the relevant experts to the relevant experts. So let’s get angry with those who celebrate Halloween, to use this energy in favor of our brands and to make seasonal opportunities that are part of our culture like Hıdrellez a part of our marketing calendar.

Every day like a feast

cheap halloween costumes
The purpose is not only to develop Hıdrellez. Many special days, from Ashura Day to Nevruza, from oil lamps to festivals, and from the geography of which we are part, have many beautiful opportunities to revive consumption in the country. However, apart from the festive periods, most of the brands we see as an opportunity originate from overseas. Although there is no problem taking advantage of global retail dynamics, if they are questioned for their suitability for our culture, it is useful to question what has been done so far to create a marketing calendar that is, appropriate for our culture Global.

Because the American marketing calendar, which is not appreciated, has no opportunity to revive the consumption in the country, especially in the retail sector. Before Thanksgiving next Black Friday-which now gelmiş- craze become part of the calendar in Turkey, with behind Small Business Saturday and Cyber ​​Monday combo “crazy feast every day” misali a dizzying shopping wind, no vacancy on the agenda of consumers within a week do not leave.

Of course it’s not all this year. However, it is not a coincidence that the shopping spree before Christmas was at this level, but rather a state policy. In 1939, American President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Abraham Lincoln in the direction of the application launched, since the 1800s, November, the last Thursday celebrated the Thanksgiving Day a week forward. Its aim is to reduce the impact of the global economic downturn, which has brought a stamp to the 1930s, by reviving the retail sector. At the time, it was not welcome to advertise Christmas products before Thanksgiving, but with the change of this date, it was aimed to bring the tradesmen away from the Great Depression by increasing sales and profitability by providing tradesmen with a longer sales period before Christmas. Even today, the largest is organized by the retail chain Macyıs, the Thanksgiving Day parade ends with the glimpse of the arrival of the representative Santa and the opening of the Christmas shopping season.

This cute kid dressed as a good market sample person and the internet is obsessed

If we are honest, 10-15% of our favorite shopping at Costco is a free sample. Cross the huge supermarket and know that you will find some free snacks on the way, which is very soothing. I like to think that this is a process of thinking that causes parents to dress up his/her cute child as a sample of a good city.
Who wouldn’t want to try Kirkland Signature Soft and Chewy Granola Bars for this muffin? This piece of clothing is more than just a cute look – look at the hair net! – This is also very accurate. As The Kitchn points out, the font on the logo and the SKU number of the granola strip match the actual price.
Although we regret to know who this little gem is, he has made waves on Reddit and Facebook. Costco fan page Costco Bear has more than 20,000 responses and 30,000 shares. Parents, 2019 Halloween costumes that look like your children are picked.

BGSU Brotherhood members are disciplined for Halloween behavior


A survey of Halloween’s behavior on Halloween at Bowling Green State University found that nine members were protected by freedom of speech.

In a university statement released on Wednesday, BGSU Chairman Rodney Rogers said there was no violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

According to the source, a group of students dressed up as Mexican-American gangsters for Halloween and posted photos on social media, indicating cultural possession.

The university has completed an investigation into the incident involving nine members of the fraternity.

“Although their actions are inappropriate and contrary to BGSU’s core values ​​of diversity and inclusiveness, the reported actions are protected under the First Amendment to the US Constitution and our own freedom of expression and freedom of expression policy. The remarks. Therefore, there is no violation of the Student Code of Conduct,” Rogers said.

“This kind of speech and behavior has no place in our community, and we will always oppose individuals and groups that support racism, intolerance or hatred.”

Since this speech violates the values ​​of the organization and the values ​​of the organization, the university works with the local branch of the Brotherhood and its consultants to implement the following sanctions:

• The fraternity members who participated in this event have been suspended for one year. They may ask the local club’s executive committee, consultants and regional directors to resume next year.

• This chapter will appoint a diverse and inclusive chair. The fraternity members appointed to this position will meet with the staff of the Dean’s Office to learn about campus resources to educate active and future members of diversity and inclusiveness.

• This chapter will work with the Dean’s Office to identify speakers for the next semester to discuss diversity and inclusion. All members of the Pok Oi Society will participate and the speech will be open to the campus community.

• This chapter will identify community service projects for the spring of 2019, which focuses on the Latino/a/x community.

In addition, the Office of the Dean of Students will meet with each student participating in the event to discuss their choices and how they do not meet our values ​​as a university.

“Everyone should feel valued and respected at BGSU. We will continue to support those affected,” Rogers said.

He asked the university community to continue to report any bias or other issues through See it. Hear. Report, or use the “Report” button on the BGSU application.

“We can all play a role in making BGSU a passionate community,” Rogers said.